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Find below news about persons changing jobs and positions in Europe or European organisations.

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Biohit Oyj. (8/26/13). "Press Release: Changes to Biohit Oyj’s Management". 2013-08-26
Galapagos N.V.. (8/20/13). "Press Release: Galapagos Appoints David Smith as CEO of Service Division". Mechelen. 2013-08-20
Nuevolution A/S. (8/19/13). "Press Release: Nuevolution A/S Announces a Corporate Update. Professor Dr. Jutta Heim Has Joined Nuevolution as Director and Senior Scientific Advisor on the Board of Directors". Copenhagen. 2013-08-19
Algeta ASA. (8/19/13). "Press Release: Algeta Appoints Dr Andreas Menrad as Chief Scientific Officer". Oslo. 2013-08-19
Bruker Corporation. (8/19/13). "Press Release: Bruker Announces the Appointment of Thomas Bachmann as President of the Bruker BioSpin Group". Billerica, MA. 2013-08-19
Valneva S.E.. (8/12/13). "Press Release: Valneva Announces Passing of Management Board Member, Chief Scientific Officer Majid Mehtali". Lyon. 2013-08-12
Tecan Group Ltd.. (8/9/13). "Press Release: Tecan Appoints Dr. Achim von Leoprechting to the Management Board". Männedorf. 2013-08-09
Markes International Ltd.. (8/5/13). "Press Release: Markes International Prepares for Further Global Expansion by Strengthening Management Team". Llantrisant. 2013-08-05
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc. (7/23/13). "Press Release: Senior Management Update". 2013-07-23
BioPorto A/S. (7/18/13). "Press Release: New CEO". 2013-07-18
AstraZeneca plc. (7/15/13). "Press Release: Simon Lowth, Chief Financial Officer, to Leave AstraZeneca". 2013-07-15
BioSyntha Technologies Ltd.. (7/14/13). "Press Release: Steve Martin Appointed CEO". 2013-07-14
Bene-Arzneimittel GmbH. (7/11/13). "Pressemitteilung: Neue Spitze bei Bene-Arzneimittel – Dr. Günter Auerbach übernimmt die Geschäftsführung des Familienunternehmens". 2013-07-11
Deinove S.A.. (7/8/13). "Press Release: Deinove Appoints Nagib Ward as VP Business Development". Paris. 2013-07-08
Finox AG (Finox Biotech). (7/1/13). "Press Release: Gavin Jelic-Masterton Appointed as CEO of Finox Biotech". Burgdorf. 2013-07-01
Microsaic Systems plc. (7/1/13). "Press Release: Appointment of Chairman". 2013-07-01
Mologen AG. (7/1/13). "Press Release: Change within the Supervisory Board – Chairman Resigns Due to Health Reasons as Announced – Successor Nominated". 2013-07-01
BioIndustry Assocation (BIA). (6/28/13). "Press Release: Edward Hodgkin Elected BIA Chairman". 2013-06-28
EuropaBio. (6/27/13). "Press Release: EuropaBio Appoints New Chair, Vice-Chairs and Welcomes Eleven New Members". 2013-06-27
Novasep S.A.. (6/26/13). "Press Release: Michel Spagnol Appointed President and CEO of Novasep". Pompey. 2013-06-26
Analytik Jena AG. (6/24/13). "Press Release: Grit Petzholdt-Gühne Is the New Head of Human Resources at Analytik Jena AG". Jena. 2013-06-24
Amakem N.V.. (6/24/13). "Press Release: Amakem Appoints Kieran Rooney as Vice President, Business Development". Diepenbeek. 2013-06-24
Arbeitskreis der BioRegionen. (6/21/13). "Pressemitteilung: Deutsche BioRegionen wählen Sprechergremium". 2013-06-21
Redbiotec AG. (6/20/13). "Press Release: Geneart Founder at Redbiotec". Schlieren. 2013-06-20
Biocrates Life Sciences AG. (6/18/13). "Press Release: Wulf Fischer-Knuppertz Appointed New CEO of Biocrates Life Sciences AG". Innsbruck. 2013-06-18
PX’Therapeutics S.A.. (6/14/13). "Press Release: PX'Therapeutics Announces Appointment of New CEO". 2013-06-14
Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science. (6/6/13). "Press Release: Election of New President. Martin Stratmann to Become New President of the Max Planck Society in 2014". 2013-06-06
