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Document › Details (10/10/23). "Press Release: Advances AI-Based Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) Platform to Accelerate »Programmable Drug Delivery« for RNA and Gene Therapies". Tel Aviv.

Organisations Organisation (IL)
  Organisation 2 Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)
Products Product lipid nanoparticle technology (LNP technology)
  Product 2 venture capital
Index term Index term–SEVERAL: investment, 202310 seed financing round $19.5m co-led by Andreessen Horowitz B+H+ Base4 Capital + NFX + LionBird + Technion
Person Person Debbi, Yogev ( 202310 CEO + Co-Founder)

>'s first-of-its-kind AI platform discovers and optimizes novel, customizable LNPs for tissue-specific delivery of nucleic acid-based therapeutics and vaccines

> Led by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in drug delivery, nanotechnology, and machine learning, closes oversubscribed $19.5M seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz Bio + Health, Base4 Capital, NFX, LionBird, and Technion Institute of Technology, a biotechnology company accelerating programmable drug delivery, today unveiled its AI-based lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery platform to accelerate the development of nucleic acid-based therapeutics and vaccines. Backed by an oversubscribed $19.5M seed financing co-led by Andreessen Horowitz Bio + Health, Base4 Capital, NFX, LionBird and Technion, is unique in its AI-native approach to novel lipid chemistry and LNP formulation design. The financing enables to advance development of its proprietary, purpose-built AI LNP platform to more safely and effectively deliver RNA and gene therapies to specific extrahepatic tissues in the body, ushering the potential for new therapies across a wide range of unmet needs.

"The field of LNP discovery has historically been driven by stochastic experimental discovery, and has lacked systematic, methodical optimization across the full space of potential chemistries and formulations," said Yogev Debbi, co-founder and CEO of "We believe that artificial intelligence methods provide a unique way to learn from the world's previously generated LNP data, novel data that we generate every day in our own lab, and even the design principles of adjacent non-LNP delivery systems.'s integrated experimental and machine learning platform enables the discovery of smarter, faster, more precise delivery formulations to unlock the field of nucleic acid-based and genetic medicines. We are encouraged by our platform's early in vivo success and for its potential to deliver breakthrough therapies for a broad range of diseases."

Customizable LNP Formulations for Tissue-Specific Targeting

RNA-based therapies and genetic medicines offer immense potential to transform approaches to vaccines, gene editing, gene therapy and more. However, cracking the code on safe and tissue-specific delivery methods has proven challenging. The limitations on delivery methods have severely restricted the full therapeutic promise of RNA, CRISPR and gene therapies. By integrating machine learning and high-throughput screening into its development process, has engineered next generation LNPs to more safely and effectively deliver RNA payloads to specific tissues.'s unique approach, which is based on academic research from the Technion Institute of Technology, cycles through design, build, test and learn steps that are enabled by artificial intelligence, allowing the company to rapidly innovate and optimize LNPs for targeted delivery of RNA therapies.

The company plans to present data supporting its approach at two forthcoming scientific meetings:

> The Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa, October 10-12, 2023 in Carlsbad, California

> 2nd Annual Lipid Nanoparticle Development Europe Summit, October 17-19, 2023 in Amsterdam

"The field of LNP formulation has historically been a 'black box' - with new delivery vehicles discovered mainly through trial and error experimentation," said Avi Schroeder, PhD, scientific co-founder of "Our integrated AI and high-throughput screening platform shines a light into this previous process. By making the discovery process systematic and searchable, we can rapidly optimize LNPs for targeted delivery of RNA therapies to unlock their full potential across disease areas."

Seasoned Team Driving Next Wave of Biotech Advancement has assembled an accomplished team spanning drug delivery, nanotechnology, machine learning and biotechnology. Their multidisciplinary expertise positions the company to lead the convergence of AI and biotech, transforming RNA therapeutic delivery.

> Yogev Debbi, co-founder and CEO, is a repeat biotech entrepreneur who previously served as COO of Genome Compiler, a software gene editing company acquired by Twist Bioscience. He then led Twist's Israel R&D center through its IPO. Yogev brings deep expertise in launching and scaling successful bioengineering startups.

> Roy Nevo, co-founder and CTO, is a repeat biotech entrepreneur and veteran software architect with over 20 years of experience leading interdisciplinary teams to build innovative biotech products. He previously served as CTO of Genome Compiler, acquired by Twist Bioscience, where he took on senior software leadership roles through its IPO.

> Avi Schroeder, PhD, scientific co-founder, is a nanomedicine and drug delivery expert who completed postdoctoral research at Robert Langer's lab at MIT. He is a tenured Chemical Engineering professor at the Technion who has received over 30 prestigious awards including the Wolf Foundation prize, published over 50 papers, and holds 19 patents. He also serves as President of Israel's Institute of Chemical Engineers.

> Kira Radinsky, PhD, scientific co-founder, is an AI and data mining pioneer who is a visiting professor at the Technion and applies predictive data mining to medicine. She previously founded SalesPredict, acquired by eBay, and served as eBay's Chief Scientist in Israel. She was named an MIT Technology Review "Young Innovator Under 35" and Forbes "30 Under 30 Rising Star".

Advisory Board

> Peter Nell, PhD, experienced biopharma executive with over 20 years of experience advancing gene editing programs from R&D through commercialization at organizations including Bayer, Casebia, and Mammoth Bio.

> Barry Ticho, MD PhD, experienced drug developer and clinician who has led multiple neurology and cardiology programs through clinical trials and commercialization across Biogen, Pfizer, Moderna, and now Stoke Therapeutics (where he is Chief Medical Officer).

> Prof. Jordan Green, prolific biomedical engineer, professor, and entrepreneur who has co-founded five biotech companies including AsclepiX Therapeutics where he was a founding CEO.

> Prof. Eitan Kerem, MD, a pediatric specialist who founded the Center for Children with Chronic Diseases, significantly improving cystic fibrosis patient care and advocacy.

> Cory Sago, PhD, biomedical engineer and serial entrepreneur who co-founded and served as CTO of Guide Therapeutics, acquired by Beam Therapeutics, experienced in discovering lipid nanoparticles for targeted RNA delivery.

"'s team combines the best of both worlds - seasoned drug development veterans alongside AI and data science luminaries," explained Omri Amirav-Drory, General Partner of NFX. "Having known the team for more than a decade, I have full confidence in their ability to deliver on this promise to improve and save countless lives."

About is a biotechnology company revolutionizing targeted RNA delivery using artificial intelligence-enabled LNP discovery and optimization. This approach accelerates research and enables reliable, tissue-specific delivery to unlock the full potential of RNA and CRISPR therapies. is pioneering the next wave of biotechnology advancement by merging AI and biological insight. For more information, visit

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