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Find below news about persons changing jobs and positions in Europe or European organisations.

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Kurma Partners. (4/13/21). "Press Release: Jean-François Rivassou Joins Kurma Partners as Partner". Paris. 2021-04-13
CellGenix GmbH. (4/12/21). "Press Release: CellGenix Appoints Daniel Spatz as Vice President Sales, Marketing & Logistics and Member of the Management Team". Freiburg. 2021-04-12
F2G Ltd.. (4/12/21). "Press Release: Francesco Maria Lavino Appointed Chief Executive Officer of F2G Ltd". Manchester & Vienna. 2021-04-12
Metagenomi Inc.. (4/7/21). "Press Release: Metagenomi Announces the Addition of Leading Immuno-oncology Clinical Research Experts to Its Scientific Advisory Board". Emeryville, CA. 2021-04-07
ADC Therapeutics S.A.. (4/6/21). "Press Release: Overland ADCT BioPharma Appoints Eric Koo as Chief Executive Officer". Boston, MA, Shanghai & Lausanne. 2021-04-06
Congenica Ltd.. (4/6/21). "Press Release: Congenica Appoints Jayesh Pankhania as Chief Financial Officer". Cambridge. 2021-04-06
Knauer Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH. (3/31/21). "Press Release: Carsten Losch Joins General Management at Knauer". 2021-03-31
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (3/31/21). "Press Release: Rentschler Biopharma Appoints Dr. Martin Kessler as Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Subsidiary and as Senior Vice President Transformation". Laupheim & Milford, MA. 2021-03-31
Cell-Easy. (3/29/21). "Press Release: Cell-Easy Strengthens Executive Team with Two New Highly Experienced Members". Toulouse. 2021-03-29
Immuneering Corporation. (3/25/21). "Press Release: Immuneering Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of Carolina Garcia Rizo, Ph.D., MBA, as Chief Business Officer". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-25
Arix Bioscience plc. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Strategy Implementation Review". London. 2021-03-24
Merck & Co., Inc.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Merck Appoints Caroline Litchfield Chief Financial Officer". Kenilworth, NJ. 2021-03-24
Evolva S.A.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Evolva Announces New Chief Financial Officer". Reinach. 2021-03-24
Elicera Therapeutics AB. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Elicera Announces Appointment of ATMP Specialist Karin Hoogendoorn to the Board". Gothenburg. 2021-03-22
Novartis AG. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Novartis Appoints Karen Hale as Chief Legal Officer". Basel. 2021-03-22
Alligator Bioscience AB. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Alligator Bioscience Appoints Søren Bregenholt as New CEO". Lund. 2021-03-18
Nordic Nanovector ASA. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Nordic Nanovector Appoints Experienced Pharmaceutical Company Leader Peter L. Braun as Chief Executive Officer". Potsdam & Berlin. 2021-03-18
Advent France Biotechnology S.A.S.. (3/17/21). "Press Release: Advent France Biotechnology Appoints Alejo Chorny, PhD, as Operating Partner and Head of New Spanish Operations". Paris & Barcelona. 2021-03-17
Lava Therapeutics B.V.. (3/15/21). "Press Release: Lava Therapeutics B.V. Appoints Edward F. Smith as Chief Financial Officer". Utrecht & Philadelphia, PA. 2021-03-15
Univercells S.A.. (3/15/21). "Press Release: Univercells, Univercells Technologies and Gamma Biosciences Announce Mathias Garny as New CEO of Univercells Technologies". Brussels. 2021-03-15
Enterome S.A.. (3/10/21). "Press Release: Enterome Strengthens Its Leadership Team with the Appointment of Anne Dagallier as Chief Business Officer". 2021-03-10
Royal Philips. (3/2/21). "Press Release: Shez Partovi to Succeed Jeroen Tas as Philips’ Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer". Amsterdam. 2021-03-02
Shorla Pharma Ltd.. (3/2/21). "Press Release: Shorla Pharma Announces U.S. Industry Veteran Nicholas Holsman as Chief Commercial Officer". Clonmel. 2021-03-02