Medigene AG. (6/5/13). "Press Release: Medigene Announces Capital Reduction and Nomination of New Members to a Reduced Supervisory Board. Reduction of Share Capital by Consolidation of Shares by Ratio of 4:1". Martinsried. 2013-06-05
Biofrontera AG. (6/3/13). "Press Release: Biofrontera AG Appoints Thomas Schaffer as Chief Financial Officer". Leverkusen. 2013-06-03
BioInvent International AB. (5/24/13). "Press Release: BioInvent Recruits Michael Oredsson as New CEO". Lund. 2013-05-24
Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.. (5/24/13). "Press Release: Heptares Augments Business Development Capabilities in Japan and other Asian Territories". Welwyn Garden City & Boston, MA. 2013-05-24
Cytoo S.A.. (5/24/13). "Press Release: Marc Le Bozec Joins Cytoo as Chief Executive Officer". Grenoble. 2013-05-24
Tecan Group Ltd.. (5/23/13). "Press Release: Tecan Appoints Dr. Klaus Lun to the Management Board". Männedorf. 2013-05-23
Northern BioPharm Cluster. (5/23/13). "Press Release: Dr. Augustinus Bader Joins the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as Adjunct Professor". 2013-05-23
bioMérieux S.A.. (5/21/13). "Press Release: Nicolas Cartier Appointed Corporate Vice President, Industrial Microbiology Unit of bioMérieux". Marcy l’Étoile. 2013-05-21
Egalet Ltd.. (5/8/13). "Press Release: Egalet Appoints Stan Musial as CFO". Malvern, PA. 2013-05-08
Immunocore Ltd.. (5/2/13). "Press Release: Immunocore Announces Appointment of Eva-Lotta Allan to the Board". Oxford. 2013-05-02
AstraZeneca GmbH. (5/1/13). "Pressemitteilung: Dirk Greshake wird Geschäftsführer von AstraZeneca Deutschland". Wedel. 2013-05-01
Addex Therapeutics S.A.. (4/30/13). "Press Release: Addex Announces CFO, Tim Dyer, to Transition to External Consulting Role". Geneva. 2013-04-30
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.. (4/30/13). "Press Release: Henri A. Termeer Joins Moderna Therapeutics Board of Directors". Cambridge, MA. 2013-04-30
Qiagen N.V.. (4/29/13). "Press Release: Qiagen Proposes Changes to Members of Supervisory Board". Venlo. 2013-04-29
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.. (4/29/13). "Press Release: Teva Expands Management Team with Appointment of Paul J. Sekhri as Group Executive Vice President, Global Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer". Jerusalem. 2013-04-29
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd.. (4/26/13). "Press Release: Peak Scientific Expand Their European Offices". 2013-04-26
Novartis AG. (4/24/13). "Press Release: Novartis Discloses Compensation for New Chairman and Chairman Ad-interim". Basel. 2013-04-24
Novartis AG. (4/24/13). "Press Release: Novartis Delivered Solid Performance in the First Quarter, with Eight Key Regulatory Approvals and All Divisions Contributing to Growth". Basel. 2013-04-24
CellaVision AB. (4/19/13). "Press Release: CellaVision Appoints New CFO". 2013-04-19
Tecan Group Ltd.. (4/17/13). "Press Release: Annual General Meeting 2013. Tecan Shareholders Indorse All Motions Proposed by the Board of Directors". Männedorf. 2013-04-17
Formycon AG. (4/16/13). "Press Release: Formycon AG Names Dr. Carsten Brockmeyer as CEO". Munich. 2013-04-16
Covagen AG. (4/15/13). "Press Release: Covagen Names Elias Papatheodorou Chief Business Officer". Zürich. 2013-04-15
AstraZeneca GmbH. (4/12/13). "Pressemitteilung: Gabriel Baertschi wird Geschäftsführer bei AstraZeneca Japan. Wechsel in der Geschäftsleitung". Wedel. 2013-04-12
Definiens AG. (4/9/13). "Press Release: Definiens Appoints Chief Marketing Officer, Merrilyn Datta, Ph.D.". Munich. 2013-04-09
