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Please find below news from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and the Republic of Ireland as well as about organisations from these countries.

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Lab21 Ltd.. (2/16/12). "Press Release: Lab21 Launches New Lung Cancer Companion Diagnostic Service". 2012-02-16
Almsco International. (2/15/12). "Press Release: Almsco Announces Poster Presentations at Pittcon 2012". 2012-02-15
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.. (2/15/12). "Press Release: OGT Develops Optimised Rare Disease Sequencing and Analysis Service". 2012-02-15
Sistemic Ltd.. (2/7/12). "Press Release: Sistemic to Work with TiGenix on Landmark EUR 5.9 Million, FP7 European Project Aiming at Developing an Innovative Rheumatoid Arthritis Cell Therapy Treatment Product". 2012-02-07
Almsco International. (2/7/12). "Press Release: Almsco International at Pittcon 2012 (Booth #1780, 1781). Markes and Almsco International to Jointly Showcase High-sensitivity Technology for Trace-level Aroma and Fragrance Profiling at Pittcon 2012". 2012-02-07
AstraZeneca plc. (2/2/12). "Press Release: AstraZeneca’s New Restructuring Initiatives to Drive Productivity and Support Innovation". 2012-02-02
EMA (European Medicines Agency). (2/2/12). "Press Release: Better Protection of Public Health. European Medicines Agency Counts Down to Introduction of New Pharmacovigilance Legislation". 2012-02-02
Quotient Bioresearch Ltd.. (2/2/12). "Press Release: Quotient Achieves Significant Milestones and Consolidates Its Position as a World Leader in 14C Enabled Drug Development". 2012-02-02
Cyclofluidic Ltd.. (2/1/12). "Press Release: The Robotic Drug Discovery Scientist. Cyclofluidic Announces First Fully Automated Lead Discovery Experiment". London. 2012-02-01
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.. (2/1/12). "Press Release: Oxford Nanopore to Present DNA »Strand Sequencing« Technology at AGBT Conference. Company Intends to Commercialise Independently in 2012". Oxford. 2012-02-01
Henniker Scientific Ltd.. (2/12). "Press Release: Extrel MAX-HM Series, High Mass Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers". 2012-02-01
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (1/31/12). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery and UK NEQAS ICC Announce Partnership to Improve Accuracy of Lung Cancer Diagnostic Testing. Horizon’s Genetically Defined Human Genomic Reference Standards to Be Used in FISH and IHC P 2012-01-31
Porvair plc. (1/31/12). "Press Release: Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 30 November 2011". 2012-01-31
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc. (1/23/12). "Press Release: SKUP Evaluation of EKF Quo-Test A1C Analyser". 2012-01-23
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (1/23/12). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Appoints Eric Rhodes as Chief Technical Officer". Cambridge. 2012-01-23
Lab21 Ltd.. (1/23/12). "Press Release: Lab21 Acquires New Real Time PCR Technology". Cambridge. 2012-01-23
Quotient Bioresearch Ltd.. (1/23/12). "Press Release: Quotient Bioresearch Secures Investment for Next Phase of Growth". Cambridgeshire. 2012-01-23
University of Glasgow. (1/23/12). "Press Release: University of Glasgow Research Shows Health Inequalities Imprinted on DNA". 2012-01-23
PolyTherics Ltd.. (1/20/12). "Press Release: PolyTherics Acquires Warwick Effect Polymers and Expands Technology Portfolio to Enable the Development of Better Biopharmaceuticals". London. 2012-01-20
AstraZeneca plc. (1/19/12). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb Receive Complete Response Letter from US Food and Drug Administration for Dapagliflozin". 2012-01-19
Quintiles Transnational Corp.. (1/18/12). "Press Release: Quintiles Forms New Biomarker Research and Development Company. Professors David Kerr and Nick La Thangue Offer Oncology Consulting and Biomarker R&D Activities Spun Out from the University of Oxf 2012-01-18
Edinburgh BioQuarter. (1/17/12). "Press Release: Scottish Government Makes BioQuarter One of Four Enterprise Zones. Four Enterprise Areas for Scotland – Fourteen Sites to Focus on Key Growth Sectors". 2012-01-17
Edinburgh BioQuarter. (1/17/12). "Press Release: BioQuarter Welcomes Enterprise Zone Status". 2012-01-17
Scottish Government. (1/17/12). "Press Release: Four Enterprise Areas for Scotland to Focus on Key Growth Sectors". 2012-01-17
