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Cyclize Process / Cyclize Plasma plastic recycling technology Cyclize GmbH 2024-02-21
GlycanAge® test diagnostic test GlycanAge Ltd. 2024-02-21
Ignite™ virtual screening drug discovery technology structure-based drug design Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd. 2024-02-21
rPEG lipids for nucleic acid delivery (randomized polyethylene glycols) vector (biotech) Evonik (Group) 2024-02-20
SAFIA (suspension array fluorescence immunoassay) technology proteomic technology Sysmex (Group) 2024-02-15
Earlybird Health Fund [2024] fund, human health Earlybird (Group) 2024-02-14
AISight® Image Management System (IMS) data management and workflow software (bioinformatics) PathAI (Group) 2024-02-13
FLASHDEEP FLASH radiotherapy system radiotherapy system 2024-02-02
ChoViva cocoa alternative foods & beverages_oo Planet A Foods GmbH (ChoVIva) 2024-02-01
Nadmed technology diagnostics (medical/biological)_oo Nadmed Oy 2024-02-01
96 well PLA plate, Green Elephant Biotech 96 well plate (96-well plate) Green Elephant Biotech GmbH 2024-01-29
Kalios mitral adjustable annuloplasty ring medical device_o Affluent Medical (Group) 2024-01-29
SciY platform data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Bruker (Group) 2024-01-25
CytAtlas™ platform (AI-based immune atlas) AI-based drug discovery technology Melio Healh (Group) (IMU Biosciences) 2024-01-24
AlphaDirect™ Lead-212 (Pb-212) isolation technology RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL (RPT) 2024-01-08
RADS technology platform (RNAi molecules with superior Activity, Duration and Safety) RNAi technology Argo Biopharma (Group) 2024-01-07
aexLNP system vector (biotech) BioNTech (Group) 2024-01-06
Clear-X™ linker technology RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL (RPT) Full-Life Technologies (Group) 2024-01-04
Res-X™ modification methods RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL (RPT) Full-Life Technologies (Group) 2024-01-04
RIBO-GalSTAR™ platform RNAi technology Ribo Life Science (Group) 2024-01-03
MTIP Fund II fund, human health_o MTIP (Group) 2023-12-31
GrowInk-ALG bioink bioink UPM (FI) (Group) 2023-12-21
GrowInk-N bioink bioink UPM (FI) (Group) 2023-12-21
GrowInk-T bioink bioink UPM (FI) (Group) 2023-12-21
MSIntuit® CRC test cancer test Owkin (Group) 2023-12-19
PETRA III synchrotron lightsource (at DESY) laboratory equipment and instruments_oo Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) 2023-12-14
I-PGI technology (integrase-mediated programmable genomic integration technology) genomic technology Tome Biosciences (Group) 2023-12-12
Katana iPS-T cell therapy paltform (CD8aß iPS-T cell platform) T cell therapy 2023-12-12
programmable genomic integration technology (PGI technology) genomic technology Tome Biosciences (Group) 2023-12-12
Aiddison™ drug discovery software drug discovery software MilliporeSigma (business unit of Merck KGaA) 2023-12-05
ConformalFLASH® technology proton therapy 2023-12-05
Sofinnova.AI platform AI-based business services Sofinnova (Group) 2023-12-05
Synthia™ retrosynthesis software application programing interface (API) integration drug discovery software MilliporeSigma (business unit of Merck KGaA) 2023-12-05
Chemotype Evolution discovery platform drug discovery technology_o Roche (Group) 2023-12-04
KaritroMP macro mass photometer mass photometry technology Refeyn (Group) 2023-11-30
AbiProt® methodology antibody technology Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ) 2023-11-28
Opti-mAb™ technology antibody technology AAX Biotech AB 2023-11-28
Seqitope™ technology (eptiope mapping) antibody technology AAX Biotech AB 2023-11-28
EVOCellic (keratinocyte-based tissue-engineered skin substitute made from allogeneic cells) autologous cell therapy product Evomedis GmbH 2023-11-23
EVOSens (wound dressing with non-invasive wound monitoring) wound care product_o Evomedis GmbH 2023-11-23
Nvidia BioNemo drug discovery software Nvidia (Group) 2023-11-21
Nvidia DGX Cloud cloud computing Nvidia (Group) 2023-11-21
RlapsRisk® BC test cancer test Owkin (Group) 2023-11-21
Evinova drug development suite clinical software tools AstraZeneca (Group) 2023-11-20
polyNaut® drug delivery platform drug delivery technology_o ViaNautis Bio Ltd. 2023-11-13
T-Charge™ CAR-T cell therapy platform Chimeric Antigen Receptor technology (CAR technology) Novartis (Group) 2023-11-13
vivoXPRESS® manufacturing platform biopharmaceutical production technology PlantForm Corporation (CA) 2023-11-13
BioTreasure bioproduction process using caronaceous waste streams as input industrial biotechnology_o Insempra GmbH 2023-11-10
EMERGE bio-analytics platform AI-based drug discovery technology Liquid Biosciences (US) 2023-11-09
NovaColl™ (micro-molecular skin-identical collagen) cosmetics Cambrium GmbH 2023-11-09
