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Find below news about persons changing jobs and positions in Europe or European organisations.

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CureVac AG. (10/11/16). "Press Release: CureVac Appoints Pierre Kemula as Chief Financial Officer". Tübingen. 2016-10-11
EffRx Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (10/11/16). "Press Release: Lorenzo Bosisio Appointed CEO of EffRx Pharmaceuticals". Freienbach. 2016-10-11
Bone Therapeutics S.A.. (10/11/16). "Press Release: Enrico Bastianelli to Stand Down as CEO of Bone Therapeutics. Thomas Lienard to Become Interim CEO". Gosselies. 2016-10-11
Malin Corporation plc. (10/7/16). "Press Release: Malin Corporation plc Appoints Peter Schwartzman to Senior Management Team". Dublin. 2016-10-07
Thermosome GmbH. (10/6/16). "Press Release: Thermosome Appoints Dr. Ulrich Grau, Dr. Jochen Knolle and Dr. Franz-Robert Klingan to Its Advisory Board". Martinsried. 2016-10-06
Novaliq GmbH. (10/6/16). "Press Release: Novaliq Strengthens Executive Management Team by Appointing Christian Roesky, PhD, as Chief Executive Officer". Heidelberg. 2016-10-06
Grünenthal GmbH. (10/4/16). "Press Release: Gabriel Baertschi Takes Office as New CEO of Grünenthal Group as of October 1, 2016". Aachen. 2016-10-04
Prothena Corporation plc. (10/3/16). "Press Release: Prothena Announces Appointment of Dr. Gene G. Kinney as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director". Dublin. 2016-10-03
ReViral Ltd.. (10/3/16). "Press Release: ReViral Announces Appointment of New Chief Executive Officer". London. 2016-10-03
Sanofi S.A.. (9/30/16). "Press Release: Sanofi Appoints Alan Main to Executive Committee and Executive Vice President, Consumer Healthcare". Paris. 2016-09-30
Atlantic Healthcare plc. (9/29/16). "Press Release: Atlantic Healthcare Appoints Karl Keegan as Chief Financial Officer". Cambridge & Raleigh, NC. 2016-09-29
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (9/29/16). "Press Release: GlaxoSmithKline plc Appoints Brian McNamara as CEO of GSK Consumer Healthcare". London. 2016-09-29
Microsaic Systems plc. (9/28/16). "Press Release: Retirement of Chairman". 2016-09-28
AstraZeneca plc. (9/28/16). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Appoints David Goldstein as Chief Adviser for Its Genomics Initiative". 2016-09-28
Immunicum AB. (9/27/16). "Press Release: Immunicum AB Announces Carlos de Sousa as New CEO to take the Company to its Next Stage of Development". Gothenburg. 2016-09-27
Cyprotex plc. (9/26/16). "Press Release: Cyprotex Appoint New Director of US Operations". 2016-09-26
BRAIN AG. (9/23/16). "Press Release: Changes in the BRAIN Management Board". Zwingenberg. 2016-09-23
Merck KGaA. (9/23/16). "Press Release: Merck Appoints Isabel De Paoli as Chief Strategy Officer". Darmstadt. 2016-09-23
Saneca Pharma. (9/22/16). "Press Release: Saneca Pharma Strengthens Senior Team". 2016-09-22
TiGenix N.V.. (9/22/16). "Press Release: TiGenix Appoints Dr. June Almenoff to Its Board of Directors". Leuven. 2016-09-22
Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (9/22/16). "Press Release: Pieris Pharmaceuticals Appoints Christopher Kiritsy to Its Board of Directors". Boston, MA. 2016-09-22
Uniqure N.V.. (9/22/16). "Press Release: Uniqure Announces Management and Board Changes". Lexington, MA & Amsterdam. 2016-09-22
4SC AG. (9/21/16). "Press Release: Dr Jason Loveridge Appointed New CEO of 4SC". Planegg-Martinsried. 2016-09-21
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (9/20/16). "Press Release: Emma Walmsley to Succeed Andrew Witty as Chief Executive Officer of GlaxoSmithKline". London. 2016-09-20
Novimmune S.A.. (9/19/16). "Press Release: Novimmune Broadens Senior Management Team". 2016-09-19