MerseyBio. (1/16/12). "Press Release: New £28m BioInnovation Centre Plan for Liverpool Unveiled". 2012-01-16
Sistemic Ltd.. (1/12/12). "Press Release: Rapid Growth Continues for Sistemic". 2012-01-12
AstraZeneca plc. (1/11/12). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and IMS Health Announce Real-world Evidence Collaboration in Europe". 2012-01-11
BioCity Nottingham. (1/11/12). "Press Release: BioCity Nottingham Expands in Deal with MSD to Create New Base for Life Sciences Companies". 2012-01-11
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (1/10/12). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Announces Board Member Simon Cook". Cambridge. 2012-01-10
Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd.. (1/4/12). "Press Release: Cresset and Optibrium Announce Technology Collaboration". Cambridge & Welwyn Garden City. 2012-01-04
AstraZeneca plc. (12/20/11). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Updates on Olaparib and TC-5214 Development Programmes. With Associated Impairment Charges, Company Confirms Full Year Financial Targets, but Guides to Lower Half of Its Core EPS Range". 2011-12-20
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd.. (12/19/11). "Press Release: Peak Scientific Launch the NM-3G Nitrogen Gas Generator". 2011-12-19
Sygnature Discovery Ltd.. (12/16/11). "Press Release: Sygnature Discovery & Cyprotex Extend Successful Strategic Alliance a Further Two Years". Nottingham & Macclesfield. 2011-12-16
Covidien plc. (12/15/11). "Press Release: Covidien Plans Spin-off of Pharmaceuticals Business". Dublin. 2011-12-15
Expedeon Ltd.. (12/15/11). "Press Release: Expedeon and Protein Technologies Join Forces to Provide Custom Protein Services". Cambridge & Manchester. 2011-12-15
University of Dundee. (12/14/11). "Press Release: GSK and the University of Dundee Announce New Collaboration to Develop Treatment for Huntington’s Disease". 2011-12-14
Linguamatics Ltd.. (12/14/11). "Press Release: Linguamatics and ChemAxon Announce Project to Enhance Text Mining in Chemistry". Cambridge & Budapest. 2011-12-14
Lab21 Ltd.. (12/13/11). "Press Release: Lab21 Receives Regulatory Approval for Campylobacter Assay in China". 2011-12-13
Shimadzu Corporation. (12/13/11). "Press Release: Shimadzu Releases New Version of GC/MS Method Package for Residual Pesticides in Foods". Milton Keynes. 2011-12-13
PolyTherics Ltd.. (12/13/11). "Press Release: Nuron Exercises Option for a License to PolyTherics’ TheraPEG Technology to Develop a Long-acting Human Interferon beta-1b". London. 2011-12-13
Microsaic Systems plc. (12/12/11). "Press Release: Trading Update and Directorate Change". 2011-12-12
Tissue Regenix Group plc. (12/8/11). "Press Release: Placing to Raise £25 Million (»Placing«)". York. 2011-12-08
Cellzome AG. (12/6/11). "Press Release: Cellzome Awarded UK’s Technology Strategy Board Grant as Part of the Regenerative Medicine Program". Cambridge & Heidelberg. 2011-12-06
Randox Laboratories Ltd.. (12/6/11). "Press Release: New Molecular Diagnostic Test from Randox Enables Rapid, Appropriate Selection of Colorectal Cancer Patients for Anti-EGFR Therapy". Crumlin. 2011-12-06
Imperial Innovations Group plc. (12/6/11). "Press Release: £8 Million Funding for New Start-up TopiVert". 2011-12-06
AstraZeneca plc. (12/5/11). "Press Release: Groundbreaking Scientific Collaboration Gives UK Academia Access to Compounds to Advance Medical Research". 2011-12-05
Claremont BioSolutions, LLC. (12/5/11). "Press Release: Claremont BioSolutions, LLC Reaches Distribution Agreement with Bioquote Limited. Claremont BioSolutions, LLC Extends Marketing to UK & Ireland with Bioquote Ltd. Agreement". Upland, CA. 2011-12-05
BioFocus. (12/5/11). "Press Release: BioFocus Creates Novel Diverse Screening Library". 2011-12-05
NanoInk Inc.. (11/29/11). "Press Release: Cambridge Bioscience Named Exclusive Distributor for NanoInk in the United Kingdom and Ireland". Chicago, IL. 2011-11-29
AstraZeneca plc. (11/29/11). "Press Release: Komboglyze Receives Marketing Authorisation in the European Union for Adult Patients with Type 2 Diabetes". 2011-11-29
NuCana BioMed Ltd.. (11/29/11). "Press Release: NuCana BioMed Secures $10.4 Million Series A Financing to Accelerate Its ProTide Anti-cancer Drugs into Clinical Development". 2011-11-29
Research Councils UK (RCUK). (11/29/11). "Press Release: RCUK Welcome New £200 Million Capital Investment in Science". 2011-11-29
