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Please find below news from France and Monaco as well as about organisations from these countries.

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IntegraGen S.A.. (4/8/16). "Press Release: IntegraGen Reports 2015 Financial Results". Évry. 2016-04-08
MedDay Pharmaceuticals S.A.S.. (4/8/16). "Press Release: MedDay Secures €34 Million ($38.5M) New Funding". Paris. 2016-04-08
DBV Technologies S.A.. (4/7/16). "Press Release: DBV Technologies Reports Full Year 2015 Financial Results". 2016-04-07
Meiogenix S.A.S.. (4/6/16). "Press Release: Meiogenix Announces a Licensing Agreement with Bayer to Apply SpiX Technology in Crops". Paris. 2016-04-06
Ipsen S.A.. (4/5/16). "Press Release: Dassault Systèmes and Ipsen Sign Collaborative Agreement to Develop Innovative Programs to Support Ipsen’s Drug Discovery". Paris. 2016-04-05
Sanofi S.A.. (4/1/16). "Press Release: Sanofi and Regeneron Announce Positive Dupilumab Topline Results from Two Phase 3 Trials in Inadequately Controlled Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis Patients". Paris & Tarrytown, NY. 2016-04-01
Servier. (4/1/16). "Press Release: Withdrawal of Fusafungine-containing Medicines from the Market". 2016-04-01
TxCell S.A.. (3/31/16). "Press Release: TxCell Appoints Its Global Scientific Advisory Board (“SAB”) Led by Professor Zelig Eshhar as Chairman". Valbonne. 2016-03-31
Keranova. (3/30/16). "Press Release: Keranova Opens Its Administrative Site at Vénissieux and Begins Construction on Its Headquarters in Saint Etienne". 2016-03-30
ImaBiotech S.A.S.. (3/29/16). "Press Release: ImaBiotech’s First Worldwide Patent Has Been Granted for Its Quantification Innovation in MSI". Lille. 2016-03-29
Sanofi S.A.. (3/29/16). "Press Release: Sanofi Appoints Dr. Yong-Jun Liu as Head of Research". Paris. 2016-03-29
Sanofi S.A.. (3/29/16). "Press Release: Sanofi Successfully Prices EUR 1.8 billion Bond Issue". Paris. 2016-03-29
Dassault Systèmes S.A.. (3/29/16). "Press Release: Dassault Systèmes and Inserm Announce Joint Agreement to Decipher Disease Complexity and Accelerate Clinical Research". Paris. 2016-03-29
Onxeo S.A.. (3/25/16). "Press Release: Onxeo Announces Closing of DNA Therapeutics Acquisition. Onxeo Gains Access to AsiDNA Compound, a First-in-class Signal Interfering DNA". Paris & Copenhagen. 2016-03-25
Genomic Vision S.A.. (3/22/16). "Press Release: 2015 Annual Results. All Planned 2015 Development Milestones Achieved". Bagneux. 2016-03-22
Bridgepoint. (3/22/16). "Press Release: Bridgepoint Development Capital Acquires French Dental Equipment Manufacturer Acteon". 2016-03-22
bioMérieux S.A.. (3/22/16). "Press Release: bioMérieux and Copan Announce the First Commercial Success of their Collaboration for the Automation and Efficiency of Microbiology laboratories". Marcy l’Étoile. 2016-03-22
MaaT Pharma. (3/22/16). "Press Release: MaaT Pharma Announces €10 million Fundraising and Pursues the Development of the First Worldwide Autologous Microbiotherapy Solution". Lyon. 2016-03-22
OSE Pharma S.A.. (3/21/16). "Press Release: 2015 Annual Results in Line with Forecasts, and Significant Clinical Advances. 2016 Outlook – Further Development and Merger Project with Effimune". Paris. 2016-03-21
Gecko Biomedical. (3/17/16). "Press Release: Gecko Biomedical Raises €22.5 Million Led by Sofinnova Partners". Paris. 2016-03-17
