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Desktop Genetics Ltd.. (10/17/17). "Press Release: Desktop Genetics Introduces New Series of Customizable CRISPR Libraries". London.

Organisations Organisation Desktop Genetics Ltd. (DGT)
  Organisation 2 Zyme Communications Ltd.
Products Product DeskGen Series CRISPR Libraries
  Product 2 DeskGen genome editing software platform
Index term Index term Desktop Genetics–SEVERAL: investment, 201710– financing round £1.5m start announced via online investment platform SyndicateRoom
Persons Person Doyle, Riley (Desktop Genetics Ltd 201308 CEO)
  Person 2 Perello, Edward (Desktop Genetics Ltd 201710 CBO + Founder)

DESKGEN Series Libraries are designed and manufactured using the latest CRISPR gene editing techniques and artificial intelligence to deliver a tailored end-to-end solution

Desktop Genetics Ltd (“the Company”), a company revolutionizing the way biologists use CRISPR genome editing technology, has today announced the launch of its DESKGEN Series CRISPR Libraries to support gene editing efforts in academic and biopharma settings.

The series consists of six new CRISPR library products, each of which can be tailored to an investigator’s list of genomic targets using any delivery method. Each product addresses a particular experimental application of the genome editing technology:

> Disrupt Libraries can be used to functionally knock out genes to reveal novel druggable targets and essential pathways

> Tile Libraries saturate coding and non-coding regions to reveal genotype-phenotype relationships

> SNP-In Libraries allow high-throughput insertion and deletion knockins across the genome

> Interfere Libraries silence target gene expression with CRISPRi

> Activate Libraries allow over-expression of target genes with CRISPRa

> Predict Libraries provide a unique scoring algorithm optimized for teams working on specific model cell lines or organisms, enabling other libraries to be designed more effectively

Once DTG receives a customer’s list of targets along with their experimental intent, the company designs the library using its proprietary DESKGEN AI and suite of bioinformatics pipelines. The validated technology employs machine learning techniques combined with the largest database of experimental CRISPR outcomes in the industry to select the guides most appropriate for the chosen targets and experiment, with superior activity and specificity when compared with competing techniques. Once the designs are complete, the Company manufactures the library in a variety of ready-to-use formats including plasmids, RNA, ribonucleoproteins, or as lentivirus — in either pooled or arrayed format.

Unlike standard off-the-shelf CRISPR libraries, DESKGEN Libraries allow researchers to look at the targets they're interested in, opening the door to novel discovery. By meeting the client’s requirements with a bespoke CRISPR library, and designed with the latest know-how in genome editing, these new products provide researchers with fewer false positives and negatives and the confidence needed to support claims made in basic and preclinical research. The Company provudes both large- and small-scale library development and can meet the needs of both functional genomics and drug discovery laboratories regardless of budget.

Commenting on the DESKGEN Series Libraries, Riley Doyle, CEO at DTG said: “With a DESKGEN Library, you really are setting up your experiment or screen for success as you will have the best tool for the job — no matter what that job may be. This is the first time that such best-in-class CRISPR libraries have been made available in a fully customizable manner, and as a result, researchers neither have to waste time designing libraries themselves, nor take a risk that the data generated from an off-the-shelf alternative be redundant or incorrect.”

‘We are committed to maintaining the supremacy of the DESKGEN AI design platform, and will continue to deliver more and more solutions that enable novel discovery in all fields that exploit CRISPR, including drug discovery, agricultural biotech, and basic research.”

The Company notes that the launch of these products is to be supported by a capital raise of £1.5M, which is currently underway.

To find out more about the DESKGEN Series Libraries, visit:


For further information please contact:

Zyme Communications
Lorna Cuddon
+44 (0)7811 996 942

Desktop Genetics
Edward Perello
Chief Business Officer & Founder

Notes to Editors

About Desktop Genetics

Desktop Genetics is a recognised leader in CRISPR technology, staffed by a team of genome editing experts, bioinformaticians and data scientists, driven by the real-world impact of CRISPR technology.

The Company provides genome editing products and services to pharmaceutical, academic and biotechnology customers globally.

Desktop Genetics' tools and technologies have been used by over 1800 organizations all over the world. Their projects have directly contributed to several key programs to bring genome editing into the clinic.

The Company has received awards from MIT Technology Review, Forbes, Fast Company and SxSW.


CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) technology is a system which allows for permanent manipulation of genes in living cells and organisms, and is being explored as a method to correct the human genome for treatment of genetic diseases. CRISPR technology is credited for driving the growth in the genome engineering market.

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