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Find below news about persons changing jobs and positions in Europe or European organisations.

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Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/8/11). "Press Release: Heptares Expands Executive Management Team with Appointment of Daniel Grau as President". Welwyn Garden City & Boston, MA. 2011-11-08
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.. (11/1/11). "Press Release: OGT Appoints New Finance Director". Oxford. 2011-11-01
Biotage AB. (10/26/11). "Press Release: Changes in Management of Biotage AB". 2011-10-26
Agendia B.V.. (10/24/11). "Press Release: Agendia Appoints New CEO and Supervisory Board Member". Irvine, CA & Amsterdam. 2011-10-24
Sanofi. (10/24/11). "Press Release: Sanofi Appoints David Meeker, Chief Executive Officer of Genzyme". Paris. 2011-10-24
Cellectis S.A.. (10/24/11). "Press Release: Appointment of Philippe Valachs as Cellectis’ General Secretary". Paris. 2011-10-24
Karo Bio AB. (10/24/11). "Press Release: Per Bengtsson Appointed CEO". Stockholm. 2011-10-24
Protagen AG. (10/10/11). "E-News: Protagen AG Appoints Dr. Jörg Müller as Head of Marketing". 2011-10-10
Apceth GmbH & Co. KG. (10/10/11). "Press Release: Apceth Is Extending Its Top Management. Prof. Ralf Huss Moves from Roche to the Biotechnology Company Apceth". Munich. 2011-10-10
Tecan Group Ltd.. (10/7/11). "Press Release: Tecan Initiates CEO Succession Process". Männedorf. 2011-10-07
Hybrigenics S.A.. (10/5/11). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Appoints Dr. Alain Munoz to Its Board of Directors". Paris. 2011-10-05
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB. (10/4/11). "Press Release: Head of R&D Peter Edman to Leave Sobi. Peter Edman, Head of R&D, Will Leave Sobi as of December 31, 2011". 2011-10-04
Gentium S.p.A.. (10/4/11). "Press Release: Gentium Announces Management Change". Villa Guardia. 2011-10-04
Orexo AB. (10/4/11). "Press Release: Orexo Appoints Peter Edman as Chief Scientific Officer". Uppsala. 2011-10-04
Karo Bio AB. (9/30/11). "Press Release: Changes in Management of Karo Bio AB [CFO Erika Söderberg Johnson Leaves]". Stockholm. 2011-09-30
Actelion Ltd.. (9/27/11). "Press Release: Jean-Pierre Garnier Elected as Chairman of Actelion’s Board of Directors". Allschwil. 2011-09-27
Protaffin Biotechnologie AG. (9/26/11). "Press Release: Protaffin AG Appoints Dr Mike Bartley as Chief Development Officer". Graz & Oxford. 2011-09-26
BerGenBio AS. (9/21/11). "Press Release: BerGenBio Appoints Former Galapagos Director, Heidi Pavliska to Board as CellSelect Technology Delivers More Novel Cancer Targets". 2011-09-21
Orexo AB. (9/16/11). "Press Release: Orexo Strengthens Its Commercial Knowhow and Appoints Nikolaj Sørensen as Chief Commercial Officer". Uppsala. 2011-09-16
Olink AB. (9/14/11). "Press Release: Olink Appoints New CEO and Expands Board of Directors". Uppsala. 2011-09-14
Scil Proteins GmbH. (9/13/11). "Press Release: Scil Proteins Appoints Chief Scientific Officer". Halle (Saale). 2011-09-13
Algeta ASA. (9/8/11). "Press Release: Algeta Appoints Mike Booth as Senior Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs. New Role Created to Enhance Algeta’s Global Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Activities". Oslo. 2011-09-08
Indivumed GmbH. (9/6/11). "Press Release: Indivumed Appoints Dr. Helge Bastian as Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer". Hamburg. 2011-09-06
SLS Invest AB. (9/5/11). "Press Release: Ingelise Saunders Has Been Appointed CEO of SLS Invest. She Succeeds Per Carendi Who after 4 Years as CEO Has Decided to Retire". Stockholm. 2011-09-05
AM-Pharma B.V.. (9/2/11). "Press Release: AM-Pharma Appoints Erik van den Berg as CEO". Bunnik. 2011-09-02
Orexo AB. (8/31/11). "Press Release: Orexo Appoints Carl-Johan Blomberg as New Chief Financial Officer". Uppsala. 2011-08-31