Enterome Bioscience S.A.. (9/19/16). "Press Release: Enterome Appoints Christophe Bonny as Chief Scientific Officer". Paris & Cambridge, MA. 2016-09-19
MorphoSys AG. (9/19/16). "Press Release: Lanthio Pharma Expands Management Team". 2016-09-19
Uniqure N.V.. (9/16/16). "Press Release: Uniqure Receives NASDAQ Deficiency Letter Related to Board Composition". Lexington, MA & Amsterdam. 2016-09-16
Analytik Jena AG. (9/16/16). "Press Release: Ulrich Krauss to Succeed Analytik Jena Founder Klaus Berka as CEO on October 1, 2016". Jena. 2016-09-16
Symphogen A/S. (9/15/16). "Press Release: Symphogen Names New Chief Financial Officer". Copenhagen. 2016-09-15
MorphoSys AG. (9/12/16). "Press Release: MorphoSys Appoints Four R&D Experts to Its Newly Formed Scientific Advisory Board". 2016-09-12
Confo Therapeutics N.V.. (9/7/16). "Press Release: Confo Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Cedric Ververken as Chief Executive Officer". Brussels. 2016-09-07
Sanofi S.A.. (9/6/16). "Press Release: Sanofi Board of Directors Provides Update". Paris. 2016-09-06
Erytech Pharma. (9/5/16). "Press Release: Erytech Appoints Allene M. Diaz to Its Board of Directors". Lyon. 2016-09-05
Novo Nordisk A/S. (9/1/16). "Press Release: Lars Rebien Sørensen to Retire as CEO of Novo Nordisk, Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen Appointed as Successor". Bagsvaerd. 2016-09-01
Vaximm AG. (9/1/16). "Press Release: Vaximm Appoints Dr. Matthias Schroff as Chief Executive Officer". Basel & Mannheim. 2016-09-01
Royal Philips. (9/1/16). "Press Release: Philips Appoints Sophie Bechu as Chief of Operations". Amsterdam. 2016-09-01
CiToxLab. (9/1/16). "Press Release: CiToxLab Appoints Alan Bartlett as Senior Director, Global Laboratory Operations". Evreux & Montréal. 2016-09-01
Owlstone Medical Ltd.. (8/25/16). "Press Release: Owlstone Medical Strengthens Management Team. Chris Hodkinson, Dr Marc van der Schee and Hamilton Scanlon Join the Company". Cambridge. 2016-08-25
TxCell S.A.. (8/24/16). "Press Release: TxCell Appoints Biogen’s Dr. Olivier Danos, Pioneer in Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders, to Its Scientific Advisory Board". Valbonne. 2016-08-24
Symphogen A/S. (8/18/16). "Press Release: Symphogen's Founding CEO Kirsten Drejer Steps Down and Becomes Executive Director". Copenhagen. 2016-08-18
Oncopeptides AB. (8/15/16). "Press Release: Oncopeptides Welcomes New Board Member – Luigi Costa". 2016-08-15
BioLineRx Ltd.. (8/11/16). "Press Release: BioLineRx Names Philip A. Serlin as Chief Executive Officer". Tel Aviv. 2016-08-11
Epigenomics AG. (8/10/16). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Announces 2016 Second Quarter and Six Months Financial Results and Reports on Operational Highlights". Berlin & Germantown, MD. 2016-08-10
Numares AG. (8/10/16). "Press Release: Numares AG Appoints Dr. Titus Kaletta as Executive Board Member". Regensburg. 2016-08-10
Sygnis AG. (8/8/16). "Press Release: Sygnis AG Strengthens Management Team with Appointment of Dr. Heikki Lanckriet". Madrid & Heidelberg. 2016-08-08
Märzhäuser Wetzlar GmbH & Co. KG. (8/1/16). "Press Release: New Managing Director at Märzhäuser Wetzlar". 2016-08-01
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (7/27/16). "Press Release: PerkinElmer Elects Frank Witney to Board of Directors". Waltham, MA. 2016-07-27
Molecular Health GmbH. (7/21/16). "Press Release: Molecular Health Strengthens U.S. Based Executive Management Team. Appoints Gerry Sheridan as Chief Financial Officer – Appoints Dr. Les Paul as Chief Medical Officer". Boston, MA & Heidelberg. 2016-07-21
Protagen AG. (7/20/16). "Press Release: Protagen AG Appoints Bernhard Kirschbaum as New Chairman and Oliver Schacht as New Board Member". 2016-07-20
Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd.. (7/18/16). "Press Release: Bicycle Therapeutics Appoints Stephen J. Hoffman, M.D., Ph.D., as Board Chairman". Cambridge, MA & Cambridge. 2016-07-18