ERS Genomics Ltd.. (3/1/21). "Press Release: ERS Genomics Expands Team With Appointment of Jon Kratochvil as VP Business Development". Dublin. 2021-03-01
Gyroscope Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/1/21). "Press Release: Gyroscope Therapeutics Appoints Jessica Stitt as Chief Financial Officer". London. 2021-03-01
EG 427. (3/1/21). "Press Release: EG 427 Announces €12 Million Series A Financing to Advance Its HSV-1 based Gene Therapy David Lamond and Stephane Boissel join the company’s board of Directors". Paris. 2021-03-01
Congenica Ltd.. (3/1/21). "Press Release: Congenica Appoints Kamraan Shariff as Chief Business Development Officer". Cambridge. 2021-03-01
Nabriva Therapeutics plc. (2/26/21). "Press Release: Nabriva Therapeutics Appoints Daniel Dolan as Chief Financial Officer". Dublin & King of Prussia, PA. 2021-02-26
Coulter Partners. (2/25/21). "Press Release: Coulter Partners Announces New Appointments in London, the US and Germany". 2021-02-25
Immunocore Holdings plc. (2/16/21). "Press Release: Immunocore Announces Key Appointments to Management and Board". Oxfordshire & Conshohocken, PA. 2021-02-16
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (2/11/21). "Press Release: Sophia Genetics Appoints Ross Muken as Chief Financial Officer". Boston, MA & Lausanne. 2021-02-11
Exscientia Ltd.. (2/9/21). "Press Release: Exscientia Appoints Leading Financier Elizabeth Crain to the Board of Directors". Oxford. 2021-02-09
InfanDx AG. (2/4/21). "Press Release: Neonatal Diagnostics Company InfanDx Appoints Achim Plum as CEO". Cologne. 2021-02-04
Secarna Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG. (2/4/21). "Press Release: Secarna Pharmaceuticals Appoints Alexander Gebauer, MD, PhD as CEO and Managing Director". Munich/Martinsried. 2021-02-04
PepGen Ltd.. (2/4/21). "Press Release: PepGen Announces Appointment of James McArthur, Ph.D., as President and Chief Executive Officer". Boston, MA & Oxford. 2021-02-04
Hyloris Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (2/3/21). "Press Release: Hyloris Appoints Marieke Vermeersch as VP of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications". Liège. 2021-02-03
Almirall S.A.. (2/3/21). "Press Release: Almirall Announces Gianfranco Nazzi as New CEO". 2021-02-03
BioPartner UK. (2/2/21). "Press Release: BioPartner Appoints Paul Clewlow as New Advisory Board Member". 2021-02-02
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (2/1/21). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics Announces the Appointment of Philippe Drouet as Chief Commercial Officer". Zug & Cambridge, MA. 2021-02-01
MLM Medical Labs GmbH. (2/1/21). "Press Release: MLM Announces New Executive Leadership Scott Houlton Named CEO and Roger Gasper CFO". Mönchengladbach, Memphis, TN & Minneapolis, MN. 2021-02-01
Exact Therapeutics AS. (1/29/21). "Press Release: Exact Therapeutics Announces Change of CFO with Departure of Stig Jarle Pettersen at the End of His Contracted Period". Oslo & London. 2021-01-29
2cureX AB. (1/28/21). "Press Release: 2cureX Appoints Kenneth Graabek Johansen, an Experienced Business and Financial Executive, as New CFO". Copenhagen. 2021-01-28
Piper Sandler Companies. (1/28/21). "Press Release: Piper Sandler Expands European Healthcare Investment Banking with the Hiring of Vincenzo di Nicola". New York, NY. 2021-01-28
Indivumed GmbH. (1/26/21). "Press Release: Indivumed Appoints Roald Forsberg as New Chief Business Officer". Hamburg. 2021-01-26
Exact Therapeutics AS. (1/26/21). "Press Release: Exact Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Dr Hilary McElwaine-Johnn as Chief Medical Officer and Opening of London Office". Oslo & London. 2021-01-26
Minaris Regnerative Medicine GmbH. (1/25/21). "Press Release: Dusan Kosijer Apppointed CEO of Minaris Regenerative Medicine GmbH". Munich. 2021-01-25
Biognosys AG. (1/21/21). "Press Release: Biognosys Announces Appointment of Karel Novy as Chief Operating Officer". 2021-01-21
BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.. (1/21/21). "Press Release: BiondVax Announces Appointment of Amir Reichman as New CEO". Jerusalem. 2021-01-21
LXRepair S.A.S.. (1/20/21). "Press Release: Stéphane Altaba Is Appointed CEO of the Start-up Company LXRepair". Paris. 2021-01-20
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (1/19/21). "Press Release: Sophia Genetics Appoints Influential Regulatory Figure Kathy L. Hibbs to Board of Directors". Boston, MA & Lausanne. 2021-01-19
T-Knife GmbH. (1/19/21). "Press Release: T-Knife Announces Appointment of Thomas M. Soloway as Chief Executive Officer and Camille A. Landis as Chief Business Officer & Chief Financial Officer". San Francisco, CA & Berlin. 2021-01-19
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (1/15/21). "Press Release: Agilent Names Allison Ballmer Senior Vice President of Corporate Development". Santa Clara, CA. 2021-01-15
Artios Pharma Ltd.. (1/12/21). "Press Release: Artios Pharma Expands US Leadership Team with the Appointment of Abid Ansari as Chief Financial Officer". Cambridge & New York, NY. 2021-01-12
Elicera Therapeutics AB. (1/11/21). "Press Release: Elicera Therapeutics Recruits CFO [ Elicera Therapeutics rekryterar CFO ]". Uppsala. 2021-01-11
Deinove S.A.. (1/11/21). "Press Release: Alexis Rideau Appointed CEO of Deinove". Montpellier. 2021-01-11
Qiagen N.V.. (1/8/21). "Press Release: Qiagen Announces Appointment of New Supervisory Board Member". Venlo. 2021-01-08
Advicenne S.A.. (1/7/21). "Press Release: Advicenne Announces the Appointment of Peter Meeus as Chief Executive Officer". Paris. 2021-01-07
MorphoSys AG. (1/6/21). "Press Release: MorphoSys Appoints Sung Lee as Chief Financial Officer". Planegg. 2021-01-06
Siemens Healthineers AG. (1/5/21). "Press Release: Siemens Healthineers Proposes Peer Schatz to Annual Shareholders' Meeting as New Supervisory Board Member". Erlangen. 2021-01-05
Exscientia Ltd.. (1/5/21). "Press Release: Exscientia Appoints Richard Law to Expand Its AI-drug discovery Partnering Business". 2021-01-05
MiNA Therapeutics Ltd.. (1/5/21). "Press Release: MiNA Therapeutics Appoints Robin Wright as Chief Financial Officer". London. 2021-01-05
Novacyt S.A.. (1/5/21). "Press Release: Executive Management and Proposed Board Changes". Paris & Camberley. 2021-01-05
Adrenomed AG. (1/4/21). "Press Release: Adrenomed Supervisory Board Appoints Dr. Wolfgang Baiker as CEO". Hennigsdorf. 2021-01-04
Clinigen Group plc. (1/4/21). "Press Release: Clinigen Appoints Sam Herbert as Chief Operating Officer". 2021-01-04
AMSilk GmbH. (12/31/20). "Press Release: CEO Jens Klein Is Leaving AMSilk on December 31, 2020 to Assume a New Role Outside of the Company. Appointment of Ulrich Scherbel as New CEO". Planegg. 2020-12-31
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB. (12/21/20). "Press Release: Sobi Appoints New Head of North America Ahead of Launch Phase". 2020-12-21
NuCana plc. (12/21/20). "Press Release: NuCana Appoints Andrew Kay as Board Chairman". Edinburgh. 2020-12-21
Syft Technologies Ltd.. (12/16/20). "Press Release: Syft Appoints a VP of Sales - Europe". 2020-12-16
Ori Biotech Ltd.. (12/15/20). "Press Release: Ori Biotech Adds to Its World-Class Team". London & Woodcliff Lake, NJ. 2020-12-15
Nouscom AG. (12/11/20). "Press Release: Nouscom Appoints Göran Ando MD as Chairman and Richard Davis PhD as Chief Business Officer". Basel. 2020-12-11
NanoSyrinx Ltd.. (12/10/20). "Press Release: NanoSyrinx Strengthens Board with Appointment of Dr Jane Dancer as Non-Executive Director". Coventry. 2020-12-10
Valo Health LLC. (12/9/20). "Press Release: Valo Health Expands Global Operations With Key Leadership in Tel Aviv". Boston, MA. 2020-12-09
OpGen, Inc.. (12/9/20). "Press Release: OpGen Announces Planned Leadership Transition at Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics Subsidiary Ares Genetics". Gaithersburg, MD & Vienna. 2020-12-09
Achilles Therapeutics Ltd.. (12/7/20). "Press Release: Achilles Therapeutics Appoints Lee M. Stern as VP, IR & External Communications". Stevenage. 2020-12-07