Ipsen S.A.. (8/30/11). "Press Release: Appointments to Ipsen’s Executive Committee. Nathalie Joannes Is Nominated Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Susheel Surpal Is Nominated Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer". Paris. 2011-08-30
to-BBB Technologies B.V.. (8/29/11). "Press Release: to-BBB Builds for Success with Chief Medical Officer and New Group of Investors". Leiden. 2011-08-29
Merck KGaA. (8/26/11). "Press Release: Merck – Robert Yates to Lead Merck Millipore Division". Darmstadt. 2011-08-26
Lonza Group Ltd.. (8/19/11). "Press Release: Lonza to Appoint Jeanne Thoma as Future COO of the Microbial Control Sector". Basel. 2011-08-19
Creabilis S.A.. (8/18/11). "Press Release: Creabilis Expands Senior Management Team". Luxembourg. 2011-08-18
Karo Bio AB. (8/17/11). "Press Release: Changes in Management of Karo Bio AB [CMO Jens Kristensen Leaves]". Stockholm. 2011-08-17
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (8/15/11). "Press Release: Addex Pharmaceuticals Appoints Dr Bharatt Chowrira as CEO". Geneva. 2011-08-15
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (8/11/11). "Press Release: Addex Pharmaceuticals Announces Board Changes. Vincent Lawton Appointed to Vice-Chairman". Geneva. 2011-08-11
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (8/9/11). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Expands Commercial Divison with Senior Appointments & Increases Its UK Premises". Cambridge. 2011-08-09
Microsaic Systems plc. (8/8/11). "Press Release: Appointment of Samantha Dunnage to Lead Direct Product Sales". 2011-08-08
Creabilis S.A.. (8/4/11). "Press Release: Creabilis Appoints Dr David Roblin as Chief Medical Officer". Luxembourg. 2011-08-04
Evolva Holding S.A.. (8/3/11). "Press Release: Renowned Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering Experts Jay Keasling and Douglas Cameron Join Evolva Scientific Advisory Board". Reinach. 2011-08-03
Actelion Ltd.. (8/2/11). "Press Release: Actelion Announces Change in the Board of Directors". Allschwil. 2011-08-02
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.. (8/1/11). "Press Release: Roche Appoints Mara G. Aspinall President of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.". Tuscon, AZ. 2011-08-01
Merck KGaA. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Piotr Bednarczuk to Lead Corporate HR". Darmstadt. 2011-07-27
Merck KGaA. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Udit Batra to Lead Consumer Health Care Division". Darmstadt. 2011-07-27
M:Communications. (7/25/11). "Press Release: Mary Clark Joins M:Communications. Strenghtens International Healthcare Practice". 2011-07-25
BerGenBio AS. (7/14/11). "Press Release: BerGenBio Appoints Former CRCT CEO Foden to Board as BGB324 Lead Oncology Candidate Approaches Clinic". 2011-07-14
Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH. (7/12/11). "Press Release: Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH Appoints Marc Voigt as Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer". Berlin & Burlington, MA. 2011-07-12
Cellectis S.A.. (7/11/11). "Press Release: Dr. Andrew Scharenberg, M.D., to Serve as Chief Scientific Officer for Cellectis Therapeutics". Paris. 2011-07-11
Clavis Pharma ASA. (7/11/11). "Press Release: Clavis Pharma Appoints Nicholas Adams as Chief Business Officer". Oslo. 2011-07-11
Ionicon Analytik GmbH. (7/8/11). "Press Release: Ionicon Appoints New CEO". Innsbruck. 2011-07-08
InDex Pharmaceuticals AB. (7/7/11). "Press Release: InDex Pharmaceuticals Names Jesper Wiklund Chief Executive Officer". 2011-07-07
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics. (7/6/11). "Press Release: Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Carlos R. Camozzi as Chief Medical Officer". Amsterdam. 2011-07-06
Biocartis S.A.. (7/6/11). "Press Release: Biocartis Strenghtens Management Team with New CFO". Mechelen. 2011-07-06
