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Find below news about persons changing jobs and positions in Europe or European organisations.

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Omeicos Therapeutics GmbH. (4/27/18). "Press Release: Alexander Gebauer Joins Executive Board of Omeicos Therapeutics and Named CEO and Chairman of Omeicos Ophthalmics". Berlin & Boston, MA. 2018-04-27
OBN (UK) Ltd.. (1/19/17). "Press Release: OBN Appoints Mark Hooper as Head of Business Development". Abingdon. 2018-04-27
Bruker Corporation. (4/26/18). "Press Release: Bruker Appoints Falko Busse as President of the Bruker BioSpin Group". Billerica, MA. 2018-04-26
Bone Therapeutics S.A.. (4/26/18). "Press Release: Bone Therapeutics Strengthens Board with the Appointment of Claudia D’Augusta as Non-Executive Director". Gosselies. 2018-04-26
Neurimmune AG. (4/26/18). "Press Release: Neurimmune Appoints Fabian Buller as Chief Business Officer". Schlieren. 2018-04-26
Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (4/25/18). "Press Release: Pieris Pharmaceuticals Appoints Ann Barbier, M.D., Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors". Boston, MA. 2018-04-25
Redx Pharma plc. (4/24/18). "Press Release: Redx Appoints Senior AstraZeneca Executive as CEO". Alderley Park. 2018-04-24
PureTech Health plc. (4/24/18). "Press Release: PureTech Health Appoints Joep Muijrers as Chief Financial Officer". 2018-04-24
Sanofi S.A.. (4/24/18). "Press Release: Sanofi Head of Global R&D Elias Zerhouni to Retire; Company Names John Reed to Take Over on July 1". Paris. 2018-04-24
Probiodrug AG. (4/23/18). "Press Release: Probiodrug Appoints Dr. Ulrich Dauer as Chief Executive Officer". Halle (Saale). 2018-04-23
Sofinnova Partners. (4/23/18). "Press Release: Armance Bordes Joins Sofinnova Partners as General Counsel". Paris. 2018-04-23
Grünenthal GmbH. (4/23/18). "Press Release: Dr. Philip Just Larsen Appointed Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)". Aachen. 2018-04-23
Mologen AG. (4/20/18). "Press Release: Chief Executive Officer of Mologen AG Will Not Extend Executive Board Mandate Expiring in October 2018 (Ad-hoc News)". Berlin. 2018-04-20
Sigilon Therapeutics, Inc.. (8/14/18). "Press Release: Sigilon Therapeutics Announces Leadership Transition and Appoints Rare Disease Pioneer Rogerio Vivaldi, M.D., as Chief Executive Officer". Cambridge, MA. 2018-04-18
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (4/18/18). "Press Release: GSK Appoints Kevin Sin as New SVP and Head of Worldwide Business Development for R&D". London. 2018-04-18
LNC Therapeutics. (4/17/18). "Press Release: LNC Therapeutics Appoints New CEO, Dr. Georges Rawadi, and Accelerates Development in Microbiome Research". Bordeaux. 2018-04-17
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (4/12/18). "Press Release: Adaptimmune Announces Changes to Board of Directors". Philadeliphia, PA & Oxford. 2018-04-12
BioAscent Discovery Ltd.. (4/12/18). "Press Release: BioAscent Establishes Integrated Drug Discovery Services Offering". Newhouse. 2018-04-12
NeoPhore Ltd.. (4/11/18). "Press Release: NeoPhore Appoints Jeffrey Roix as Chief Executive Officer". 2018-04-11
Medigene AG. (4/11/18). "Press Release: Medigene Appoints Dr. Kai Pinkernell to the Executive Management Board as CMO/CDO". Planegg. 2018-04-11
Centogene AG. (4/10/18). "Press Release: Centogene Expands Executive Team, Appoints Dr. Dirk Ehlers Chief Operating Officer". Rostock. 2018-04-10
Luxinnovation. (4/10/18). "Press Release: A New Manager for Luxinnovation’s Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster". 2018-04-10
MorphoSys AG. (4/10/18). "Press Release: MorphoSys Nominates New Candidates for Supervisory Board". Planegg. 2018-04-10
Abivax S.A.. (4/9/18). "Press Release: Abivax Strengthens Its Management Team with the Appointment of Alexandra Pearce, Ph.D. as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs". Paris. 2018-04-09