Deinove S.A.. (3/17/16). "Press Release: Deinove to Present at Upcoming U.S. Investors Conference". Montpellier. 2016-03-17
Sanofi S.A.. (3/16/16). "Press Release: Sanofi and DiCE Molecules Announce Research Collaboration to Discover Potential Therapeutics Based on Unique Small Molecule Discovery Platform". Paris & San Francisco, CA. 2016-03-16
TxCell S.A.. (3/15/16). "Press Release: TxCell Appoints PCT as Its US Manufacturing Partner". Valbonne. 2016-03-15
Abivax S.A.. (3/15/16). "Press Release: 2015 Full-Year Results and Progress Report. Significant Progress on Both Cornerstone Programs (HIV and HBV)". Paris. 2016-03-15
Deinove S.A.. (3/14/16). "Press Release: Deinove and Arbiom Joins Forces to Develop »Carbon-free« Chemical Industry". Montpellier. 2016-03-14
Cellectis S.A.. (3/14/16). "Press Release: Cellectis Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Financial Results". New York, NY. 2016-03-14
TxCell S.A.. (3/10/16). "Press Release: TxCell 2015 Results and Update on Strategy and Outlook". Valbonne. 2016-03-10
MorphoSys AG. (3/9/16). "Press Release: MorphoSys to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences". 2016-03-09
Ipsen S.A.. (3/8/16). "Press Release: Ipsen and PeptiMimesis Announce a Research Partnership in Oncology". Paris & Strasbourg. 2016-03-08
Cerenis Therapeutics S.A.. (3/8/16). "Press Release: Cerenis Therapeutics Announces Its Participation to the 28th Roth Capital Partners Annual Conference". Toulouse & Ann Arbor, MI. 2016-03-08
Cellectis S.A.. (3/7/16). "Press Release: Cellectis Announces Presentation at the Cowen and Company 36th Annual Health Care Conference in Boston, March 7–9, 2016". New York, NY. 2016-03-07
Neovacs S.A.. (3/7/16). "Press Release: Neovacs Reports Full Year 2015 Finanical Results". Paris. 2016-03-07
Poxel S.A.. (3/4/16). "Press Release: Poxel to Present at 28th Annual Roth Conference". Lyon. 2016-03-04
bioMérieux S.A.. (3/2/16). "Press Release: 2015 Financial Results". 2016-03-02
Novasep S.A.. (3/2/16). "Press Release: Novasep Presents the Second Successful Year of Its »Back to Basics« Strategy and Preliminary 2015 Financial Results". Lyon Gerland. 2016-03-02
ImaBiotech S.A.S.. (3/16). "Press Release: Imabiotech Obtain 6M€ for a New European Project in Partnership with Lille I University and Cubic Pharmaceuticals". 2016-03-01
Ipsen S.A.. (3/1/16). "Press Release: Exelixis and Ipsen Enter into Exclusive Licensing Agreement to Commercialize and Develop Novel Cancer Therapy Cabozantinib in Regions Outside the United States, Canada and Japan". Paris & South San Francisco, CA. 2016-03-01
Ipsen S.A.. (3/1/16). "Press Release: Ipsen’s 2015 Results and 2016 Financial Objectives". Paris. 2016-03-01
PeptiMimesis. (2/29/16). "Press Release: PeptiMimesis – New Biotech Startup Developing Next Generation Therapeutic Peptides in Immuno-oncology, Oncology and Immune Diseases". Strasbourg. 2016-02-29
Genfit S.A.. (2/29/16). "Press Release: Genfit Raises EUR 49.6 Million in Private Placement [Not for publication or distribution in the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan]". Lille & Boston, MA. 2016-02-29
Onxeo S.A.. (2/29/16). "Press Release: Onxeo Announces Acquisition of DNA Therapeutics and Provides Update on Validive Development Plan". Paris & Copenhagen. 2016-02-29
Onxeo S.A.. (2/26/16). "Press Release: Onxeo Reports 2015 Full-Year Results and Provides Business Update". Paris & Copenhagen. 2016-02-26
