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Aguiar, Sebastian (Samsara Therapeutics 201902 COO + Founder) Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Arkin, Mori (Arkin Holdings) n. a.
Bastid, Pierre n. a.
Beckman, Peter (Kiel (govt) 201204 Managing Director of KiWi GmbH + KiWi Tower GmbH) Managing Director Germany
Benjumea Llorente, Javier (Abengoa 201503 Managing Director) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Berthier, Anne-Lise (Freelance writer for BioPharmanalyses before Reed Elsevier) Journalist
Bonislawski, Adam Editor / Publisher
Brand, Sabine (SBR Consulting 201504) Consultant (economic/technology) Germany
Burkiewicz, Adam (A&A Biotechnology 1993– President + founder) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Calikowski, Tomasz (EU 201403 Scientific Officer of European Commission) Administrative Officer (personnel)
Clemens, Ralf (CureVac 201603 SAB + Supervisory Board Member before GSK Biologicals + Novartis) scientific advisory board (SAB)
Clozel, Thomas (Owkin 201801 CEO + Co-Founder) n. a.
Coleman, Michael (InGeneron 201005 Managing Director) n. a.
Dabagov, Anatoly (Meditsinskie technologii Ltd 201009 President) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Dawson, Mike (Cantab Anti-Infectives + Novacta Biosystems before GSK) n. a.
de Ree, Rob (201712– CEO of NorthSea Therapeutics + at BGV before Dezima Pharma CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Drion, Pierre n. a.
Edick, Paul R. (3G Advisors 201603 Founding Partner) Company Founder
Fiorentino, Ed (TerSera Therapeutics 201602– CEO before 22y veteran at Abbott) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Geigy, Jürg (Swiss Private Investor 200906) Investment Manager
Gies, Otto H. (3B Scientifc) n. a.
Gunn, George (Stonehaven Consulting 201701 CEO + Founder before CEO Novartis Animal Health + UK Agri Ministry) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Haass, Christian (Professor) Professor
Hansen-Luke, Douglas (Future Planet Capital 201704 Executive Chairman) Board member, executive
Hohmann, Hans-Guenter n. a.
Hombach, Michael (Univ Zürich 201106 Institute of Medical Microbiology) n. a.
Hopkins, Trevor (Labmate International 201306 Editor Chromatography Today) Editor / Publisher
Horn, Friedemann (Univ Leipzig 201602 Professor at Faculty of Medicine + Co-Founder Ribolution Health GmbH) n. a.
Janositz, Paul journalism
Johnson, Wendy (Gemini Advisors 201503 Managing Director before ProQuest Investments + Aires Pharmaceuticals) Managing Director
Jonikas, Magdalena (Wellcome Trust 201811 Partner at Syncona Investment Management Ltd) Partner (venture partner)
Keulemans, A. I. M. (Lou) (Eindhoven Univ of Technology) n. a.
Klumper, Edwin (iClusion 201708 CEO + Co-Founder + SNS-Oncology 201708 acting CMO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Laustsen, Andreas (VenomAB 201610 CEO + Founder + Biosyntia + Antag) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mortlock, Andrew (AstraZeneca 201604 VP Global Projects + Alliances at AstraZeneca Oncology iMed) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Munoz, Alain (Sanofi + Fournier) Research & Development Manager
NN (NO NAME) n. a.
Oostdyk, Timothy S. (Eurofins 201606 Chairman Eurofins Lancaster Labs + Group SVP BioPharma Product Testing) n. a.
Otto, Michael (Otto Group 201502) n. a.
Peters, Andreas C. (GSK Stockmann 201704 Lawyer at Hamburg Office) Attorney / Lawyer
Phippen, Peter (Immediate Media 201501 Director) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Pragst, Fritz Professor
Ruppersberg, Peter (201004 Professor + until 4/10 Advisory Board Member of PANATecs) Professor
Röder, Albert (StemVac GmbH 201602– Managing Director) Managing Director
Santoro, Lyse (Magnisense 201511 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Schaffarczyk, Dietmar Stefan (stimOS GmbH 201707 Managing Director) Managing Director
Schmidt, Pascal (Marinomed 201808– CFO before Raymond James Financial + Mummert & Co + Infineon Ventures) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Sehgal, Raman (Ramarketing & PR Ltd 2009– Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director
Sheridan, Jonathan M. (Biomax Informatics 201410– CEO of US subsidiary before Integrated Genomics + HGT + Epicentre) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Sofia, Michael (OnCore BioPharma Inc 201409 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO)
Stamatoyannopoulos, John A. (Altius Institute 201606– Head of Institute before Prof at Univ Washington) President/Director/Head of Research Organisation/Unit
Stevens, Philip (Noscendo GmbH 201811 Managing Director) n. a.
Stoll, Dwight (Gastavus Adolphus College, Minnesota 201704 Associate Professor) Professor
Summerton, Linda (Immodulon Therapeutics 201702 CEO + TranScrip before Merck KGaA + AstraZeneca) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Swanepoel, Lisa (Bruker 201008 Bruker South Africa + SAAMS) n. a. South Africa
Tarrés, Elisabet (C& IC Comunicacion 200709 Public Relations) n. a.
