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Find below news about investments, acquisitions credits, grants in Europe and Israel or including organisations from these regions.

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Merck KGaA. (5/22/24). "Press Release: Merck Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Life Science Company Mirus Bio for US$ 600 million". Darmstadt. 2024-05-22
Jeito Capital. (5/22/24). "Press Release: Jeito Capital Announces Acquisition of Portfolio Company HI-Bio by Biogen Inc. (Nasdaq: BIIB) for up to $1.8 Billion". Paris. 2024-05-22
ArgusEye AB. (5/13/24). "Press Release: ArgusEye Closes €2.8 Million Funding to Accelerate Bioprocessing". Stockholm. 2024-05-13
Insempra GmbH. (5/7/24). "Press Release: Insempra Completes $20 Million Financing to Advance the Development of Next-generation Bio-based Ingredients". Munich. 2024-05-07
Memo Therapeutics AG. (5/7/24). "Press Release: Memo Therapeutics Increases Series C Financing to CHF 45 Million". Schlieren. 2024-05-07
BioVersys AG. (5/7/24). "Press Release: BioVersys Announces Expansion of Strategic Collaboration with GSK and Extension of its Series C Round by CHF 12.3 Million". Basel. 2024-05-07
Wacker Chemie AG. (5/6/24). "Press Release: Wacker Expands Production Capacity for Biopharmaceuticals in San Diego". Munich & San Diego, CA. 2024-05-06
Mariana Oncology Inc.. (5/2/24). "Press Release: Mariana Oncology to Be Acquired by Novartis to Advance Precision Radiopharmaceuticals to Treat Cancer". Watertown, MA. 2024-05-02
Novartis AG. (5/2/24). "Press Release: Novartis Enters Agreement to Acquire Mariana Oncology, Strengthening Radioligand Therapy Pipeline". Basel. 2024-05-02
Sphere Fluidics Ltd.. (4/30/24). "Press Release: Sphere Fluidics Appoints Dale Levitzke as Chief Executive Officer". Cambridge. 2024-04-30
Locate Bio Ltd.. (4/29/24). "Press Release: Locate Bio Raises £9.2 Million to Progress LDGraft Clinical Study for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion". Nottingham. 2024-04-29
Variantyx, Inc.. (4/26/24). "Press Release: Variantyx Secures $36M Investment as Testing Demand and Market Share Continues to Increase". Framingham, MA. 2024-04-26
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (4/23/24). "Press Release: Cultimate Foods Raises 2.3 Million EUR Seed Funding from Leading Biotech and Foodtech Investors to Revolutionize the Alternative Meat Industry". Berlin. 2024-04-23
Smart Reporting GmbH. (4/22/24). "Press Release: Smart Reporting Successfully Closes Financing Round for 23 Million Euros". Munich. 2024-04-22
Theolytics Ltd.. (4/17/24). "Press Release: Theolytics Successfully Closes Latest Financing Raising Total of £19M ($24.5M) and Welcomes Sound Bioventures as New Investor". Oxford. 2024-04-17
NanoString Technologies, Inc.. (4/17/24). "Press Release: NanoString Technologies to Be Acquired by Bruker Corporation. Bruker Wins Competitive Auction". Seattle, WA. 2024-04-17
FundaMental Pharma GmbH. (4/11/24). "Press Release: FundaMental Pharma Appoints Dr. Dirk Beher as Chief Executive Officer". Heidelberg. 2024-04-11
TORL BioTherapeutics, LLC. (4/10/24). "Press Release: TORL BioTherapeutics Announces $158 Million Oversubscribed Series B-2 Financing to Advance the Clinical Development of its Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) Oncology Pipeline". Los Angeles, CA. 2024-04-10
BioCopy AG. (4/9/24). "Press Release: BioCopy Expands Corporate Portfolio with Acquisition of Perspix Biotech GmbH". Basel. 2024-04-09
Prothea Technologies Ltd.. (4/9/24). "Press Release: Prothea Technologies Launches with €12M Series A to Innovate Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment". Edinburgh. 2024-04-09
Seaport Therapeutics. (4/9/24). "Press Release: Seaport Therapeutics Launches with $100 Million Oversubscribed Series A Financing Round to Advance Novel Neuropsychiatric Medicines". Boston, MA. 2024-04-09