Nanobiotix S.A.. (2/26/16). "Press Release: Nanobiotix 2015 Q4 and Annual Revenues". Paris. 2016-02-26
Servier. (2/26/16). "Press Release: Servier Receives Positive CHMP Opinion for LONSURF (trifluridine/tipiracil) for Refractory Metastatic Colorectal Cancer". Suresnes. 2016-02-26
OSE Pharma S.A.. (2/24/16). "Press Release: OSE Pharma and Effimune Announce Proposed Merger to Create Significant Immunotherapy Player". Paris & Nantes. 2016-02-24
Valneva S.E.. (2/24/16). "Press Release: Valneva Posts 96% Revenue Growth in 2015, Forecasts 2016 Revenues of €90 to €100 Million". Lyon. 2016-02-24
Pierre Fabre S.A.. (2/22/16). "Press Release: Plasticell and Pierre Fabre Laboratories Sign a Partnership to Identify Natural Stimulants of Brown Fat for Treatment and Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes". Stevenage & Castres. 2016-02-22
LFB S.A.. (2/22/16). "Press Release: Registration of FibCLOT, LFB’s Human Fibrinogen, in Europe". Les Ulis. 2016-02-22
Pharnext S.A.S.. (2/22/16). "Press Release: Pharnext Announces the Appointment of Niall Murphy as Chief Scientific Officer and Pierre Schwich as Chief Financial Officer". Paris. 2016-02-22
Onxeo S.A.. (2/22/16). "Press Release: Onxeo Expands Collaborations to Advance Development Program of Key Orphan Oncology Assets in Combination with Immuno-oncology Agents". Paris & Copenhagen. 2016-02-22
OSE Pharma S.A.. (2/22/16). "Press Release: First Patients Enrolled and Dosed in the Pivotal Trial of Phase 3 of the Immunotherapy Tedopi for Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer". Paris. 2016-02-22
Cellnovo. (2/22/16). "Press Release: Cellnovo Appoints Thierry Moulin as Chief Financial Officer". Paris. 2016-02-22
Pherecydes Pharma S.A.. (2/22/16). "Press Release: Antibiotic resistance. Pherecydes Pharma Appoints Guy-Charles Fanneau de La Horie as Chief Executive Officer". Romainville. 2016-02-22
Onxeo S.A.. (2/17/16). "Press Release: Onxeo to Attend Upcoming Investor Conferences and Medical Meetings". Paris & Copenhagen. 2016-02-17
Ipsen S.A.. (2/17/16). "Press Release: Ipsen Enters into a Licensing Agreement with 3B Pharmaceuticals to Develop Novel Radiopharmaceuticals in Oncology". Paris. 2016-02-16
Servier. (2/12/16). "Press Release: EMA Benefit/Risk Revision of Fusafungine-containing Medicines". 2016-02-12
MilliDrop Instruments S.A.S.. (2/11/16). "Press Release: MilliDrop Raises €1 Million from Seventure Partners’ Quadrivium 1 Seed Fund". Paris. 2016-02-11
Abivax S.A.. (2/11/16). "Press Release: Abivax to Participate in the Upcoming RBC Capital Markets 2016 Healthcare Conference in New York, and in the Credit Suisse Healthcare Conference in London". Paris. 2016-02-11
Sanofi S.A.. (2/9/16). "Press Release: Sanofi Delivered 2015 Business EPS up 8.5% on a Reported Basis and Stable at Constant Exchange Rates Consistent with Guidance". Paris. 2016-02-09
Sanofi S.A.. (2/5/16). "Press Release: Sanofi Appoints Muzammil Mansuri to Executive Committee and Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development". Paris. 2016-02-05
Dassault Systèmes S.A.. (2/4/16). "Press Release: Dassault Systèmes Reports Strong Fourth Quarter Software Revenue Growth on Acceleration of 3DEXPERIENCE Adoption". Vélizy-Villacoublay. 2016-02-04
Enyo Pharma S.A.S.. (2/3/16). "Press Release: Enyo Pharma Announces Closing of a €22 Million Funding Round". 2016-02-03
