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360 Genomics Ltd.

360 Genomics is a developer of diagnostic technologies to ensure timely and appropriate therapies for cancer patients. 360 Genomics has a pipeline of analytical tests for the detection of mutations in key cancer genes that are far more sensitive than existing chemistry platforms, and at a cost that is favourable with current point of care systems. 360 Genomics have developed their flagship technology, PointMan™, which provides a reliable and highly sensitive determination of the presence or absence of a point mutation, which is a random mutation that occurs at one point in the DNA sequence. Such mutations may cause cancer however they are also valuable in guiding drug treatments for cancer. PointMan™ works by targeting the PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) towards the mutant sequence whilst suppressing the amplification of the non-mutated sequence and this means that these enriched samples contain artificially high levels of mutated DNA, significantly enhancing detection. This drives the sensitivity of the PointMan™ technology far beyond existing PCR technology (PointMan™ can detect 1 mutant gene in 100,000 normal gene copies against the nearest technology that detects 1 in 100). The efficiency of PointMan™ therefore maximises the use of smaller biopsy samples as well as allowing multiplexing of mutations in a single test rather than many individual tests as current competing technologies do. The PointMan™ technology is currently proving extremely effective in tumour biopsies and is showing great potential in enabling these analyses from a peripheral sample such as blood. DNA tests are rapidly being adopted by clinicians seeking to predict which patients will respond to the next generation of cancer therapies. Current examples of these companion diagnostics are tests for the cancer genes KRAS (detected in colorectal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer), EGFR (detected in non-small cell lung cancer) and BRAF (detected in melanoma and colorectal cancer). Genetic changes in these genes are clinically proven to guide the prescription of novel cancer drugs such as Erbitux® (Eli Lilly) and Vectibix® (Amgen) in colorectal cancer; and Iressa® (AstraZeneca), Tarceva® (OSI Pharmaceuticals) and Zelboraf® (Genentech) for metastatic melanoma. Sales of PointMan™ are currently being made for Research Use Only and as such are minimal to date. The loss before tax for 360 Genomics for the year ending 31 July 2012 was £0.02m and the gross assets as at that date were £0.02m. *


Period Start 2013-03-04 existent
  Group EKF Diagnostics (Group)
Products Industry PointMan™ technology
  Industry 2 pharmacogenomic/pharmacogenetic test
Region Region Oxford, Oxfordshire
  Country United Kingdom (GB)
  Street 33–35 George Street
  City OX1 2AY Oxford, Oxfordshire
    Address record changed: 2020-12-02
Basic data Employees n. a.
    * Document for �About Section�: 
Record changed: 2017-04-01


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