Biognosys AG. (4/4/24). "Press Release: Biognosys and Alamar Biosciences Forge Strategic Partnership in Proteomics to Advance Biopharma and Precision Medicine Research". Zürich & Fremont, CA. 2024-04-04
Alterome Therapeutics, Inc.. (4/3/24). "Press Release: Alterome Therapeutics Raises $132 Million in Series B Financing Led by Goldman Sachs Alternatives". San Diego, CA. 2024-04-03
Genmab A/S. (4/3/24). "Press Release: Genmab to Broaden and Strengthen Oncology Portfolio with Acquisition of ProfoundBio". Copenhagen & Seattle, WA. 2024-04-03
SurgeCare SAS. (3/27/24). "Press Release: Surge Announces Closing of a €7.5 Million Fundraising Round to Decrypt the Immune System and Transform Precision Medicine". Paris. 2024-03-27
Innocent Meat GmbH. (3/26/24). "Press Release: Innocent Meat Raised EUR 3 Million". 2024-03-26
Protembis GmbH. (3/26/24). "Press Release: Protembis Announces Completion of € 30 Million Series B Financing Round and the Addition of Keith D Dawkins MD to the Board of Directors". Aachen. 2024-03-26
CMS Hasche Sigle. (3/26/24). "Press Release: CMS Advises Sellers of Cardior Pharmaceuticals on Potential Acquisition by Novo Nordisk". Munich. 2024-03-26
A2 Biotherapeutics, Inc.. (3/25/24). "Press Release: A2 Bio Appoints James Robinson as New Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors". Agoura Hills, CA. 2024-03-25
Kranus Health GmbH. (3/25/24). "Press Release: Kranus Health Increases Funding to USD 20 Million Total, Cementing Its Position as a Leader in Virtual Care in Urology". Berlin, Munich & Paris. 2024-03-25
Volumina Medical SA. (3/25/24). "Press Release: Volumina Medical Secures USD 21 Million Funding to Continue Its Clinical Program after Having Obtained Promising First in Human Data". Epalinges. 2024-03-25
Hemotune AG. (3/25/24). "Press Release: Hemotune Raises CHF 14 Million Series B2 Funding for Clinical Trials with the HemoSystem". Schlieren. 2024-03-25
Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (3/25/24). "Press Release: Novo Nordisk to Acquire Cardior Pharmaceuticals and Strengthen Pipeline in Cardiovascular Disease". Bagsværd & Hannover. 2024-03-25
Mirador Therapeutics, Inc.. (3/21/24). "Press Release: Mirador Therapeutics Launches to Accelerate the Next Generation of Precision Medicines for Immune-mediated Diseases". San Diego, CA. 2024-03-21
Angelini Ventures S.p.A.. (3/21/24). "Press Release: Angelini Ventures Invests into Extended €75.8 Million ($82 Mmillion) Series C Financing Round for Nouscom". Rome. 2024-03-21
Capstan Therapeutics, Inc.. (3/20/24). "Press Release: Capstan Therapeutics Announces $175M Oversubscribed Series B Financing". San Diego, CA. 2024-03-20
Lonza Group AG. (3/20/24). "Press Release: Lonza Signs Agreement to Acquire Large-scale Biologics Site in Vacaville (US) from Roche". Basel. 2024-03-20
Cure51 SAS. (3/20/24). "Press Release: Cure51 Raises a €15 Million Seed Round to Harness the Natural Power of Cancer Survivors to Develop First-in-Class Treatments and Transform Cancer into a Curable Disease". Paris. 2024-03-20
AstraZeneca plc. (3/19/24). "Press Release: AstraZeneca to Acquire Fusion to Accelerate the Development of Next-generation Radioconjugates to Treat Cancer". 2024-03-19
Engrail Therapeutics, Inc.. (3/19/24). "Press Release: Engrail Therapeutics Closes Oversubscribed $157M Series B Financing Round to Advance the Development of Transformational Therapies". San Diego, CA. 2024-03-19
Medios AG. (3/18/24). "Press Release: Medios Acquires Dutch Market Leader in Pharmaceutical Compounding Services". Berlin. 2024-03-18
Asgard Therapeutics AB. (3/14/24). "Press Release: Asgard Therapeutics Announces €30 Million Series A Financing to Advance Its First-in-Class in vivo Cell Reprogramming Platform for Immuno-oncology". Lund. 2024-03-14
Relation Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/14/24). "Press Release: Relation Therapeutics Secures $35 Million of New Seed Financing Led by DCVC and Co-lead NVentures, Nvidia’s Venture Arm". London. 2024-03-14
Tubulis GmbH. (3/14/24). "Press Release: Tubulis Closes Upsized €128 Million Series B2 to Accelerate Clinical Development of Solid Tumor-Focused ADC Pipeline". Munich. 2024-03-14
