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Please find below news from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and the Republic of Ireland as well as about organisations from these countries.

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Medical Research Council (MRC). (12/10/12). "Press Release: MRC Invests over £10m in Stratified Medicine Research". 2012-12-10
Titian Software Ltd.. (12/6/12). "Press Release: New Mosaic 5.0 for Expertly Efficient Sample Management. Latest Version of Industry Renowned Sample Management Software Offers Enhanced User Access, Accuracy and Supreme Functionality". London. 2012-12-06
Almsco International. (12/5/12). "Press Release: TargetView – GC/MS Compound Identification Software. New GC/MS Software Makes Compound Detection and Identification of Faster, Simpler and More Accurate Process". Llantrisant. 2012-12-05
Optibrium Ltd.. (12/4/12). "Press Release: Optibrium and Digital Chemistry Announce Technology Collaboration to Guide Successful Drug Discovery". Cambridge & Sheffield. 2012-12-04
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd.. (12/4/12). "Press Release: New Marketing Assistant". 2012-12-04
Imperial College London. (11/30/12). "Press Release: National Phenome Research Facility to Open at Imperial. The MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre Will Open at Imperial College London". 2012-11-30
Cancer Research UK. (11/27/12). "Press Release: Cancer Research UK and Lorus to Co-develop First-of-kind Drug, IL-17E, to Treat Solid Tumours". 2012-11-27
LGC. (11/27/12). "Press Release: A LoGiCal Success for Online SPE-LC/MSMS". 2012-11-27
Sage Publications Ltd.. (11/23/12). "Press Release: Sage Acquires Royal Society of Medicine Journals Portfolio. Twenty-eight Journals Published by the RSM Press to Be Published by Sage with Immediate Effect". Los Angeles, CA. 2012-11-23
Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Ltd.. (11/23/12). "Press Release: Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Appoints Nick McCooke as Its CEO". 2012-11-23
BioIndustry Assocation (BIA). (11/22/12). "Press Release: Partners in Healthcare Join to Reverse Decline in Clinical Research in UK". 2012-11-22
Activiomics Ltd.. (11/22/12). "Press Release: Activiomics Signs Research Agreement with Kyowa Hakko Kirin as Part of Its Strategic Partnership with BioFocus". 2012-11-22
AstraZeneca plc. (11/14/12). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Appoints Dr. Shridhar Narayanan to Lead Infection Research in Bangalore". Bangalore. 2012-11-14
AstraZeneca plc. (11/12/12). "Press Release: Foundation Medicine and AstraZeneca Announce Genomic Profiling Collaboration". Cambridge, MA. 2012-11-12
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (11/12/12). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery and Promega Launch Suite of X-MAN Reporter Kits. New Kits Enable the Study of Protein Characteristics and Behaviors at Endogenous Expression Levels". Cambridge & Madison, WI. 2012-11-12
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (11/8/12). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery and UCL Institute of Neurology Collaborate in rAAV-mediated Genome Editing. Program Will Focus on Developing Human Isogenic Cell Lines Modeling Huntington’s Disease". Cambridge & London 2012-11-08
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (11/8/12). "Press Release: GlaxoSmithKline and XenoPort Mutually Agree to Terminate Their Collaboration on Horizant. XenoPort Gains Full Ownership of Horizant". London. 2012-11-08
Ziarco Pharma Ltd.. (11/5/12). "Press Release: Ziarco Secures Series A Funding". Canterbury. 2012-11-05
Paion AG. (11/5/12). "Press Release: Paion’s Partner Ono Pharmaceutical Announced Today Initiation of a Phase II/III Study with Short-acting Anaesthetics/Sedative Remimazolam (ONO-2745) in Japan". Aachen. 2012-11-05
Antitope Ltd.. (11/5/12). "Press Release: Antitope Develops New Biologic for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis". Cambridge. 2012-11-05
Creabilis S.A.. (11/5/12). "Press Release: Creabilis Receives Prestigious Technology Strategy Board Biomedical Catalyst Award. £1.42m Funding Will Drive Development of New Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis". Canterbury. 2012-11-05
Immunocore Ltd.. (11/5/12). "Press Release: Immunocore Announces Award of £2.4m from Biomedical Catalyst Fund". Oxford. 2012-11-05