General Electric Company. (11/27/11). "Press Release: A Revolution in Minimally Invasive Imaging. GE Healthcare Unveils New Category of Interventional Imaging Systems". Chicago, IL. 2011-11-27
Alto Marketing. (11/24/11). "Press Release: Alto Marketing Reappointed as Media Relations Partner for European Laboratory Automation (ELA) for Second Year". Southampton. 2011-11-24
Roslin Cells Ltd.. (11/23/11). "Press Release: Roslin Cells Relocates to the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine". Edinburgh. 2011-11-23
Proximagen Group plc. (11/23/11). "Press Release: Proximagen and Altacor Sign Collaborative Research and Development Agreement for Proximagen’s 5HT2c Programme in Glaucoma". London. 2011-11-23
Quanticate Ltd.. (11/21/11). "Press Release: Quanticate Names Daniel Chapple Vice President Global Business Development and Marketing". London & Cambridge, MA. 2011-11-21
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (11/21/11). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Announces Collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute". Cambridge, UK. 2011-11-21
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc. (11/11/18). "Press Release: EKF Product Launch at Medica 2011. Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyzer". 2011-11-18
Hiden Analytical Ltd.. (11/18/11). "Press Release: The Hiden 3FD Fast-response Mass Spectrometer". 2011-11-18
Forbion Capital Partners. (11/17/11). "Press Release: Oxyrane Raises $26.5m in Series D Financing". Naarden. 2011-11-17
King’s College London. (11/16/11). "Press Release: New Screening Method Developed". 2011-11-16
EMA (European Medicines Agency). (11/16/11). "Press Release: Guido Rasi Begins as New Head of European Medicines Agency. New Executive Director Takes Up Office on 16 November 2011". 2011-11-16
OracleBio Ltd.. (11/16/11). "Press Release: OracleBio Ltd Signs with Redx Pharma to Deliver Translational Biomarker Services for Their Pre-clinical R&D Programs". 2011-11-16
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (11/11/11). "Press Release: PerkinElmer to Showcase Innovative Analytical Solutions at Expoquimia 2011". Waltham, MA. 2011-11-11
Arrayjet Ltd.. (11/9/11). "Press Release: Arrayjet and Fios Genomics Form Strategic Alliance. Providing a Complete Microarray Solution for Customers". Edinburgh. 2011-11-09
Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/8/11). "Press Release: Heptares Expands Executive Management Team with Appointment of Daniel Grau as President". Welwyn Garden City & Boston, MA. 2011-11-08
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (11/7/11). "Press Release: Strategic Partnership with Promega to Develop Next-generation Predictive Human Disease Models". Cambridge. 2011-11-07
Domainex Ltd.. (11/1/11). "Press Release: Domainex Awarded Technology Strategy Board Funding to Support Its Research into a Novel Cancer Drug". Cambridge, UK. 2011-11-01
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.. (11/1/11). "Press Release: OGT Appoints New Finance Director". Oxford. 2011-11-01
Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd.. (11/1/11). "Press Release: Cresset Announces the Release of FieldStere V3.0". Welwyn Garden City. 2011-11-01
Source BioScience plc. (10/31/11). "Press Release: Source BioScience Launches New Overnight Service in Oxford. Fastest Combined DNA Sequencing and Data Analysis Service Now Available to Researchers in Oxford". 2011-10-31
Linguamatics Ltd.. (10/31/11). "Press Release: Selventa and Linguamatics Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide a Complete Pipeline of Scientific Knowledge Extraction to Their Life Science Partners". Cambridge, MA. 2011-10-31
Medigene AG. (10/28/11). "Press Release: MediGene Receives Authorization for the Clinical Formulation Study of RhuDex". Martinsried. 2011-10-28
Creabilis S.A.. (10/25/11). "Press Release: Creabilis Establishes Operations in the UK". Luxembourg. 2011-10-25
Edinburgh BioQuarter. (10/24/11). "Press Release: The University of Edinburgh and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Agree Collaborative Partnership for Drug Discovery". Edinburgh. 2011-10-24
Axis-Shield plc. (10/21/11). "Press Release: Axis-Shield Signs Agreement with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to Develop Anti-CCP Assay for Siemens’ Advia Centaur System. Effective Early Marker of Rheumatoid Arthritis". Dundee. 2011-10-21
Axis-Shield plc. (10/20/11). "Press Release: Active-B12 Assay Launched on Abbott Diagnostics Architect System. Effective Early Marker of Vitamin B12 Deficiency Now Available on Flagship Abbott Platform". Dundee. 2011-10-20