CloneSelect® Imager FL cell analysis technology Danaher (Group) 2023-11-07
DispenCell™ single-cell dispenser cell dispenser Danaher (Group) 2023-11-07
Abingworth Clinical Co-Development Co-Investment Fund (CCD-CIF) fund, human health Carlyle (Group) 2023-10-30
Agamree® pharmaceutical_oo Santhera (Group) 2023-10-27
Starmap® (digital AI version of the CESS® technology) drug delivery technology_o Nanoform (Group) 2023-10-23
DXd antibody-drug conjugate technology drug development technology Daiichi Sankyo (Group) 2023-10-19
Gri3D® technology (for organoid production) 3D cell culture technology (organoid technology) 2023-10-18
CRISPR Cascade™ molecular detection platform molecular diagnostics VedaBio Inc. 2023-10-17
MassFluidix® High Concentration (HC) microfluidic system sample preparation (technology)_o Refeyn (Group) 2023-10-17
Proximity Extension Assay technology (PEA technology) proteomic technology Olink (Group) 2023-10-17
TMALIN® ADC platform technology (Tumor Microenvironment Activable LINker-payload ) drug development technology MediLink Therapeutics (Group) 2023-10-12
BioMx software data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) BioLizard (Group) 2023-10-11
BioReflect software data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) BioLizard (Group) 2023-10-11
ProBiome software data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) BioLizard (Group) 2023-10-11
circVec technology (Circio) genomic technology Circio (Group) 2023-10-10
NICT nucleic acid delivery technology (Neoregen Intra-Cellular delivery Technology) drug delivery technology_o Neoregen Biotech (KR) 2023-10-10
Biograph Vision Quadra PET/CT scanner (total-body scanner) PET/CT device Siemens (Group) 2023-10-05
G-dase E® (CRIPSR nuclease family) genomic technology BRAIN Biotech (Group) 2023-09-28
G-dase M® (CRIPSR nuclease family) genomic technology BRAIN Biotech (Group) 2023-09-28
SPARTA® technology (Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis) spectroscopy Sparta Biodiscovery Ltd. 2023-09-28
Biowire® human tissue modelling platform drug discovery technology_o Valo Health (Group) 2023-09-25
traceless® biomaterial biomaterials Traceless Materials GmbH 2023-09-25
ColoAlert® colorectal cancer test cancer test Mainz Biomed N.V. (Nasdaq: MYNZ) 2023-09-20
INDUCE-seq™ DNA break mapping technology advanced therapeutic product (gene therapy, cell therapy, tissue engineering products) 2023-09-18
GRIT™ technology platform (Genetically Reconfigured and Improved Treg) T cell therapy Bastion Therapeutics Ltd. 2023-09-12
Lauxera Growth I fund fund, human health_o Lauxera (Group) 2023-09-12
SB17 (ustekinumab biosimilar of Samsung Bioepis) MAb Samsung (Group) 2023-09-11
XCUBE™ bioinformatics + AI platform software tools (bioinformatics)_o Immatics (Group) 2023-09-11
EPiC cell therapy platform (Invios) cell therapy technology Invios GmbH 2023-09-05
ChAdOx technology (Univ Oxford) vaccine technology University of Oxford 2023-08-29
BioProtect Balloon Implant™ System medical device_o BioProtect Ltd. 2023-08-28
SamuxMP software package for GMP (incl. AcquireMP, EvaluateMP and ManageMP) bioinformatics_oo Refeyn (Group) 2023-08-15
Ayvakit® tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) Blueprint Medicines (Group) 2023-08-07
therascreen® PDGFRA RGQ PCR kit clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Qiagen (Group) 2023-08-07
Tami digital patient companion app (Temedica / AbbVie) digital health app AbbVie (Group) 2023-08-02
Bind-Tech® technology platform industrial biotechnology_o Bind-X (Group) 2023-08-01
MICROVAP blowdown evaporator nitrogen blowdown evaporator Organomation (US) 2023-07-20
MULTIVAP blowdown evaporator nitrogen blowdown evaporator Organomation (US) 2023-07-20
N-EVAP blowdown evaporator nitrogen blowdown evaporator Organomation (US) 2023-07-20
HUB Organoid Technology conference, healthcare HUB Organoids (NL) 2023-07-18
FALCON platform (fatty acid ligand-conjugated oligonucleotide platform) (DTx Pharma / Novartis) drug development technology Novartis (Group) 2023-07-17
Vyvgart® Hytrulo therapeutic antibody Argenx (Argen-X) (Group) 2023-07-17
BioGeneration Ventures V fund (BGV V) fund, human health BioGeneration Ventures B.V. (BGV) 2023-07-13
AccuBody® technology drug development technology Doer Biologics (Group) 2023-07-10
MultiBody® technology drug development technology Doer Biologics (Group) 2023-07-10
SMART-VHHBody® technology drug development technology Doer Biologics (Group) 2023-07-10
xLONGylation® technology drug development technology Doer Biologics (Group) 2023-07-10
LentiFlash® technology vector (biotech) Flash Therapeutics S.A.S. 2023-07-06
Numaswitch™ expression platform peptide synthesis_o Numaferm GmbH 2023-07-06
gSynth™ DNA synthesis platform genomic technology Camena Bioscience Ltd. 2023-07-03
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