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Luxinnovation. (4/10/18). "Press Release: A New Manager for Luxinnovation’s Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster".

Region Region Luxembourg
Organisations Organisation Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster (Luxinnovation G.I.E)
  Group Luxembourg (govt)
  Organisation 2 Genopole (GIP Genopole)
Products Product business development (state/region)
  Product 2 BIOTECH
Person Person Arie, Jean-Philippe (Luxembourg (govt) 201803– Manager of BioHealth Cluster before Genopole)

Luxembourg welcomes new Cluster Manager for BioHealth Jean-Philippe Arie who has joined Luxinnovation as of March 1, 2018.

The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster managed by Luxinnovation aims to strengthen and capitalise on the national strategy developed by Luxembourg’s government to achieve scientific excellence in molecular diagnostics, the cornerstone of personalised medicine, as well as enhance Luxembourg’s reputation as a recognised and attractive environment for biomedical research, development, innovation (RDI) and business. It also aims to support the community, help members find new opportunities for advancement here in Luxembourg and abroad, and work with them to articulate their needs and their challenges at a national level. This mission is now rejuvenated thanks to the addition of the new Cluster Manager, Jean-Philippe Arie, who arrives with extensive experience well suited to his new role.

Up until February 2017, Jean-Philippe was Senior Project Manager/Business Developer for Genopole, France’s leading biotech and biotherapy cluster, located in Paris. He was also the COO for the GLOBAL CARE initiative consortium, an “an outstanding consortium of 5 Carnot Institutes that covers 4 therapeutic fields of major interest in human health markets: oncology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases and neurology.”

Jean-Philippe received his PhD in Biochemistry at the Paris XI University in 2002. Between 2003 and 2007, he got involved in co-founding AbAg, a biotechnology company developing serodiagnosic tests for niche markets in infectious diseases, which is now part of DiagxonHit (Euronext Paris, ALEHT). In addition, he is co-owner of Valorhiz , which offers multidisciplinary R&D services to meet specific needs for functional diagnosis, biological treatment and monitoring of soils, and was a co-founder of ABO Diag (now a part of Diagast) that developed innovative blood typing strategies.

Mapping the Luxembourg Biohealth and Lifesciences ecosystem

When asked what the starting point of his management will be, Jean-Philippe says that his, “…job right now is to try and obtain a very clear and exhaustive overview of the Luxembourg biohealth sector and ecosystem. This is not as easy as it sounds because this mapping has to include everything: companies, the local academic world, hospitals, medical care, government incentives, and the distributions systems.”

“Fortunately, I am also very well supported in this task by our BioHealth Cluster President Philippe Sollie that have gained experience in life science entrepreneurship in Luxembourg with Flen Health.”

“This is no small feat for me to start with but I need to try to identify all of the entities, assets and everyone in this ecosystem – it has to be all encompassing. In digital health alone for example, I am already surprised at the number of activities. At times it seems that at least one part of the ecosystem for health is borderless.”

Why Luxembourg?

The obvious question when looking at Jean-Philippe’s profile, particularly his extensive experience in Paris, is why he chose to come to Luxembourg.

“To be here is an opportunity,” he says. “I have a very good feeling about Luxembourg. Clearly, France is quite big in bio-health and has very good research, some big companies etc. but I also think that the spirit of the eco-system is not as agile and lively as it is here partly because Luxembourg is so new to the scene, which may seem like a paradox but it means everything is yet to be invented.”

“I also had family reasons for moving to Luxembourg as well, but I really feel that in terms of what is happening in life sciences this is a good place to be at the beginning of the “revolution”. There are so many disruptions occurring, or about to occur, such as big pharma mutations to integrate more and more biologics (medication that are not synthetized chemically) in their catalogues, digital diagnostics, new therapeutic approaches such as personalised medicine and so on.

“There is also a very strategic direction in terms of global competitiveness here and that is very attractive. The government initiatives in Luxembourg started with the funding and development of the University with some idea of health or life sciences. Yet by 2017, according to the World University Rankings released by the highly regarded Times Higher Education, Luxembourg University was ranked 11th in the Young University Rankings 2017and 179th in the World University Rankings 2018 which is very impressive in such a short period!

Other advantages of Luxembourg include the proximity to the European Union and of course, there is the size of Luxembourg, which works to good advantage in terms of living laboratory. Luxembourg has good health ethics; good benefits a good prevention system and good diagnostics.”
Cross sector fertilisation of innovative ideas

Jean-Philippe Arie also says, “I am excited about working in Luxembourg and specifically for Luxinnovation in part because of the cross-sectoral approach with influencers from other sectors cross-fertilising ideas. Even in my own office, I am sitting with managers from entirely different sectors so the various cluster managers and business developers at Luxinnovation do now work inside a “bubble”. This proximity, plus the underlying foundation of digital and digital solutions beneath almost everything, means we may have conversations and come up with solutions outside of our designated areas.

Want to know more? Interested in becoming a member of the BioHealth Cluster?


Jean-Philippe ARIE
Cluster Manager – BioHealth
+352 43 62 63 – 887
+352 621 985 152

Record changed: 2018-04-17


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