Imperial College London. (10/18/11). "Press Release: Scientists Create Computing Building Blocks from Bacteria and DNA. Research Could Lead to New Devices that Could Sense and Neutralise Toxic Outbreaks and Disarm Deadly Cancer in the Body". London. 2011-10-18
Population Genetics Technologies Ltd.. (10/18/11). "Press Release: Population Genetics Raises $5.7M in a Series B Financing and Announces Research Agreement with Syngenta Biotechnology". 2011-10-18
Quintiles Transnational Corp.. (10/12/11). "Press Release: Quintiles Consolidates EU Business with Headquarters in UK. Reinforces Strategic Priority of Europe in Global Market". Reading. 2011-10-12
Source BioScience plc. (10/4/11). "Press Release: Source BioScience Launches World’s Fastest Combined DNA Sequencing and Data Analysis Service in Germany. New Overnight Service to Target Researchers in Berlin". 2011-10-04
Proteome Sciences plc. (9/30/11). "Press Release: Results for the Six Months Ended 30th June 2011". 2011-09-30
Proximagen Group plc. (9/29/11). "Press Release: Lundbeck and Proximagen Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement. Lundbeck to Make Equity Investment of £10.3 Million in Proximagen at 180 Pence per Share". Valby & London. 2011-09-29
Hypha Disovery Ltd.. (9/27/11). "Press Release: Hypha Discovery Signs Natural Products Drug Discovery Collaboration with Ferrer Grupo". London. 2011-09-27
Pronova BioPharma ASA. (9/19/11). "Press Release: PRC-4016 Enters Phase I Clinical Trial for Treatment of Combined Dyslipidemia". Oslo. 2011-09-19
Quotient Bioresearch Ltd.. (9/19/11). "Press Release: Quotient Bioresearch Announces First Use of Bruker MALDI Biotyper for Bacterial Identification". 2011-09-19
Deliverics Ltd.. (9/15/11). "Press Release: Spin-out Company Uses New Technology to Target Cancer and other Diseases". 2011-09-15
General Electric Company. (9/15/11). "Press Release: GE Healthcare to Invest $1 Billion in New Oncology Solutions. Expanding Advanced Cancer Diagnostic and Molecular Imaging Capabilities – Continuing to Invest in Invention with a Focus on better Patient 2011-09-15
Genedata AG. (9/15/11). "Press Release: Genedata Biologics Will Be Featured at 9th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress". London. 2011-09-15
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (9/15/11). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Announces £11.3 Million ($18.6 Million) Fundraising. Senior Management Team and Board of Directors Strengthened with Key Appointments". Cambridge. 2011-09-15
Nonlinear Dynamics Ltd.. (9/15/11). "Press Release: Nonlinear Dynamics Attends HUPO 2011 10th Anniversary with a New Version of Progenesis LC-MS". Newcastle upon Tyne. 2011-09-15
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (9/13/11). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Introduces Panel of Molecular Diagnostic Reference Standards". Cambridge, UK. 2011-09-13
Silence Therapeutics plc. (9/12/11). "Press Release: Silence Therapeutics and InteRNA Technologies Sign Collaboration to Develop microRNA Therapeutics. Collaboration to Investigate Potential of AtuPLEX in the Development of Novel microRNA Therapeutics Ta 2011-09-12
Hiden Analytical Ltd.. (9/12/11). "Press Release: Hiden Analytical Expand Gas Analyzers". 2011-09-12
PolyTherics Ltd.. (9/7/11). "Press Release: PolyTherics Raises Further Funding to Enable Commercialisation of Technology for Development of Better Biopharmaceuticals". London. 2011-09-07
Cyclofluidic Ltd.. (9/7/11). "Press Release: An Automated Integrated Approach for SAR Generation. Presentation at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2011". Manchester. 2011-09-07
Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd.. (9/6/11). "Press Release: Cresset Establishes New Professional Services Division and Appoints Dr Martin Slater as Director of Consulting". Welwyn Garden City. 2011-09-06
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (8/31/11). "Press Release: Horizon Licenses New X-MAN Cell Lines from the University of Minnesota Relating to T-Cell Viral Infections". Cambridge. 2011-08-31
Lumora Ltd.. (8/31/11). "Press Release: Lumora Announces Joint Development and Licensing Agreement with 3M for Its Innovative BART Technology. Lumora to Present at Two International Conferences in September". London. 2011-08-31
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