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Acoustic Cluster Therapy (ACT® sonoporation) drug delivery technology_o Exact Therapeutics AS 2021-06-03
DeliverEX™ exosome drug platform drug delivery technology_o Evox Therapeutics Ltd. 2021-02-18
AMICA™ database (Annotated Multi-omic Immune Cell Atlas) biological/chemical database_o Immunai (US/IL) 2021-02-11
AI-immunology™ platform drug discovery software Evaxion Biotech A/S (Nasdaq: EVAX) 2021-02-10
Catalyst™ platform (AI-based genomics s/w, WhiteLab Genomics) genomic software tools WhiteLab Genomics (FR) 2021-02-10
SpyCatcher/SpyTag protein »superglue« technology vaccine technology SpyBiotech Ltd. 2021-02-09
SPYVLP102 (SpyBiotech) vaccine_o SpyBiotech Ltd. 2021-02-09
SOPHiA Radiomics Platform (medical images analysis for research use) data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Sophia Genetics (Group) 2021-02-08
EDEN™ bacterial disease platform drug discovery software Evaxion Biotech A/S (Nasdaq: EVAX) 2021-02-04
EDO technology (enhanced delivery oligonucleotides) (PepGen) drug delivery technology_o PepGen (Group) 2021-02-04
ImmTAX technology cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Immunocore (Group) 2021-02-04
InfanDx HypoxE-test clinical test_other InfanDx AG 2021-02-04
PIONEER™ immuno-oncology platform drug discovery software Evaxion Biotech A/S (Nasdaq: EVAX) 2021-02-04
RAVEN™ viral disease platform drug discovery software Evaxion Biotech A/S (Nasdaq: EVAX) 2021-02-04
Abingworth Bioventures 8 (ABV 8) fund, human health Abingworth (Group) 2021-02-03
Epidiolex® psychopharmaceutical GW Pharmaceuticals plc 2021-02-03
BAMS™ research test (bead assisted mass spectrometry test) research test Adeptrix Corporation 2021-01-28
BAMS™ SARS-CoV-2 research test research test Adeptrix Corporation 2021-01-28
BAMS™ technology (bead assisted mass spectrometry multiplexed immunoassay platform) proteomic technology Adeptrix Corporation 2021-01-28
HDAd vector platform gene therapy technology GeneQuine (Group) 2021-01-26
Neuromark™ System (Rhinitis Neurolysis Therapy™) medical device_o 2021-01-20
SaferRad-LX®t predictive toxicity test for radiotherapy clinical test_other LXRepair S.A.S. 2021-01-20
IL233 bifunctional IL-2 fusion cytokine (Slate Bio) cytokine Slate Bio Inc. 2021-01-19
nanolipoprotein particle technology delivery system (NLP technology) drug delivery technology_o 2021-01-19
LSP Dementia Fund (Life Sciences Partners) fund, human health_o Life Sciences Partners (LSP) 2021-01-12
T-win® technology cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) IO Biotech ApS 2021-01-12
Laboperator IoT platform device control / integration / monitoring software Labforward (Group) 2021-01-11
BioGeneration Ventures IV fund (BGV IV) fund, human health BioGeneration Ventures B.V. (BGV) 2021-01-07
VX1 AI software AI-based healthcare/medical product Volta Medical (Group) 2021-01-05
COSMIC Database (Catalogue of Somatic Mutations In Cancer) genomic database Qiagen (Group) 2021-01-01
COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca vaccine, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) AstraZeneca (Group) 2020-12-30
EcoFlexy packaging material industrial biotechnology_o Cellugy (DK) 2020-12-30
ATX-Gx™ mouse platform transgenic animal Alloy Therapeutics Inc. 2020-12-21
Comirnaty® mRNA-based vaccine BioNTech (Group) 2020-12-21
BI 767551 (Boehringer) therapeutic antibody Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2020-12-18
FluoroType® SARS-CoV-2/Flu/RSV PCR Panel clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Bruker (Group) 2020-12-18
GenoXtract® (GXT) automated nucleic acid extraction device nucleic acid purification (technology) Bruker (Group) 2020-12-18
Molecular Cartography™ platform spatial omics Resolve Biosciences GmbH 2020-12-10
PPMO technology (PepGen) drug delivery technology_o PepGen (Group) 2020-12-09
RetinAI Discovery® medical image and data management platform data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) RetinAI Medical AG 2020-12-08
3-D sequencing platform DNA sequencing Single Technologies AB 2020-12-04
myvac® technology platform cancer vaccine Mérieux (Group) 2020-12-03
EnduroScense technology platform biologics manufacturing technology_o Enduro Genetics ApS 2020-12-02
GutPrint® computational data science platform bioinformatics_oo MaaT Pharma (Microbiota as a Therapy) 2020-12-01
MnESI platform (MnESI source + M3 emitter) ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) Newomics Inc. 2020-12-01
Kaia Health Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Pulmonary Rehabilitation app digital health Kaia Health (Group) 2020-11-30