University of Leicester. (11/1/12). "Press Release: New Forensic Science Institute to Open this Month at University of Leicester. Centre Aims to Help Police Forces with Some of the Requests Previously Handled by the Former Forensic Science Service". 2012-11-01
Haemostatix Ltd.. (10/31/12). "Press Release: Wellcome Trust and Investors Back Clinical Development of New Haemostat to Control Surgical Bleeding". 2012-10-31
AstraZeneca plc. (10/31/12). "Press Release: Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Rare Disease Research to Benefit from Landmark MRC-AstraZeneca Compound Collaboration". 2012-10-31
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (10/31/12). "Press Release: Results Announcement for the Third Quarter 2012. GSK Delivers Q3 Core EPS of 26.5p and Dividend of 18p". London. 2012-10-31
ImmunoBiology Ltd.. (10/30/12). "Press Release: ImmBio Appoints New Chairman. John Lambert Appointed as Chairman of the Board of ImmunoBiology Ltd (»ImmBio«)". Cambridge. 2012-10-30
Kymab Ltd.. (10/29/12). "Press Release: Kymab Strengthens Board of Directors with Appointments of Christian Itin, David Chiswell and Richard Davis". Cambridge. 2012-10-29
Biotica Technology Ltd.. (10/25/12). "Press Release: Biotica and Delos Partner to Develop Polyketide Therapeutics in Aging-related Diseases". Cambridge. 2012-10-25
AstraZeneca plc. (10/25/12). "Press Release: Third Quarter and Nine Months Results 2012". London. 2012-10-25
AstraZeneca plc. (10/25/12). "Press Release: 3Q and Nine Months Results 2012. Presentation". London. 2012-10-25
AstraZeneca plc. (10/25/12). "Press Release: Pascal Soriot and Simon Lowth. 3Q 12 Analyst Script". London. 2012-10-25
Shire plc. (10/25/12). "Press Release: Angus Russell to Retire in 2013. Dr Flemming Ornskov to Succeed as Chief Executive". Dublin. 2012-10-25
EMA (European Medicines Agency). (10/23/12). "Press Release: European Medicines Agency Starts Infringement Procedure to Investigate Roche’s Alleged Non-compliance with Pharmacovigilance Obligations". 2012-10-23
PolyTherics Ltd.. (10/23/12). "Press Release: Biotecnol and PolyTherics Enter into a Research Collaboration for the Development of »Tribody« Antibody Drug Conjugates". North Brunswick, NJ & London. 2012-10-23
ImmunoBiology Ltd.. (10/18/12). "Press Release: ImmunoBiology Ltd (»ImmBio«) Successfully Closes New Funding Round". 2012-10-18
College Hill Life Sciences. (10/16/12). "Press Release: College Hill Life Sciences Welcomes a Prestigious Roster of New Clients". London et al.. 2012-10-16
PolyTherics Ltd.. (10/15/12). "Press Release: PolyTherics Expands Collaboration with a Top Five Pharmaceutical Company to Enhance the Clinical Properties of Biopharmaceuticals Using PolyPEG". London. 2012-10-15
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (10/11/12). "Press Release: GSK Announces Further Initiatives to Advance Openness and Collaboration to Help Tackle Global Health Challenges. Tuberculosis (TB) »Compound Library« to Be Made Availalbe to Help Stimulate Research into TB 2012-10-11
Babraham Research Campus (Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd.). (10/10/12). "Press Release: Babraham Research Campus, Neusentis (Pfizer) and Medimmune (AstraZeneca) Announce Initative in Open-innovation". Cambridge. 2012-10-10
Almac. (10/8/12). "Press Release: Almac and DSM Sign Collaboration Agreement in Biocatalysis". 2012-10-08
AstraZeneca plc. (10/8/12). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and Ardelyx Announce Worldwide Licensing Deal for NHE3 Inhibitor Programme for Complications of Renal Disease, Including Diabetes-induced Renal Disease". 2012-10-08
Quotient Bioresearch Ltd.. (10/2/12). "Press Release: Quotient Bioresearch Investment in Bioanalytical Facility". Cambridgeshire. 2012-10-02
AstraZeneca plc. (10/1/12). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Suspends Share Repurchase Programme, Core EPS Target in the Range of $6.00 and $6.30 Unchanged". 2012-10-01
Eppendorf AG. (10/1/12). "Press Release: Eppendorf Celebrates Opening of New UK Headquarters. »Major Investment Underpins Our Belief in UK Science,« Says CEO". Stevenage. 2012-10-01
Bruker Corporation. (9/27/12). "Press Release: Bruker Announces New UK Centre of Excellence with Integrated, State-of-the-Art Demonstration, Applications and Customer Collaboration Facilities". Coventry. 2012-09-27