Merck KGaA. (7/15/16). "Press Release: Dietmar Eidens Appointed Chief HR Officer (CHRO) of Merck. Kai Beckmann Retains Executive Board Responsibility for Group Human Resources". Darmstadt. 2016-07-15
BioRegio STERN Management GmbH. (7/13/16). "Press Release: HR News – Dr. Klaus Eichenberg Extends Contract as Managing Director of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH". Stuttgart. 2016-07-13
e-Therapeutics plc. (7/13/16). "Press Release: Directorate Change". Oxford. 2016-07-13
F2G Ltd.. (7/11/16). "Press Release: F2G Ltd Announces the Appointment of Ralf Schmid to the Position of Chief Financial Officer". Manchester. 2016-07-11
Agena Bioscience, Inc.. (7/11/16). "Press Release: David Coorey Joins Agena Bioscience to Lead Europe, Middle East, and Africa Business". San Diego, CA. 2016-07-11
Ipsen S.A.. (7/11/16). "Press Release: David Meek Appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Ipsen". Paris. 2016-07-11
Uniqure N.V.. (7/7/16). "Press Release: Uniqure Appoints Jonathan Garen as Chief Business Officer". Amsterdam. 2016-07-07
GNA Biosolutions GmbH. (7/5/16). "Press Release: GNA Biosolutions Adds CEO to Expand Its Management team". Munich. 2016-07-05
Epigenomics AG. (6/30/16). "Press Release: Supervisory Board of Epigenomics AG Appoints Gregory Hamilton as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)". Berlin & Germantown, MD. 2016-06-30
Uniqure N.V.. (6/27/16). "Press Release: Uniqure Appoints Maria E. Cantor as Senior Vice President, Investor Relations & Communications". Amsterdam. 2016-06-27
Vaximm AG. (6/23/16). "Press Release: Vaximm Elects New Members to Board of Directors. Dr. Thomas Hecht and Dr. Mathieu Simon Join Board – Dr. Hecht Appointed Chairman". Basel & Mannheim. 2016-06-23
Karolinska Development AB. (6/16/16). "Press Release: Aprea AB Names Christian S. Schade President & Chief Executive Officer". Boston, MA & Stockholm. 2016-06-16
Hookipa Biotech AG. (6/16/16). "Press Release: Jörn Aldag Appointed CEO of Hookipa Biotech". Vienna. 2016-06-16
Minoryx Therapeutics S.L.. (6/14/16). "Press Release: Minoryx Therapeutics appoints Dr. Uwe Meya as Chief Medical Officer". Mataró, Barcelona. 2016-06-14
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (6/14/16). "Press Release: Executive Director Change". London. 2016-06-14
Boehringer Ingelheim. (6/10/16). "Press Release: Simone Menne – New Member of the Board of Managing Directors of Boehringer Ingelheim – Responsible for Corporate Board Division Finance". Ingelheim. 2016-06-10
Consilium Strategic Communications Ltd.. (6/7/16). "Press Release: Melissa Gardiner Joins Consilium Strategic Communications from AstraZeneca". London. 2016-06-07
Grünenthal GmbH. (6/7/16). "Press Release: Grünenthal Appoints Gabriel Baertschi as Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer Effective October 1, 2016". Aachen. 2016-06-07
Celyad S.A.. (6/6/16). "Press Release: Celyad Appoints Dr. David Gilham as Vice-President of Research & Development". Mont-Saint-Guibert. 2016-06-06
Eppendorf AG. (6/6/16). "Press Release: Philipp von Loeper to Be New Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Eppendorf AG. Klaus Fink Resigns as Chairman after Five Years". Hamburg. 2016-06-06
Wilex AG. (6/2/16). "Press Release: Wilex AG Announces Change on the Executive Management Board". Munich. 2016-06-02
Treos Bio, Inc.. (6/2/16). "Press Release: Treos Bio, Developer of Precision Cancer Vaccines, Emerges from Stealth. Company Names Dr. Menghis Bairu Executive Chairman.". Bethesda, MD. 2016-06-02
Illumina, Inc.. (6/2/16). "Press Release: Illumina Appoints Paula Dowdy Senior Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Operations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa". San Diego, CA. 2016-06-02