Epigenomics AG. (4/3/13). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG – Dr. Uwe Staub Appointed to the Executive Board". Berlin. 2013-04-03
Galecto Biotech AB. (4/2/13). "Press Release: Galecto Biotech Welcomes New COO. Anders Pedersen Appointed to the Management Board". Copenhagen. 2013-04-02
SuppreMol GmbH. (4/2/13). "Press Release: SuppreMol Appoints Industry Expert Klaus Schollmeier as CEO". Munich. 2013-04-02
Synexus Ldt.. (3/28/13). "Press Release: New Managing Director for Synexus Germany". 2013-03-28
Northern BioPharm Cluster. (3/28/13). "Press Release: Dr. Charles Cantor Joined Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as Adjunct Professor". Moscow. 2013-03-28
Definiens AG. (3/26/13). "Press Release: Definiens Establishes Advisory Board. Renowned Industry Experts to Advise Definiens on Clinical Digital Pathology Market". Munich. 2013-03-26
Wellington Partners. (3/26/13). "Press Release: Stuart Essig Joins Wellington Partners Life Science Team as Venture Partner". Munich. 2013-03-26
Mologen AG. (3/26/13). "Press Release: Mologen AG Expands Its Executive Board by Chief Medical Officer". 2013-03-26
CoCo Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/25/13). "Press Release: CoCo Therapeutics Ltd Announces the Appointment of Its Clinical and Scientific Advisory Group". London. 2013-03-25
Sygnis Pharma AG. (3/25/13). "Press Release: Sygnis Announces Management Board Changes (Ad hoc-Release)". Heidelberg & Madrid. 2013-03-25
Eyevensys S.A.S.. (3/25/13). "Press Release: Eyevensys Appoints Dr Ivan Cohen-Tanugi as CEO". Paris. 2013-03-25
AstraZeneca plc. (3/21/13). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Appoints Marc Dunoyer as Executive Vice President, Global Portfolio & Product Strategy". 2013-03-21
Cytoo S.A.. (3/18/13). "Press Release: Olivier Pasquier Joins Cytoo as Chief Commercial Officer". Grenoble. 2013-03-18
Kymab Ltd.. (3/18/13). "Press Release: Kymab Announces Senior Appointments that Significantly Strenghten Drug Discovery and Development Expertise". Cambridge. 2013-03-18
Evotec AG. (3/18/13). "Press Release: Corporate Update". Hamburg. 2013-03-18
F2G Ltd.. (3/18/13). "Press Release: F2G Ltd Appoints Ian Nicholson as Chief Executive Officer". Manchester. 2013-03-18
Zealand Pharma A/S. (3/15/13). "Press Release: Zealand Pharma Announces Change in Management". Copenhagen. 2013-03-15
Biocartis S.A.. (3/12/13). "Press Release: Biocartis Strengthens Management Team with Chief Medical Officer". Lausanne & Mechelen. 2013-03-12
Cytos Biotechnology AG. (3/12/13). "Press Release: Cytos Biotechnology Strengthens Management Team". Schlieren. 2013-03-12
Cell Medica Ltd.. (3/7/13). "Press Release: Cell Medica Announces Senior Management Appointments. Key Appointments to Cell Medica’s Senior Executive Team". 2013-03-07
Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH. (3/7/13). "Press Release: Rentschler Appoints New Chief Business Officer. Seasoned Industry Expert Frank Ternes Joins Executive Management Board". Laupheim. 2013-03-07
CoCo Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/7/13). "Press Release: CoCo Therapeutics Ltd Announces Appointment of Steve Butcher as Chief Operating Officer". London. 2013-03-07
GlycoVaxyn AG. (3/6/13). "Press Release: GlycoVaxyn AG Announces Addition of Gerd Zettlmeissl, as Chairman of the Board of Directors". Zürich-Schlieren. 2013-03-06
Glide Pharmaceutical Technologies Ltd.. (3/6/13). "Press Release: Glide Pharma Today Announced the Appointment of Dr. Mark Carnegie-Brown as Its Chief Executive Officer". Oxford. 2013-03-06