Microsaic Systems plc. (9/24/12). "Press Release: Microsaic Appoints New Chief Executive Officer". 2012-09-24
Microsaic Systems plc. (9/24/12). "Press Release: Interim Results". 2012-09-24
Élan Corporation, plc. (9/20/12). "Press Release: Elan Announces the Appointment of Hans Peter Hasler as Chief Operating Officer". Dublin. 2012-09-20
Markes International Ltd.. (9/19/12). "Press Release: Food Safety and Quality All Wrapped Up". 2012-09-19
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (9/13/12). "Press Release: GSK to Acquire Five Million Shares in Response Genetics for US$1.10 per Share in Cash". London. 2012-09-13
EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). (9/11/12). "Press Release: Innovation and Knowledge Centre in Synthetic Biology". 2012-09-11
PolyTherics Ltd.. (9/10/12). "Press Release: Pro Bono Bio Excercises Option and Obtains Exclusive Licence from PolyTherics to TheraPEG Technology for the Development of a Long-acting Factor VIII as a Potential Treatment for Haemophilia A". London. 2012-09-10
F2G Ltd.. (9/5/12). "Press Release: F2G Ltd Completes $30 Million Financing Round to Fund Pre-clinical and Clinical Development of Novel Anti-fungal Compounds". Manchester. 2012-09-05
Microsaic Systems plc. (9/4/12). "Press Release: Microsaic’s International Partner to Present Its New Mass Directed Flash System at JASIS 2012". 2012-09-04
Biotage AB. (9/4/12). "Press Release: Biotage Moving into Mass Directed Flash". Uppsala. 2012-09-04
AstraZeneca plc. (8/28/12). "Press Release: Pascal Soriot Appointed Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca". 2012-08-28
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (8/23/12). "Press Release: GSK Announces Start of Phase III Programme of Sirukumab in Rheumatoid Arthritis". London. 2012-08-23
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc. (8/22/12). "Press Release: EKF Diagnostics to Benefit from Technology Strategy Board Funding". 2012-08-22
Molecular Profiles Ltd.. (8/22/12). "Press Release: MedPharm and Molecular Profiles Form Strategic Alliance, New MPGMP Service Delivers Topical Formulations from Pre-formulation through to Clinical Trial Manufacture". 2012-08-22
Business Monitor International Ltd.. (8/22/12). "Press Release: BMI Acquires Espicom. Business Monitor International Strengthens Its Pharmaceutical and Medtech Portfolio with Acquisition of Espicom Business Intelligence". London. 2012-08-22
Almac. (8/21/12). "Press Release: Almac Announces Launch of Next Generation Sequencing Service for Personalised Medicine". 2012-08-21
Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd.. (8/20/12). "Press Release: Cresset Announces Appointment of David Bardsley as Sales Director". Welwyn Garden City. 2012-08-20
PolyTherics Ltd.. (8/20/12). "Press Release: PolyTherics Appoints New Head of Business Development". London. 2012-08-20
Almsco International. (8/14/12). "Press Release: Almsco Strengthens International Sales Team". 2012-08-14
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (8/13/12). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery and ATCC Sign Global Licensing and Distribution Agreement for X-MAN Cell Lines". Cambridge & Manassas, VA. 2012-08-13
Molecular Profiles Ltd.. (8/13/12). "Press Release: Molecular Profiles and Onyx Scientific Form Strategic Alliance Spanning Drug Discovery to Manufacture". Nottingham. 2012-08-13
AstraZeneca plc. (8/9/12). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb Complete Expansion of Diabetes Alliance through Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Acquisition of Amylin Pharmaceuticals". 2012-08-09
Medical Research Council (MRC). (8/9/12). "Press Release: Wellcome Trust and MRC Invest in World-class Stem Cell Institute". 2012-08-09
Proteome Sciences plc. (8/7/12). "Press Release: CK1D Development Update". 2012-08-07
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (8/3/12). "Press Release: GSK Completes Acquisition of Human Genome Sciences". London. 2012-08-03
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (8/3/12). "Press Release: Regulatory Update – GSK Announces Submissions in the EU and US for Dabrafenib and Trametinib". London. 2012-08-03
Henniker Scientific Ltd.. (8/2/12). "Press Release: MAX300 LG. Fast Transient Gas Analyser". 2012-08-02
Medical Research Council (MRC). (8/2/12). "Press Release: First Awards Made through Biomedical Catalyst". 2012-08-02