DeepChain™ protein design platform drug discovery software InstaDeep (Group) 2020-11-25
RiboCytokine™ platform genomic technology BioNTech (Group) 2020-11-25
Tailwind™ platform NK cell therapy (natural killer cell therapy) Catamaran Bio Inc. 2020-11-23
PELEUS™ bioinformatics platform drug discovery software Achilles Therapeutics (Group) 2020-11-19
SR One (first fund, closing 11/20) fund, human health SR One (Group) 2020-11-19
BioLector Pro bioreactor Danaher (Group) 2020-11-12
CVT-DC-01 (Medigene / Cytovant) therapeutic vaccine Roivant (Group) 2020-11-12
FlowerPlate bioreactor Danaher (Group) 2020-11-12
MDG1021 (Medigene / LUMC) cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Medigene (Group) 2020-11-12
Hemibody technology antibody technology Cherry Biolabs GmbH 2020-11-11
Elevecta® technology (for AAV vectors production) vector (biotech) Cevec (Group) 2020-11-10
Emcitate® pharmaceutical_oo PledPharma (Group) 2020-11-06
PledOx® pharmaceutical_oo Egetis Therapeutics (Group) 2020-11-06
cFluor™ reagents reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Cytek Biosciences (Group) 2020-11-05
Cytek® Aurora flow cytometer cell analysis technology Cytek Biosciences (Group) 2020-11-05
Fountain Healthcare Partners Fund III, L.P. fund, human health Fountain Healthcare Partners (IE) 2020-11-02
Radian™ ASAP™ System single quadrupole mass spectrometer Waters (Group) 2020-11-02
Onconella™ bacterial cancer drug Prokarium Ltd. 2020-10-30
Vaxonella® microbiomic treatment (live biotherapeutic product, LBP) Prokarium Ltd. 2020-10-30
e[datascientist]™ knowledge discovery platform drug discovery software Eagle Genomics Ltd. 2020-10-27
Kaffe Bueno Oil foods & beverages_oo Kaffe Bueno ApS 2020-10-27
Kaffibre cosmetics Kaffe Bueno ApS 2020-10-27
Kafflour foods & beverages_oo Kaffe Bueno ApS 2020-10-27
TVM Life Science Innovation II L.P. (TVM LSI II) fund, human health TVM (Group) 2020-10-27
Araris Linker Technology antibody technology Araris Biotech AG 2020-10-22
Lumevoq® gene therapy eye disease GenSight Biologics S.A. (Euronext: SIGHT) 2020-10-22
Topas Particle Conjugates technology platform drug development technology Topas Therapeutics GmbH 2020-10-19
Lynovex® anti-infective drug_o NovaBiotics (Group) 2020-10-16
Novexatin® (NP213) antimycotic NovaBiotics (Group) 2020-10-16
Nylexa® anti-infective drug_o NovaBiotics (Group) 2020-10-16
Melflufen peptide-drug conjugate (PDC) Oncopeptides (Group) 2020-10-14
CRD1 (cladribine, Chord Therapeutics) cancer drug_o Chord Therapeutics S.A. 2020-10-13
Maestro Pro MEA system analytical instrument_other DH-LT-Investments GmbH 2020-10-13
RLF-100™ (Relief Therapeutics) peptide-based drug_o Relief Therapeutics (Group) 2020-10-08
SeptiCyte™ Idylla™ test diagnostic test Biocartis (Group) 2020-10-06
Cambridge-1 supercomputer supercomputer Nvidia (Group) 2020-10-05
Nvidia Clara Discovery™ s/w drug discovery software Nvidia (Group) 2020-10-05
Nvidia DGX A100 system computer_o Nvidia (Group) 2020-10-05
Idylla™ GeneFusion assay clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Biocartis (Group) 2020-09-30
Kurma Diagnostics 2 Fund (KDx2 Fund) fund, human health Kurma (Group) 2020-09-29
Jyseleca® JAK1 inhibitor Galapagos (Group) 2020-09-25
Biokos biological treatment for fish disease ICH or white spot DRUGS, VETERINARY Sundew ApS 2020-09-22
Cytek® Northern Lights flow cytometer (NL-CLC) cell analysis technology Cytek Biosciences (Group) 2020-09-16
Trodelvy™ antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) Gilead Sciences (Group) 2020-09-13
CT-155 digital therapeutic disease/treatment management software Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2020-09-11
Vero cell production platform technology (Intravacc) rPP [recombinant protein production] Intravacc B.V. (The Institute for Translational Vaccinology, NL) 2020-09-08
SuperVero™ production cell line rPP [recombinant protein production] Amarna Therapeutics B.V. 2020-09-03
QUOD biobank (Quality in Organ Donation biobank) biobank University of Oxford 2020-09-02
Idylla™ ABC (Advanced Breast Cancer) assay clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Biocartis (Group) 2020-09-01
Idylla™ SARS-CoV-2 Test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Biocartis (Group) 2020-09-01
FoundationOne®Liquid CDx test diagnostic test Roche (Group) 2020-08-28
T cell Antigen Coupler technology (TAC technology) cell therapy technology Triumvira Immunologics (Group) 2020-08-27
Tack Endovascular System® cardiovascular device Philips (Group) 2020-08-27
Rubraca® PARP inhibitor 2020-08-26
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