Qiagen N.V.. (6/2/16). "Press Release: Qiagen Forms Lung Cancer Expert Alliance. Key Opinion Leaders’ Expertise to Guide Design of New Gene Panels for GeneReader NGS". Hilden & Germantown, MD. 2016-06-02
ERS Genomics Ltd.. (6/1/16). "Press Release: ERS Genomics Appoints Eric Rhodes as Chief Executive Officer". Dublin. 2016-06-01
Proteome Sciences plc. (6/1/16). "Press Release: CEO Appointment". 2016-06-01
Ipsen S.A.. (6/1/16). "Press Release: Eugenia Litz Is Appointed as Vice President Investor Relations of Ipsen". Paris. 2016-06-01
Proteome Sciences plc. (5/18/16). "Press Release: CEO Appointment". 2016-05-18
Vaximm AG. (5/18/16). "Press Release: Vaximm Appoints Pharmaceutical Industry Veteran Dr. Jarl Ulf Jungnelius as Chief Medical Officer". Basel & Mannheim. 2016-05-18
Gilupi GmbH. (5/13/16). "Press Release: Change in Management at Gilupi GmbH. Alexander Herrmann Starts as New Managing Director at the Medical Device Company". Potsdam. 2016-05-13
Oxford Biomedica plc. (5/12/16). "Press Release: Oxford BioMedica Board Change". Oxford. 2016-05-12
Symphogen A/S. (5/11/16). "Press Release: Symphogen Announces the Appointment of Jeffrey H. Buchalter and Christoffer Søderberg as Non-executive Directors". Copenhagen. 2016-05-11
Uniqure N.V.. (5/9/16). "Press Release: Uniqure Announces the Nomination of Jack Kaye to its Board of Directors and Proposed Corporate Governance Changes. Company to Transition to One-tier Board of Directors". Amsterdam. 2016-05-09
Nordic Nanovector ASA. (5/4/16). "Press Release: New Board Members Elected Bringing further Expertise in the Development and Commercialization of Innovative Cancer Therapies". Oslo. 2016-05-04
Uniqure N.V.. (5/3/16). "Press Release: Uniqure Appoints Paul Firuta as Chief Commercial Officer". Amsterdam. 2016-05-03
Glycotope GmbH. (4/29/16). "Press Release: Glycotope Appoints Dr. Alfredo Zurlo as Chief Medical Officer". Berlin. 2016-04-29
iTeos Therapeutics S.A.. (4/27/16). "Press Release: iTeos Therapeutics SA Today Announced the Appointment of Yves Mertens as Chief Financial Officer". Gosselies. 2016-04-27
Oxford Biomedica plc. (4/26/16). "Press Release: Oxford BioMedica Announces Stuart Henderson Appointed as a Non-executive Director". London. 2016-04-26
F-Star Biotechnology Ltd.. (4/21/16). "Press Release: F-star to Present at Key Conferences in April and May 2016". Cambridge. 2016-04-21
Precision Medicine Catapult. (4/19/16). "Press Release: Dr Belinda Quinn Appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Precision Medicine Catapult". Cambridge. 2016-04-19
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (4/18/16). "Press Release: Adaptimmune Announces New Vice President of Business Development, Wenyong Wang". Philadeliphia, PA & Oxford. 2016-04-18
Redx Pharma plc. (4/14/16). "Press Release: Board and Senior Management Changes". 2016-04-14
Apollo Therapeutics Fund. (4/14/16). "Press Release: Dr Richard Butt Appointed CEO". Stevenage. 2016-04-14
Evolva Holding S.A.. (4/13/16). "Press Release: Evolva Proposes Gerard Hoetmer as New Board Member". 2016-04-13
Kiadis Pharma N.V.. (4/7/16). "Press Release: Kiadis Pharma Proposes Robert Soiffer and Berndt Modig as Its New Supervisory Board Members". Amsterdam. 2016-04-07
TxCell S.A.. (3/31/16). "Press Release: TxCell Appoints Its Global Scientific Advisory Board (“SAB”) Led by Professor Zelig Eshhar as Chairman". Valbonne. 2016-03-31
Sanofi S.A.. (3/29/16). "Press Release: Sanofi Appoints Dr. Yong-Jun Liu as Head of Research". Paris. 2016-03-29
4SC AG. (3/24/16). "Press Release: Chairman of the Management Board Enno Spillner Will Not Extend His Current Term of Office, But Will Leave the Company After a Transitional Period Ending 30 June 2016". Planegg-Martinsried. 2016-03-24
Probiodrug AG. (3/23/16). "Press Release: Probiodrug Appoints Mark Booth as Chief Business Officer". Halle (Saale). 2016-03-23
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