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (2/2/16). "Press Release: The Paoli-Calmettes Institute (IPC) in Marseille Becomes the First Next Generation Sequencing Lab Certified in France for the Molecular Diagnosis, Thanks to a New Collaboration with Sophia Genetics". Lausan 2016-02-02
Poxel S.A.. (1/28/16). "Press Release: Poxel Provides YE15 Cash and Turnover Figures". Lyon. 2016-01-28
i2a S.A.. (1/28/16). "Press Release: Testing on Antimicrobial Resistance – i2a". 2016-01-28
Genticel S.A.. (1/27/16). "Press Release: Genticel Reports Initial Results at 12 Months from Phase 2 Trial of HPV Immunoterapeutic Candidate, GTL0001". Paris & Toulouse. 2016-01-27
Pharnext S.A.S.. (1/26/16). "Press Release: Pharnext Collaborates with OrphanDev in Europe for Its Phase 3 Clinical Trial PLEO-CMT in Charcot-Marie Tooth Type 1A Disease (CMT 1A)". Paris. 2016-01-26
Onxeo S.A.. (1/25/16). "Press Release: Onxeo Announces the Evolution and Reinforcement of Its Board of Directors". Paris & Copenhagen. 2016-01-25
Genticel S.A.. (1/25/16). "Press Release: Business Update – Fourth Quarter 2015". Paris & Toulouse. 2016-01-25
Amatsigroup. (1/25/16). "Press Release: Amatsigroup Acquires Q-Biologicals and Strengthens Its Offering for International Pharmaceutical Groups". Toulouse. 2016-01-25
Eurofins. (1/22/16). "Press Release: Biomnis, in Partnership with ODPM, Launches a Test to Determine the Toxicity Risk of Widely-used Chemotherapy". 2016-01-22
Neovacs S.A.. (1/21/16). "Press Release: Neovacs Associates Stellar Biotechnologies in Its Industrial Project". Paris & Boston, MA. 2016-01-21
Toulouse White Biotech (TWB). (1/19/16). "Press Release: TWB and AMOEBA – Towards the Industrialization of a Revolutionary Biological Biocide against Legionella". Toulouse. 2016-01-19
Genomic Vision S.A.. (1/18/16). "Press Release: 2015 Sales in Line with Expectations After All Planned Milestones with Quest Diagnostics Were Met". Bagneux. 2016-01-18
Novasep S.A.. (1/13/16). "Press Release: Novasep and Advanced Biotherapeutics Consulting Team Up on Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) Vectors". Pompey & Lyon. 2016-01-13
Sanofi S.A.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Sanofi and Innate Pharma Collaborate on New Bispecific NK Cell Engagers in Immuno-Oncology". Paris & Marseille. 2016-01-11
Sanofi S.A.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Sanofi and Warp Drive Bio to Collaborate on the Development of Novel Oncology Therapies and Antibiotics Based on Proprietary Platforms". Paris & Marseille. 2016-01-11
Genomic Vision S.A.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Genomic Vision Expands Its Senior Management Team through a Number of Strategic Recruitments". Bagneux. 2016-01-11
Innate Pharma S.A.. (1/10/16). "Press Release: Innate Pharma In-licenses Orega Biotech's First-in-class anti-CD39 Checkpoint Inhibitor Program". Marseille & Lyon. 2016-01-10
Sanofi S.A.. (1/8/16). "Press Release: Sanofi and Regeneron Announce Sarilumab Biologics License Application Accepted for Review by US FDA". Paris & Tarrytown, NY. 2016-01-08
Enterome Bioscience S.A.. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Enterome Announces Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation Focused on the Discovery of Novel Targets and Therapeutics for Crohn’s Disease". Paris & Boston, MA. 2016-01-07
Evotec AG. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Evotec and UCB Sign Multi-year Sample Management Agreement". Hamburg. 2016-01-07