Testa, Bernard Professor
Topp, Thomas (Cochlear 201009 Cochlear Deutschland GmbH & Co KG) n. a.
Toyoda, Tomoyasu (Ajinomoto 201204 CEO of Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Turner, Diane n. a.
Uhlén, Mathias (Royal Institute of Technology (SE) 201509 Professor of Microbiology) Professor
Vermès, Anne n. a.
Vetter, Udo J. (UV-Cap 201702 Founder + Managing Director) Managing Director
Wang, Haixang (APG Bio (CN) 201706 CEO) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager China
Weidmann, Bhavana (Bhawe) n. a.
White, Bryan n. a.
Wiech, Hans (Camoleon Knowledge Brokerage 201108) n. a.
Wilmanns, Max (GSK Stockmann 201704 Lawyer + Partner at Hamburg Office) Attorney / Lawyer
Wohlers, Katja n. a.
Ylisaukko-oja, Tero (MedEngine Oy 201901 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Zilch, Christian Frank (Magna Diagnostics GmbH 201512 Managing Director) Managing Director
Baumgartner, Florian (Spatial Transcirptomics 201812 COO) Chief Operating Officer (COO) 10x Genomics (Group) Sweden
Haegerstrand, Anders (Spatial Transcriptomics 201812 CEO before NeuroNova AB + AstraZeneca) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 10x Genomics (Group) Sweden
Lundeberg, Joakim (Spatial Transcirptomics 201812 Co-Founder) Company Founder 10x Genomics (Group) Sweden
Saxonov, Serge (10x Genomics 201602 CEO + Co-Founder before Quantalife + 23andMe) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 10x Genomics (Group) United States (USA)
Goarant, Cédric (13advisory 201509 Managing Partner) Managing Partner (investment firm) 13advisory (FR) France
Soustre, Jean-Marc (13advisory 201510 Partner) Consultant (economic/technology) 13advisory (FR) France
Schafer, Alan (14M Genomics 201507– CEO before Population Genetics + Wellcome Trust + Hexagen + GSK) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 14M Genomics Ltd. (14MG) United Kingdom (GB)
Budwick, Dan (1AB Media 201704– Founder before Pure Communications) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager 1AB Media United States (USA)
Engleman, Katie (1AB Media 201903 before Pure Communications) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager 1AB Media United States (USA)
Kretzschmar, Titus (1abtik AG 201510– CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1abtik AG Switzerland
Gaillard, Pieter J. (to-BBB 200902– CSO before CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2-BBB Medicines (Group) Netherlands
Kruimer, Leonard (to-BBB 201401– CFO before Crucell 1998–2011 CFO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 2-BBB Medicines (Group) Netherlands
Hagel, Grith (2cureX 2006 Co-founder + inventor of ChemoCellomics technology) Company Founder 2cureX ApS Denmark
Thastrup, Ole (2cureX 200612–201108– CEO + co-founder + co-owner) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2cureX ApS Denmark
Michel, Jan (3B Pharmaceuticals 201602 Director Finance + Corp Development) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH (3BP) Germany
Reineke, Ulrich (3B Pharmaceuticals 201010 Managing Director) Managing Director 3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH (3BP) Germany
Doppler, Clemens (3i Germany 2007 Director Healthcare Team) Investment Manager 3i (Group) Germany
Friese, L. n. a. 3i (Group) Germany
Fruchterman, Todd (3M 201306 SVP RnD + CMO at 3M Health Care) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) 3M (Group) United States (USA)
Cloppenburg, Conny (4 Animals AlsterScience GmbH 201409 Managing Director) Managing Director 4 Animals AlsterScience GmbH Germany
Kirn, David (4D Molecular Therapeutics 201804 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 4D Molecular Therapeutics LLC (4DMT) United States (USA)
Peyton, Duncan Joseph (4D Pharma 201602 CEO + major shareholder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 4D Pharma (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Rattenbach, Revital (4P-Pharma 201609 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 4P-Pharma (FR) France
Ammendola, Aldo (4SC 2010– Director Strategic Planning + Regulatory Affairs before Director Developm + QuaNova) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager 4SC (Group) Germany
Baumgartner, Roland (4SC 201610– promoted CSO joined 2002) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) 4SC (Group) Germany
Danhauser-Riedl, Susanne (4SC 201401– CMO before GSK GmbH + MedacSchering Onkologie GmbH) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) 4SC (Group) Germany
Enghofer, Erich (4SC 201406– EVP Oncology + Haematology before Bayer Healthcare) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division 4SC (Group) Germany
Hentsch, Bernd (4SC 201009–201403 Chief Development Officer LEFT 3/14) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) 4SC (Group) Germany
Hermann, Frank (4SC 201610– promoted CDO joined recently from BMS) Research & Development Manager 4SC (Group) Germany
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