Argen-X N.V. (Argenx). (4/9/18). "Press Release: Argenx Appoints Keith Woods as Chief Operating Officer". Breda & Ghent. 2018-04-09
Consilium Strategic Communications Ltd.. (4/9/18). "Press Release: Consilium Strategic Communications Appoints GSK’s David Daley as Senior Associate Partner". London. 2018-04-09
Actimed Therapeutics Ltd.. (4/5/18). "Press Release: Actimed Therapeutics Appoints Pharma Veteran Dr David Ebsworth as Chairman". Ascot. 2018-04-05
AvroBio, Inc.. (4/4/18). "Press Release: AvroBio, Inc. Appoints Annalisa Jenkins to Its Board of Directors". Cambridge, MA. 2018-04-04
Ascendis Pharma A/S. (4/2/18). "Press Release: Ascendis Pharma A/S Appoints Thomas A. Larson as Chief Commercial Officer". Copenhagen. 2018-04-02
Abeona Therapeutics Inc.. (4/2/18). "Press Release: Abeona Therapeutics Appoints Carsten Thiel, Ph.D., as Chief Executive Officer". New York, NY & Cleveland, OH. 2018-04-02
Corvidia Therapeutics. (3/29/18). "Press Release: Corvidia Therapeutics Appoints Marc de Garidel as Chief Executive Officer". Waltham, MA. 2018-03-29
Compugen Ltd.. (3/26/18). "Press Release: Compugen Announces Appointment of Henry Adewoye, MD, as Chief Medical Officer". Holon. 2018-03-26
Orchard Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/21/18). "Press Release: Orchard Therapeutics Strengthens Executive Leadership Team with Appointment of Chief Commercial Officer and General Counsel". London. 2018-03-21
Affimed N.V.. (3/19/18). "Press Release: Affimed Appoints Dr. Leila Alland as Chief Medical Officer". Heidelberg. 2018-03-19
Clinerion AG. (3/19/18). "Press Release: Ian Rentsch Is Clinerion’s New CEO". Basel. 2018-03-19
BioPharmaSpec Ltd.. (3/16/18). "Press Release: BioPharmaSpec Appoints Christopher D. Ziegenfuss as Vice President of US Operations, BioPharmaSpec Inc.". Malvern, PA. 2018-03-16
Dotmatics Ltd.. (3/15/18). "Press Release: Dotmatics Appoints Gordon McCall as Chief Financial Officer". Bishop’s Stortford. 2018-03-15
Coulter Partners. (3/14/18). "Press Release: Coulter Partners Secures CEO for George Health Technologies". 2018-03-14
Bruker Corporation. (3/14/18). "Press Release: Bruker Appoints Gerald Herman as Interim Chief Financial Officer". Billerica, MA. 2018-03-14
Cellectis S.A.. (3/13/18). "Press Release: Dr. Mathieu Simon to Retire as Cellectis’ Chief Operating Officer, Elsy Boglioli Named as Successor". New York, NY. 2018-03-13
Novartis AG. (3/12/18). "Press Release: Novartis Announces Changes to the Executive Committee to Support Strategic Priorities". Basel. 2018-03-12
Domainex Ltd.. (3/12/18). "Press Release: Domainex Appoints Dr Bodo Spori as Head of Business Development for Europe". Cambridge. 2018-03-12
Roche. (3/8/18). "Press Release: Changes to the Roche Enlarged Corporate Executive Committee". Basel. 2018-03-08
Sanofi S.A.. (3/6/18). "Press Release: Sanofi’s Board of Directors Proposes Appointment of Emmanuel Babeau as New Independent Director". Paris. 2018-03-06
IME Technologies. (3/2/18). "Press Release: Judith Heikoop Appointed Managing Director at Biomedical Electro Spinning Company IME Technologies". Geldrop. 2018-03-02
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.. (3/1/18). "Press Release: Basilea Names Adesh Kaul as New Member of its Management Committee". Basel. 2018-03-01
Oxford Immunotec Global plc. (3/1/18). "Press Release: Oxford Immunotec Announces Appointment of Mark Klausner to the Board of Directors". Oxford & Marlborough, MA. 2018-03-01
Bruker Corporation. (3/1/18). "Press Release: Bruker Names Burkhard Prause, President of Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies (BEST), an Executive Officer of Bruker Corporation". Billerica, MA. 2018-03-01
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (2/28/18). "Press Release: Rentschler Biopharma SE Appoints Federico Pollano as Senior Vice President, Business Development". Laupheim. 2018-02-28
Sotio a.s.. (2/27/18). "Press Release: Radek Špíšek to Become New CEO of Sotio". Prague. 2018-02-27
