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Aguiar, Sebastian (Samsara Therapeutics 201902 COO + Founder) Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Akkaraju, Srinivas (Samsara BioCaptial 2016– Founder) Investment Manager Samsara BioCapital
Amati, Luigi (Meta Group 201509 Investment Manager at Meta Ingenium) Investment Manager Meta Group (Group)
Anderson, William N. (Bill) (Roche 201901– CEO Roche Pharma joined Genentech 200604 before Biogen Idec) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roche (Group)
Antoine, Lysta N. (Global Food Safety Partnership 201709 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP)
Arkin, Mori (Arkin Holdings) n. a.
Astrom, Kalle (Finnvera 201306 Investment Manager) Investment Manager Finland (govt)
Balthrop, Patrick J. (Apalachee Ventures 201602 Founding Prinicpal before Luminex 200405–2014 CEO) Principal (venture capital) Apalachee Ventures
Barbier, Ann (Translate Bio 201804 CMO before Agios Pharmaceuticals + Shire + Envivo + JnJ + Aventis) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Translate Bio
Barzi, Roberto (VitaTech SA 201902 Director) Investment Manager VitaTech S.A. (Zambon Family + other European high-net-worth private investors)
Bastid, Pierre n. a.
Benjumea Llorente, Javier (Abengoa 201503 Managing Director) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Berthier, Anne-Lise (Freelance writer for BioPharmanalyses before Reed Elsevier) Journalist
Bode, Tim (Business Angel) n. a. PERSON
Boman, Sakari (Vital Scientific 200607) n. a. Elitech (Group)
Bonislawski, Adam Editor / Publisher
Boos, Erwin (Schroders 201709 Schroder Adveq) Investment Manager Schroders (Group)
Booth, Catherine (Genedrive/Epistem 201805) Board member, executive Genedrive plc (AIM: GDR)
Bottomley, Josh (LexisNexis 200802 Managing Director) Managing Director Reed Elsevier (Group)
Brennecke, Marcus (EQT Partners 201706 Partner + Investment Advisor to EQT VII fund) Partner (venture partner) EQT (Wallenberg family) (Group)
Breski, Yaron (RM Global Partners 201902 Managing Director) Managing Director RM Global Partners (RMGP)
Burkiewicz, Adam (A&A Biotechnology 1993– President + founder) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Calikowski, Tomasz (EU 201403 Scientific Officer of European Commission) Administrative Officer (personnel)
Cassak, David (Innovation in Medtech LLC 2014 Managing Partner + Co-Founder before Informa IN VIVO) Managing Partner Innovation in Medtech LLC
Cho, Jeong-Woo (SK Group 201902 CEO of SK Biopharmaceuticals) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SK Group (Group)
Clemens, Ralf (CureVac 201603 SAB + Supervisory Board Member before GSK Biologicals + Novartis) scientific advisory board (SAB)
Clozel, Thomas (Owkin 201801 CEO + Co-Founder) n. a.
Colecchi, Christopher H. (Broadview Ventures 201209 Managing Director) Managing Director Broadview Ventures Inc.
Coleman, Michael (InGeneron 201005 Managing Director) n. a.
Coucke, Marc (Alychlo before Omega Pharma 1987– CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alychlo (Marc Coucke)
Dabagov, Anatoly (Meditsinskie technologii Ltd 201009 President) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Dawson, Mike (Cantab Anti-Infectives + Novacta Biosystems before GSK) n. a.
de Ree, Rob (201712– CEO of NorthSea Therapeutics + at BGV before Dezima Pharma CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Donahue, Joseph F. (Joe) (Thomson Reuters 201308 SVP of Life Sciences before InforSense + Lion Bioscience) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Thomson Reuters (Group)
Drion, Pierre n. a.
Duda, Maria (Genome Biologics (DE) 201810 Head of Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Genome Biologics UG
Duerr, Ann (HIV Vaccine Trials Network 200601) n. a. HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
Duggan, Mark (AstraZeneca 201307 VP Neuroscience iMed) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division AstraZeneca (Group)
Earl, Michael (Celtic Pharma 201301 + Pro Bono Bio 201209 COO) Partner (venture partner) Auven Therapeutics (Group)
Eckhardt, Jürgen (Bayer 201904 at Leaps by Bayer) Investment Manager Bayer (Group)
Edick, Paul R. (3G Advisors 201603 Founding Partner) Company Founder
Ehle, Dirk (Bayer 201308 Global Head of Bayer HealthCare Animal Health Division) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bayer (Group)
Elff, Manfred (Niedersächsisches Zentrum für Biomedizintechnik und Implantatforschung 201009 Managing Director) Managing Director Niedersächsisches Zentrum für Biomedizintechnik und Implantatforschung (NZ-BMT)
Faeh, Urban (Bruker 201001– President Bruker Optics division joined Bruker 1998 as sales manager) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker BioSciences (Group)
Fatscher, Hans Peter (Qiagen 201710– VP + Head of Qiagen Custom Solutions business) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Qiagen Custom Solutions (business unit)
Fiorentino, Ed (TerSera Therapeutics 201602– CEO before 22y veteran at Abbott) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Fischer, Hartmut (A&M Labor 201201 Managing Director) Managing Director A&M Labor für Analytik und Metabolismusforschung Service Gmb
Forest, Eric (Euronext 201404 CEO at EnterNext) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Euronext (Group)
Fürstner, Alois (Max Planck 1993– MPI for Coal Research Mühlheim) Professor Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science
Fäh, Urban (Bruker Corp 201802 President of Bruker Optics) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker BioSciences (Group)
Geigy, Jürg (Swiss Private Investor 200906) Investment Manager
Gevers, Dirk (JnJ 201702 Global Head of Janssen Human Microbiome Institute) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) (Group)
Gies, Otto H. (3B Scientifc) n. a.