CureVac N.V.. (12/4/20). "Press Release: CureVac Appoints Antony Blanc as Chief Business Officer and Chief Commercial Officer". Tübingen & Boston, MA. 2020-12-04
Transgene S.A.. (12/3/20). "Press Release: Transgene Appoints Hedi Ben Brahim as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer". Strasbourg. 2020-12-03
Enthera S.r.l.. (12/3/20). "Press Release: Enthera Pharmaceuticals Appoints Kazumi Shiosaki to Its Board of Directors and Lisa Olson to Its Scientific Advisory Board to Push Forward Company Growth and Development". Milan. 2020-12-03
Achilles Therapeutics Ltd.. (12/1/20). "Press Release: Achilles Therapeutics Appoints Robert Coutts as Chief Financial Officer". Stevenage. 2020-12-01
MorphoSys AG. (12/1/20). "Press Release: Thomas Biegi Joins MorphoSys as Head of Corporate Communications". Planegg. 2020-12-01
Semalytix GmbH. (11/24/20). "Press Release: Corporate Vice President of Bayer Pharmaceuticals Becomes Advisor to Semalytix". Bielefeld. 2020-11-24
Protein Metrics Inc.. (11/23/20). "Press Release: Kevin Cronin Joins Protein Metrics as Vice President of Corporate Development". Cupertino, CA. 2020-11-23
Exscientia Ltd.. (11/19/20). "Press Release: Exscientia Appoints Biopharma Investment Banker and Executive Ben Taylor as Chief Financial Officer". 2020-11-19
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (11/17/20). "Press Release: Bram Goorden Joins Sophia Genetics as Chief Commercial Officer and Head of North America". Boston, MA & Lausanne. 2020-11-17
BioCheck B.V.. (11/17/20). "Press Release: BioChek Group Announces Thomas Struckmeyer as New CEO". Reeuwijk. 2020-11-17
Flagship Pioneering. (11/16/20). "Press Release: Flagship Pioneering Announces Appointment of Dr. Luciano Rossetti as New Chief Medical Officer". Cambridge, MA. 2020-11-16
Apaxen S.A.. (11/12/20). "Press Release: Belgian Biotech Apaxen Appoints Bart Wuurman as CEO". Gosselies. 2020-11-12
Consilium Strategic Communications Ltd.. (11/10/20). "Press Release: Consilium Strategic Communications Strengthens Global Team in the US and Europe". London. 2020-11-10
Pharming Group N.V.. (11/09/20). "Press Release: Pharming Appoints Jeroen Wakkerman as Chief Financial Officer". Leiden. 2020-11-09
Kurma Partners. (11/9/20). "Press Release: Kurma Partners Strengthens Its Teams and Promotes Its Talents". Paris. 2020-11-09
Fusion Antibodies Ltd.. (11/6/20). "Press Release: Fusion Antibodies Announce New Senior Hire to Support Innovation". 2020-11-06
PledPharma AB. (11/6/20). "Press Release: Henrik Krook Appointed VP Commercial Operations at PledPharma". Stockholm. 2020-11-06
Coulter Partners. (11/5/20). "Press Release: Coulter Partners Announces New Appointments in the US, London and Denmark". 2020-11-05
EuropaBio. (11/2/20). "Press Release: EuropaBio Announces Dr Claire Skentelbery as New Director General of the Association". Brussels. 2020-11-02
Polyplus-transfection S.A.. (11/2/20). "Press Release: Polyplus-transfection Names Mario Philips as Chief Executive Officer". Illkirch. 2020-11-02
Scope Fluidics S.A.. (10/28/20). "Press Release: Prof. Carl Wittwer – the Legendary Creator of the PCR Technology – Joins the Scope Fluidics Advisory Committee". Warsaw. 2020-10-28
Bayer AG. (10/27/20). "Press Release: Bayer Appoints Dr. Christian Rommel as New Head of Pharmaceuticals Research and Development". Berlin. 2020-10-27
Ogilvy. (10/27/20). "Press Release: Ogilvy Appoints Kate Cronin to Global Role as CEO of Ogilvy Health". New York, NY. 2020-10-27
Life Science Nord Management GmbH. (10/23/20). "Press Release: Industrial Health Economy on a Steady Course in Northern Germany". Hamburg. 2020-10-23
Centogene N.V.. (10/20/20). "Press Release: Centogene Announces Leadership Transition". Cambridge, MA & Rostock. 2020-10-20
Atbtherapeutics. (10/20/20). "Press Release: Atbtherapeutics Strengthens Its Scientific Advisory Board to Support the Development of its Novel Platform and Portfolio". Belgium. 2020-10-20
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