Artios Pharma Ltd.. (2/26/18). "Press Release: Artios Pharma Appoints Pierre Legault as Chairman of its Board of Directors". Cambridge. 2018-02-26
Coulter Partners. (2/22/18). "Press Release: Coulter Partners Secures Chief Medical Officer for Proclara Biosciences". 2018-02-22
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.. (2/21/18). "Press Release: Basilea's CEO Ronald Scott Will Retire. Chief Commercial Officer David Veitch Named as Successor – Changes in the Board of Directors". Basel. 2018-02-21
Bruker Corporation. (2/21/18). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer and Appointment of Principal Accounting Officer". Billerica, MA. 2018-02-21
Kymera Therapeutics Inc.. (2/16/18). "Press Release: Kymera Therapeutics Appoints Industry Veteran Mark E. Nuttall, Ph.D., as Chief Business Officer. Don W. Nicholson, Ph.D. joins Board of Directors". Cambridge, MA. 2018-02-16
Cell Medica Ltd.. (2/15/18). "Press Release: Cell Medica Announces the Appointment of Kevin Boyle as Chief Financial Officer". 2018-02-15
Recipharm AB. (2/14/18). "Press Release: Recipharm Appoints President Development Services to Drive End to End Offering". 2018-02-14
Metrion Biosciences Ltd.. (2/12/18). "Press Release: Metrion Biosciences Establishes Scientific Advisory Board". Cambridge. 2018-02-12
Ablynx N.V.. (2/7/18). "Press Release: Ablynx Announces Board Changes". Ghent. 2018-02-07
InflaRx N.V.. (2/6/18). "Press Release: InflaRx Announces Appointment of Tony Gibney to Its Board of Directors". Jena. 2018-02-06
Selvita S.A.. (2/6/18). "Press Release: Selvita Appoints Steffen Heeger, M.D., PhD as Chief Medical Officer". Kraków. 2018-02-06
Orchard Therapeutics Ltd.. (2/5/18). "Press Release: Orchard Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Harry Malech to Scientific Advisory Board". London. 2018-02-05
Bavarian Nordic A/S. (1/31/18). "Press Release: Bavarian Nordic Announces the Planned Departure of Chief Financial Officer, Ole Larsen". Copenhagen. 2018-01-31
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (1/31/18). "Press Release: Rentschler Biopharma SE Appoints International Biopharma Expert Dr. Ralf Otto as Chief Operating Officer". Laupheim. 2018-01-31
Immunicum AB. (1/31/18). "Press Release: Michaela Gertz Joins Immunicum as CFO". 2018-01-31
Optibrium Ltd.. (1/30/18). "Press Release: Optibrium Expands US and UK Operations". Cambridge. 2018-01-30
Abivax S.A.. (1/29/18). "Press Release: Abivax Appoints Carol L. Brosgart, M.D. to Its Board of Directors". Paris. 2018-01-29
Merck KGaA. (1/26/18). "Press Release: Dirk Toepfer Joins Merck as Chief Information Officer". Darmstadt. 2018-01-26
Congenica Ltd.. (1/25/18). "Press Release: Congenica Appoints New CEO to Drive Global Expansion of Clinical Genomics Business". Cambridge. 2018-01-25
Ablynx N.V.. (1/24/18). "Press Release: Ablynx Appoints Dr Robert Friesen as Chief Scientific Officer". Ghent. 2018-01-24
MSD Research Laboratories. (1/22/18). "Press Release: MSD Research Laboratories Appoints Dr Fiona H. Marshall to Lead UK Discovery Centre". London. 2018-01-22
Redx Pharma plc. (1/22/18). "Press Release: Redx Pharma Appoints Chief Medical Officer Who Will Oversee Launch of Phase I Clinical Trial of New Cancer Drug". 2018-01-22
Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.. (1/19/18). "Press Release: Changes in Executive Management at Sosei. Dr. Fiona Marshall, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Sosei to Leave to Assume New Role Outside the Company". Tokyo & London. 2018-01-19
Sanofi S.A.. (1/19/18). "Press Release: Sanofi Appoints Dominique Carouge Executive Vice President Head of Business Transformation and Member of the Executive Committee". Paris. 2018-01-19
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (1/18/18). "Press Release: Dow R. Wilson to Join Agilent's Board of Directors". Santa Clara, CA. 2018-01-18
Inositec AG. (1/18/18). "Press Release: Inositec AG Appoints Dr Frits van Alphen as Chief Medical Officer". Zurich. 2018-01-18