4SC AG. (3/6/13). "Press Release: 4SC AG. Dr Ulrich Dauer to Step Down as CEO and Member of the Management Board on 31 March 2013, His Successor Will Be CFO Enno Spillner". Planegg-Martinsried. 2013-03-06
Roche. (3/5/13). "Press Release: Roche Chairman Franz B. Humer Announces that He Will Not Stand for Re-election in 2014. Roche to Inform about Plans for Succession in Autumn 2013". Basel. 2013-03-05
Caris Life Sciences Ltd.. (3/5/13). "Press Release: Joachim Schorr, Ph.D., Named Chief Scientific Officer at Caris Life Sciences". Irving, TX. 2013-03-05
Roche. (3/5/13). "Press Release: Roche Annual General Meeting 2013. 26th Dividend Increase in Succession – Election/Re-election of All Members of the Board of Directors Nominated". Basel. 2013-03-05
Galapagos N.V.. (3/4/13). "Press Release: Katrine Bosley Appointed to Galapagos’ Board of Directors". Mechelen. 2013-03-04
Creabilis S.A.. (2/28/13). "Press Release: Creabilis Appoints Catherine Moukheibir to Its Board of Directors". Luxembourg. 2013-02-28
Tecan Group Ltd.. (2/28/13). "Press Release: Tecan Appoints Dr. Stefan Traeger to the Management Board". Männedorf. 2013-02-28
MC Services AG. (2/27/13). "Press Release: MC Services AG Expands Its Strategic Investor Relations Offering with the Appointment of Andreas Burckhardt as Executive Director Corporate Broking". Munich. 2013-02-27
Ipsen S.A.. (2/27/13). "Press Release: Christel Bories Joins Ipsen as Deputy Chief Executive Officer". Paris. 2013-02-27
Interpublic Group. (2/26/13). "Press Release: Interpublic Appoints Martin Skelton Managing Director, Global Healthcare. Industry Veteran Joins OPG in Newly Created Role". New YOrk, NY. 2013-02-26
Definiens AG. (2/26/13). "Press Release: Definiens Appoints Professor Dr. Ralf Huss as Chief Medical Officer". Munich. 2013-02-26
Cellectis S.A.. (2/25/13). "Press Release: Cellectis Announces Appointment of Pierre Schwich as Group CFO". Paris. 2013-02-25
Trinean N.V.. (2/21/13). "Press Release: Trinean to Expand Management Team". Ghent. 2013-02-21
Stratos Genomics Inc.. (2/20/13). "Press Release: Stratos Genomics Achieves Major Technical Milestone and Adds Tim Hunkapiller to Science Advisory Board". Seattle, WA. 2013-02-20
Bruker Corporation. (2/19/13). "Press Release: Dean of MIT School of Science Joins Bruker Board of Directors". Billerica, MA. 2013-02-19
AstraZeneca GmbH. (2/18/13). "Pressemitteilung: Cristina Durán ist neuer CFO bei AstraZeneca in Deutschland. Wechsel in der Geschäftsleitung". Wedel. 2013-02-18
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd.. (2/15/13). "Press Release: Peak Scientific Welcome New GC/MS Product Specialist Ed Connor". 2013-02-15
BioFocus. (2/11/13). "Press Release: Peter Rehse Joins BioFocus as Senior Director, Structural Biology". 2013-02-11
College Hill Life Sciences. (2/4/13). "Press Release: College Hill Life Sciences Welcomes New Team Member to Its Munich Team". Munich. 2013-02-04
Cryo-Save Group N.V.. (2/1/13). "Press Release: Cryo-Save Strenthens Management with Chief Commercial Officer". 2013-02-01
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/30/13). "Press Release: Tecan CEO David Martyr Forms New Leadership Team". Männedorf. 2013-01-30
Bionor Pharma ASA. (1/29/13). "Press Release: Bionor Pharma Appoints Anker Lundemose as President and Chief Executive Officer". Oslo. 2013-01-29
Gyros AB. (1/28/13). "Press Release: Gyros AB Appoints Dr. Claus Braestrup to the Board of Directors". 2013-01-28
Bayer AG. (1/23/13). "Press Release: Dr. Jörg Reinhardt to Leave Bayer HealthCare". Leverkusen. 2013-01-23
Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG. (1/22/13). "Pressemitteilung: Neue Geschäftsleitungen bei Methrom Deutschland". 2013-01-22
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