Girod, Patrick (Herculis Partners 201702 Managing Partner) Managing Partner (investment firm) Herculis Partners S.A.
Gordon, Tony (CooperGenomics 201704 VP Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager CooperGenomics
Gouy, Michel (JSP Partners 201207 Partner) n. a. JSB Partners L.P.
Greig, Russel G. (Sanifit 201509– Board Chairman before 30y at GSK most recently President of SR One) Board member Greig Biotechnology Global Consulting Inc.
Griesinger, Christian (Max Planck 1999– Director + Scientific Member MPIBPC Göttingen before Univ Frankfurt Professor) Professor University of Frankfurt (Goethe-Universität)
Grillo, Frank (MRI Interventions Inc 201704 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) MRI Interventions Inc.
Gunn, George (Stonehaven Consulting 201701 CEO + Founder before CEO Novartis Animal Health + UK Agri Ministry) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Haas, Ken (Abingworth 201407– Partner joined Abingworth 2004 before IntelliGenetics + IntelliCorp) Partner (venture partner) Danbury
Haass, Christian (Professor) Professor
Hamester, Meike (Bruker 201302 Director ICP-MS Global Market Development + Product Management) Product Manager (personnel) Bruker Corporation (Group)
Hansen-Luke, Douglas (Future Planet Capital 201704 Executive Chairman) Board member, executive
Hatchett, Richard (CEPI 201902 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)
Hemker, Claus (SCOPE Life Sciences 201004 Managing Director) Managing Director SCOPE Life Sciences GmbH
Heron, Patrick (Frazier Healthcare Partners 201603 Managing General Partner) General Partner (venture partner) Frazier (Group)
Heumann, Hermann (Silantes GmbH 201902 Managing Director) Managing Director Silantes GmbH
Hohmann, Hans-Guenter n. a.
Hombach, Michael (Univ Zürich 201106 Institute of Medical Microbiology) n. a.
Hong, Zhi (GSK 200712 SVP + Head GSK ID CEDD) n. a. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group)
Hopkins, Stephen (Bruker Corp 201011 Marketing Communications Bruker Nano Surfaces Business) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bruker Corporation (Group)
Hopkins, Trevor (Labmate International 201306 Editor Chromatography Today) Editor / Publisher
Horder, Steven (Spectris 201801 VP Advanced Materials at Malvern Panalytical) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Spectris (Group)
Horland, Reyk (TissUse GmbH 201706 VP Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager TissUse GmbH
Horn, Friedemann (Univ Leipzig 201602 Professor at Faculty of Medicine + Co-Founder Ribolution Health GmbH) n. a.
Hyland, Lizzie (WPP 201811 at Glover Park Group) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager WPP (Group)
Iancovici, Lucian (dRx Capital 201610 Partner) Partner (venture partner) Novartis (Group)
Iannone, Lucio (Bayer 201904 at Leaps by Bayer) Investment Manager Bayer (Group)
Inaba, Taro (Remiges Ventures 201706 Managing Partner + Founder) Managing Partner (investment firm) Remiges Ventures
Jacobi, Philipp (Quadriga Capital 201811 Managing Partner) Managing Partner (investment firm) Quadriga Capital Eigenkapitalberatung GmbH
Jagiella, Manfred (Endress+Hauser 201711 Group Board Member responsible for analytical business) Board member, executive Endress+Hauser (Group)
Janositz, Paul journalism
Johnson, Wendy (Gemini Advisors 201503 Managing Director before ProQuest Investments + Aires Pharmaceuticals) Managing Director
Jones, Craig (InnoCentive 201506 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) InnoCentive
Jonikas, Magdalena (Wellcome Trust 201811 Partner at Syncona Investment Management Ltd) Partner (venture partner)
Jonsson, Ulf (Biacore founder 1996 + CEO 2000–2004 before Pharmacia Biosensor AB before Pharmacia Fine Chemicals) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) General Electric (Group)
Kaplitt, Michael (Vector Neuorsciences 201810 Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) MeiraGTx (Group)
Kaufmann, David R. (Gates Foundation 201904 CMO of Gates Medical Research Institute before Merck Research Laboratories Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Kay, Robert (Origen Therapeutics 200903 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Origen Therapeutics
Kemps, Serge (Nipro 201601 at Nipro Europe) n. a. Nipro Corporation (Group)
Keulemans, A. I. M. (Lou) (Eindhoven Univ of Technology) n. a.
Klingan, Franz-Robert (Bain & Co 201610 Partner) Consultant (economic/technology) Bain & Company
Klumper, Edwin (iClusion 201708 CEO + Co-Founder + SNS-Oncology 201708 acting CMO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Knowles, Tuomas (Fluidic Analytics 201809 CSO + Professor at Univ Cambridge) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Fluidic Analytics Ltd.
Koncar, Michael (KonValue 201810 Founder + CEO of KonValue Group + Validogen (former VTU Technology)) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) KonValue (Group)
Kranda, Michael L. (Vulcan Venture Capital 200309–200612 Managing Director before Oxford GlycoSciences 1996–2002 CEO) Managing Director Vulcan Venture Capital
Kuegler, Klaus (Eurofins 201801 SVP Agroscience Services Group) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Eurofins (Group)
Kölpin, Alexander (WestTech Ventures 201602 COO + Partner) Chief Operating Officer (COO) WestTech Ventures
Langner, Stefan (Bruker 201308 Marketing Communications Manager at Bruker Nano Analytics division) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Bruker Corporation (Group)
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