Alligator Bioscience AB. (1/18/18). "Press Release: Alligator Bioscience Appoints New VP Business Development". Lund. 2018-01-18
Orchard Therapeutics Ltd.. (1/17/18). "Press Release: Orchard Therapeutics Appoints Frank Thomas as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer". London. 2018-01-17
Selexis S.A.. (1/17/18). "Press Release: Selexis SA Appoints Alberto Garotti as Chief Financial Officer". Geneva. 2018-01-17
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH. (1/17/18). "Press Release: Immatics Appoints Thomas Ulmer as Chief Financial Officer". Tübingen & Houston, TX. 2018-01-17
Synpromics Ltd.. (1/17/18). "Press Release: Synpromics Appoints Sarah Haecker Meeks, PhD as Vice President of Business Development. Company Establishes U.S. Subsidiary to Expand Operations". Edinburgh. 2018-01-17
BIA Separations d.o.o.. (1/17/18). "Press Release: BIA Separations Appoints Pete Gagnon as Chief Scientific Officer". Ajdovšcina. 2018-01-17
Glythera Ltd.. (1/17/18). "Press Release: Glythera Appoints Chief Scientific Officer and Strengthens SAB". Newcastle upon Tyne. 2018-01-17
Kiadis Pharma N.V.. (1/16/18). "Press Release: Kiadis Pharma Proposes Former Cipla CEO Subhanu Saxena as New Supervisory Board Member". Amsterdam-Duivendrecht. 2018-01-16
Genomics plc. (1/16/18). "Press Release: Jeff Barrett Joins Genomics plc as CSO". Oxford. 2018-01-16
Ipsen S.A.. (1/12/18). "Press Release: Ipsen Appoints Richard Paulson Executive Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer of Ipsen North America". Paris. 2018-01-12
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (1/11/18). "Press Release: Sophia Genetics Appoints Valentin Matillon as New Chief Financial Officer". St. Sulpice. 2018-01-11
Concept Life Sciences Holdings Ltd.. (1/11/18). "Press Release: Concept Life Sciences Appoints Helen McKeever as Group Programme Manager and David Halverson as US Head of Sales". Manchester. 2018-01-11
Gilde Healthcare Partners. (1/11/18). "Press Release: Gilde Healthcare Opens Office in Frankfurt Germany". Utrecht & Frankfurt a. M.. 2018-01-11
Novartis AG. (1/11/18). "Press Release: Novartis Appoints Elizabeth Barrett as Oncology Head". Basel. 2018-01-11
Laboratoris Sanifit S.L.. (1/8/18). "Press Release: Sanifit Announces the Appointment of Cris Calsada as Chief Financial Officer". Palma & San Diego, CA. 2018-01-08
Ablynx N.V.. (1/8/18). "Press Release: Ablynx Announces Board Changes". Ghent. 2018-01-08
Cell Medica Ltd.. (8/1/18). "Press Release: Cell Medica Appoints New CEO to Drive CAR and TCR Clinical Development and Commercialisation". London & Houston, TX. 2018-01-08
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (1/4/18). "Press Release: Paul Stead Joins Adaptimmune as Vice President of Business Development". Philadeliphia, PA & Oxford. 2018-01-04
Immunocore Ltd.. (1/4/18). "Press Release: Immunocore Strengthens its Board with Appointments of Laura Wade-Gery and Kristine Peterson as Non-Executive Directors". Oxford & Conshohocken, PA. 2018-01-04
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (12/21/17). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Dr. Rodger Novak as Chairman of the Board". Zug & Cambridge, MA. 2017-12-21
Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.. (12/18/17). "Press Release: Intellia Therapeutics Names John Leonard, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer". Cambridge, MA. 2017-12-18
Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst. (12/15/17). "Press Release: Dr Sally Ann Forsyth Appointed CEO of Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst". Stevenage. 2017-12-15
bioMérieux S.A.. (12/15/17). "Press Release: Alexandre Mérieux Appointed Chairman and CEO of bioMérieux". Marcy l’Étoile. 2017-12-15
Boehringer Ingelheim. (12/15/17). "Press Release: Change in the Board of Managing Directors at Boehringer Ingelheim". Ingelheim. 2017-12-15
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