Carbios S.A.. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Report on Carbios’ Liquidity Contract with Invest Securities". Clermont-Ferrand. 2016-01-07
Genticel S.A.. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Genticel to Evaluate Roche Molecular Systems’ cobas HPV Test in Preparation for Phase 3 Porgram of GTL001". Paris & Toulouse. 2016-01-07
Neovacs S.A.. (1/6/16). "Press Release: Neovacs Secures €5 Million from the Public Funding Program »Investments for the Future« to Support Clinical and Industrial Development for the Therapeutic Vaccine INFa Kinoïd". Paris & Boston, MA. 2016-01-06
bioMérieux S.A.. (1/5/16). "Press Release: bioMérieux Acquires Applied Maths and Enhances Its Bioinformatics Capabilities with Cutting-edge Expertise and Solutions for the Smart Use of Complex Biological Data". Marcy l’Étoile. 2016-01-05
Innate Pharma S.A.. (1/5/16). "Press Release: Upcoming Investor Conferences". 2016-01-05
OSE Pharma S.A.. (1/5/16). "Press Release: OSE Pharma Announces Its Events for Q1 2016". Paris. 2016-01-05
Genticel S.A.. (1/5/16). "Press Release: Genticel Appoints Rémi Palmantier, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer to Accelerate Its Development". Paris & Toulouse. 2016-01-05
Cellectis S.A.. (12/23/15). "Press Release: Cellectis Files First Clinical Trial Application for UCART19, an Allogeneic Gene Edited CAR T-Cell Product for Hematological Malignancies". New York. 2015-12-23
Cellectis S.A.. (12/21/15). "Press Release: Cellectis Announces Presentation at the 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, January 11 - 14, 2016". New York. 2015-12-21
Servier. (12/18/15). "Press Release: GeNeuro Announces the Launch of Phase IIb Proof-of-Concept Study with GNbAC1 in Multiple Sclerosis and Servier Equity Investment". Geneva & Suresnes. 2015-12-18
LFB S.A.. (12/15/15). "Press Release: Doubling of Capacity at Ales Facility (LFB Biomanufacturing)". Les Ulis. 2015-12-15
GamaMabs Pharma S.A.. (12/15/15). "Press Release: GamaMabs Pharma Raises €15m in Series B Financing Round". Toulouse & Paris. 2015-12-15
Neovacs S.A.. (12/15/15). "Press Release: Neovacs Signs a Strategic Partnering Agreement with the Korean Company CKD Pharmaceutical Corp.". Paris & Boston, MA. 2015-12-15
Pierre Fabre S.A.. (12/14/15). "Press Release: Pierre Fabre and Cordeliers Research Centre Sign Strategic Partnership to Identify New Therapeutic Targets in Immuno-oncology". Castres. 2015-12-14
Seventure Partners. (12/14/15). "Press Release: A Major Pharmaceutical Company Participates as Strategic Investor in Health for Life Capital, the First Investment Vehicle Focused on the Microbiome Health and Nutrition Revolutionary Sector". Paris. 2015-12-14
bioMérieux S.A.. (12/14/15). "Press Release: bioMérieux and Illumina Announce the Launch of bioMérieux EpiSeq, a Revolutionary Next-Generation Sequencing Service for Epidemiological Monitoring of Bacterial Infections". Marcy l’Étoile & San Diego, CA. 2015-12-14
Sofinnova Partners. (12/8/15). "Press Release: Sofinnova Partners Raises €300 Million Healthcare Fund". Paris. 2015-12-08
Servier. (12/7/15). "Press Release: Servier Announces Expansion of Collaboration for the Development and Commercialization of Anticancer Drug Candidates Targeting Apoptosis". Suresnes. 2015-12-07
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