Tecan Group Ltd.. (7/4/11). "Press Release: Tecan Appoints Martin Brusdeillins as Chief Scientific Officer and Member of the Group Management Board". Männedorf. 2011-07-04
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Oxford Nanopore Appoints Peter Allen as Non-Executive Director". 2011-06-27
Cellectis S.A.. (6/27/11). "Press Release: André Choulika to Serve as both Chairman and CEO of Cellectis". Paris. 2011-06-27
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB. (6/22/11). "Press Release: Geoffrey McDonough Has Been Appointed President and CEO of Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (Sobi) as of August 15, 2011. He Will Succeed Kennet Rooth, Who Has Been Acting CEO since January 1, 2011". 2011-06-22
Agennix AG. (6/22/11). "Press Release: Agennix Hires Jill Porter as Senior Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development". Planegg, Princeton, NJ & Houston, TX. 2011-06-22
Crescendo Biologics Ltd.. (6/22/11). "Press Release: Crescendo Biologics Appoints Matthew Rose as Chief Business Officer". Cambridge. 2011-06-22
biosaxony e. V.. (6/21/11). "Pressemitteilung: Neuer Geschäftsführer der Biosaxony Management GmbH. Biosaxony-Cluster und Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH unterzeichnen Kooperationsvertrag". Dresden & Leipzig. 2011-06-21
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (6/20/11). "Press Release: Change in the Supervisory Board of MeVis Medical Solutions AG. Peter Kuhlmann-Lehmkuhle Replaces Dr. Peter Zencke". Bremen. 2011-06-20
Abcodia Ltd.. (6/16/11). "Press Release: Abcodia Appoints Dr Wendy Alderton as Director of Science". 2011-06-16
Micromet, Inc.. (6/14/11). "Press Release: Micromet Appoints Ulrich Grau, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer". Rockville, MD. 2011-06-14
Xceleron. (6/13/11). "Press Release: Xceleron Announces Key Board and Executive Appointments. Increasing Demand from Big Pharma for Greater R&D Productivity". York. 2011-06-13
Intercell AG. (6/10/11). "Press Release: Intercell 2011 Annual Shareholders Meeting – All Resolutions Approved". 2011-06-10
Actelion Ltd.. (6/7/11). "Press Release: Actelion Announces Change in Its Management Structure – Otto Schwarz Appointed Chief Operating Officer". 2011-06-07
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (6/3/11). "Press Release: Addex Pharmaceuticals CEO Steps Down". Geneva. 2011-06-03
Denator AB. (5/31/11). "Press Release: Denator Appoints New Member to the Board". Gothenburg. 2011-05-31
Galapagos N.V.. (5/30/11). "Press Release: Ronald Brus Resigns from the Galapagos Board". Mechelen. 2011-05-30
Karo Bio AB. (5/24/11). "Press Release: Karo Bio AB Appoints Per Bengtsson as Acting President and CEO". Stockholm. 2011-05-24
Karo Bio AB. (5/23/11). "Press Release: Karo Bio’s CEO, Fredrik Lindgren, Leaves". Stockholm. 2011-05-23
OctoPlus N.V.. (5/20/11). "Press Release: Shareholders OctoPlus Appoint Jan Egberts to Executive Board". Leiden. 2011-05-20
Mucosis B.V.. (5/17/11). "Press Release: Mucosis Appoints Thomas Johnston as Chief Business Officer". Groningen. 2011-05-17
Activaero GmbH. (5/16/11). "Press Release: Activaero Appoints Christian Pangratz as Chief Business Officer". 2011-05-16
PolyTherics Ltd.. (5/16/11). "Press Release: Keith Powell Hands Over to John Burt to Lead PolyTherics". 2011-05-16
Sabirmedical. (5/10/11). "Press Release: Dr. Oriol de Solà-Morales Joins Sabirmedical’s Management Team". Barcelona. 2011-05-10
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (5/10/11). "Press Release: Proteros Announces New Supervisory Board Appointments. Chairman David Lemus and Deputy Chairman Prof. Rainer Metternich". Martinsried. 2011-05-10
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (5/9/11). "Pressemitteilung: Bekanntmachung der Einberufung zur Hauptversammlung am 15.06.2011 in Bremen mit dem Ziel der europaweiten Verbreitung". Bremen. 2011-05-09