Medical Research Council (MRC). (8/2/12). "Press Release: New Centres Put Health Records at the Heart of UK Medical Research". 2012-08-02
Quotient Bioresearch Ltd.. (8/2/12). "Press Release: Quotient Bioresearch Expands Its Molecular Biology Services". Cambridgeshire. 2012-08-02
Bionow (The Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences Ltd. trading as Bionow). (8/1/12). "Press Release: Bionow Secures New Bio-incubator Project with Jingsui Life Science and Technology Park in Nanjing, China". 2012-08-01
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (7/31/12). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Appoints Richard Vellacott as Chief Financial Officer". Cambridge. 2012-07-31
BioCity Nottingham. (7/31/12). "Press Release: BioCity Nottingham Company Raises £3.9m in China". 2012-07-31
Medical Research Council (MRC). (7/31/12). "Press Release: New Stem Cell Partnership between the MRC and the National Natural Science Foundation of China". 2012-07-31
University of Birmingham. (7/31/12). "Press Release: Leading Chinese Genomics Institute Partners with the University of Birmingham". Marseille. 2012-07-31
GE Healthcare. (7/30/12). "Press Release: GE Healthcare Life Sciences and NetBio to Commercialize Rapid DNA Analysis Products for Forensic Applications". Chalfont St. Giles & Waltham. 2012-07-30
Quintiles. (7/30/12). "Press Release: Almirall and Quintiles Sign Long-term Commercial UK Partnership". London & Reading. 2012-07-30
Bionow (The Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences Ltd. trading as Bionow). (7/26/12). "Press Release: Presentation on the New Bionow". 2012-07-26
AstraZeneca plc. (7/26/12). "Press Release: Second Quarter and Half Year Results 2012". 2012-07-26
GE Healthcare. (7/26/12). "Press Release: iBio, Inc. and GE Healthcare Form New Global Alliance. Companies to Commercialize Plant-based Technologies for Biopharmaceutical and Vaccine Manufacture". Newark, DE & Chalfont St Giles. 2012-07-26
Bayer AG. (7/25/12). "Press Release: UK’s NICE Recommends Bayer’s Xarelto (Rivaroxaban), the Only Oral Single-drug Therapy for the Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Prevention of Recurrent DVT and Pulmonary Embolism [Not intended for U.S./UK Me 2012-07-25
BioFocus. (7/25/12). "Press Release: BioFocus Expands Its Drug Discovery Offering with Proteomics Technology from Activiomics". 2012-07-25
Élan Corporation, plc. (7/25/12). "Press Release: Elan Reports Second Quarter and First Half 2012 Financial Results". Dublin. 2012-07-25
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (7/25/12). "Press Release: GSK Delivers Q2 Core EPS of 26.4p and Dividend of 17p". London. 2012-07-25
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.. (7/24/12). "Press Release: OGT Awarded €3 Million from Prestigous EU Clinical Research Grants". 2012-07-24
Biofrontera AG. (7/24/12). "Press Release: Biofrontera AG. Distribution Agreement with Spirit Healthcare Lim. for Ameluz in UK and Ireland (Ad hoc Release)". Leverkusen. 2012-07-24
Proteome Sciences plc. (7/24/12). "Press Release: New Product Release. Introducing MS3 Mass Spectrometry Workflow". 2012-07-24
Quotient Bioresearch Ltd.. (7/24/12). "Press Release: Quotient Announces Completion and Publication of a RapidFACT Program for Eli Lilly to Develop an Optimised Drug Product for New Pain Medication". Nottingham. 2012-07-24
Cell Medica Ltd.. (7/23/12). "Press Release: Cell Medica Secures £17 Million ($26.5 Million) Equity Investment to Establish US Operations and Fund Cell Therapy Development". London. 2012-07-23
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (7/23/12). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Names University of Liverpool’s Centre for Genomic Research as a Certified Provider of Target Enrichment Service for Next-gen Sequencing". Santa Clara, CA. 2012-07-23
Team Kapital. (7/20/12). "Press Release: Team Kapital Raises £3.9m for CompanDX in China". 2012-07-20
Scottish Enterprise. (7/18/12). "Press Release: Wellcome Trust Announces £11m Boost for Dundee Researchers". 2012-07-18
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc. (7/17/12). "Press Release: Licensing Agreement for Kidney Markers". 2012-07-17
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (7/17/12). "Press Release: GlaxoSmithKline and Amicus Therapeutics Expand Fabry Disease Collaboration". London & Cranbury, NJ. 2012-07-17
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