Sanofi S.A.. (5/6/11). "Press Release: Combined General Shareholder Meeting of May 6, 2011. »Sanofi-Aventis« Becomes »Sanofi«". Paris. 2011-05-06
Actelion Ltd.. (5/5/11). "Press Release: Actelion’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Held in Basel, Switzerland". 2011-05-05
Evolva Holding S.A.. (5/2/11). "Press Release: Evolva Appoints Norbert Bender as Chief Medical Officer". Reinach. 2011-05-02
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (4/28/11). "Press Release: Addex Shareholders Appoint Hoyoung Huh and Oleg Nodelman to Board, Approve All Board Proposals at Annual General Meeting". Geneva. 2011-04-28
Affectis Pharmaceuticals AG. (4/21/11). "Press Release: Affectis Pharmaceuticals Names Stephen Murray, M.D., Ph.D., as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Murray, an Industry-experienced Psychiatrist, to Lead Company’s CNS-focused Development Programs". Martinsri 2011-04-21
Cellectis S.A.. (4/11/11). "Press Release: Cellectis Strengthens Management Team to Support Stem Cell Activities". Paris. 2011-04-11
Galapagos N.V.. (4/1/11). "Press Release: Dr Vicki Sato to Be Appointed to Galapagos’ Board of Directors". Mechelen. 2011-04-01
Roche. (3/31/11). "Press Release: Roche Diagnostics Announces the Appointment of Robert Yates as New Head of Roche Applied Science". Penzberg. 2011-03-31
MDxHealth S.A.. (3/24/11). "Press Release: MDxHealth Appoints New Scientific Advisory Board". Durham, NC & Liege. 2011-03-24
MorphoSys AG. (3/16/11). "Press Release: MorphoSys Signs Manufacturing Agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim". 2011-03-16
Active Biotech AB. (3/15/11). "Press Release: Helén Tuvesson Appointed as New Chief Scientific Officer at Active Biotech". 2011-03-15
Affimed Therapeutics AG. (3/14/11). "Press Release: Affimed Therapeutics AG Appoints Dr. Adi Hoess as Chief Commercial Officer". Heidelberg. 2011-03-14
Agendia B.V.. (3/10/11). "Press Release: Agendia Hires David Macdonald as Chief Operating Officer, Mark Willig as Executive Vice President of North American Sales, and Doug Bradley as Vice President of Global Marketing". Irvine, CA & Amsterdam. 2011-03-10
Qiagen N.V.. (3/10/11). "Press Release: Two International Leaders to Be Proposed for Election as New Supervisory Board Members of Qiagen N.V.". Germantown, MD & Hilden. 2011-03-10
MagForce Nanotechnologies AG. (3/10/11). "Press Release: MagForce Nanotechnologies AG Hires Key Members of Sales and Marketing Team". Berlin. 2011-03-10
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (3/9/11). "Press Release: Addex Board Proposes Hoyoung Huh and Oleg Nodelman for Election to the Board of Directors". Geneva. 2011-03-09
Agennix AG. (3/4/11). "Press Release: Agennix AG Announces Changes to Management Board and Supervisory Board". Planegg. 2011-03-04
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH. (3/1/11). "Press Release: Immatics Appoints Dr. Harald Stock to Its Board". Tübingen. 2011-03-01
MorphoSys AG. (2/24/11). "Press Release: MorphoSys Announces Change in Executive Management Board. Jens Holstein to Succeed Dave Lemus as Chief Financial Officer". 2011-02-24
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB. (2/22/11). "Press Release: Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Reorganizes Its Executive Management Team and Strengthen the Business Development Functions". Stockholm. 2011-02-22
Bayer AG. (2/22/11). "Press Release: Erica L. Mann Appointed New Head of Bayer HealthCare’s Consumer Care Division". Leverkusen. 2011-02-22
ActoGenix N.V.. (2/18/11). "Press Release: Dr. Staf Van Reet Joins ActoGenix Board as Chairman". Ghent. 2011-02-18
Scil Technology GmbH. (2/14/11). "Press Release: Scil Technology Appoints Christian Nafe to Chief Executive Officer". Martinsried. 2011-02-14
Oncos Therapeutics. (2/9/11). "Press Release: Oncos Therapeutics Increases Clinical Momentum with Appointment of Chief Medical Officer". Helsinki. 2011-02-09
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