Alithea Genomics S.A.. (3/14/24). "Press Release: Alithea Genomics Closes CHF 2.8 Million in Seed Financing Extension Led by Novalis Biotech". Lausanne. 2024-03-14
Amolyt Pharma SAS. (3/14/24). "Press Release: Amolyt Pharma Enters into Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca Will Acquire Amolyt Pharma for up to $1.05 Billion in Total Consideration". Lyon & Cambridge, MA. 2024-03-14
ERS Genomics Ltd.. (3/13/24). "Press Release: Ricoh and ERS Genomics Enter into CRISPR/Cas9 License Agreement". Tokyo & Dublin. 2024-03-13
Mahana Therapeutics Inc.. (3/12/24). "Press Release: Mahana Therapeutics Acquires Cara Care to Become a Global Leader in the Digital Treatment of Chronic Conditions". San Francisco, CA. 2024-03-12
NanoString Technologies, Inc.. (3/10/24). "Press Release: Patient Square Capital, a Leading Health Care-Focused Investment Firm, Agrees to Acquire NanoString Technologies". Seattle, WA. 2024-03-10
ProteinDistillery GmbH. (3/7/24). "Press Release: ProteinDistillery Raises €15 Million in Seed Funding". Esslingen & Berlin. 2024-03-07
Neobe Therapeutics Ltd.. (2/29/24). "Press Release: Neobe Therapeutics Raises over $2m for Synthetic Biology Enabled Tumour Microenvironment Remodelling". 2024-02-29
BRAIN Biotech AG. (2/29/24). "Press Release: BRAIN Biotech AG Successfully Placed EUR 5.0 Million Convertible Bond for the Financing of Further Growth Initiatives [Not for US, AU, et al.]". Zwingenberg. 2024-02-29
Stilla Technologies SAS. (2/22/24). "Press Release: Stilla Technologies Closes $26.5M Series C Financing to Accelerate Commercialization of Its Digital PCR Platform – Expands Leadership team". Paris & Boston, MA. 2024-02-22
Cyclize GmbH. (2/21/24). "Press Release: ClimateTech Startup Cyclize Secures €5 Million in Seed Funding for Revolutionary Plastic Recycling Technology". Munich. 2024-02-21
Biotimus SAS. (2/20/24). "Press Release: Ex-Google DeepMind and Owkin Scientists Team up to Create Bioptimus to Build the First Universal AI Foundation Model for Biology". 2024-02-20
Firefly Bio, Inc.. (2/15/24). "Press Release: Firefly Bio Debuts with $94 Million Series A Financing". South San Francisco, CA. 2024-02-15
Freenome, Inc.. (2/15/24). "Press Release: Freenome Raises $254 Million in New Funding to Accelerate its Platform for Early Cancer Detection". South San Francisco, CA. 2024-02-15
MTIP AG. (2/14/24). "Press Release: MTIP Invests $15 Million in Caresyntax". 2024-02-14
Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co KG. (2/14/24). "Press Release: Earlybird Health Closes Fresh Fund of EUR 173m". Berlin & Cologne. 2024-02-14
Newcells Biotech Ltd.. (2/14/24). "Press Release: Biotech Raises further £2.35m for Lab Models that Help Avoid Animal Testing". 2024-02-14
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (2/13/24). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics Announces $280 Million Registered Direct Offering". Zug & Boston, MA. 2024-02-13
Amply Discovery Ltd.. (2/12/24). "Press Release: Amply Discovery Raises £1.4m in Innovate UK Grant Funding to Tackle Complex Diseases". 2024-02-12
Sensorion S.A.. (2/9/24). "Press Release: Sensorion Announces a €50.5 Million Financing with Participation from New and Existing US and European Healthcare Specialist Investors [ not for US, et al.; only for qualified persons]". Montpellier. 2024-02-09
T-Curx GmbH. (2/9/24). "Press Release: T-Curx Extends Its Management Team with Marion Jung, PhD, as Its New Chief Operating Officer". 2024-02-09
GenSight Biologics S.A.. (2/8/24). "Press Release: GenSight Biologics Announces Completion of a €5 million capital Increase with Sofinnova Partners, Invus, UPMC Enterprises and Heights Capital". Paris. 2024-02-08
Sablebio Ltd. (Sable Bio). (2/6/24). "Press Release: Sable Bio Raises £1.5m Pre-seed Round to Transform Drug Discovery Safety Assessments". London. 2024-02-06
MorphoSys AG. (2/5/24). "Press Release: MorphoSys Enters into Business Combination Agreement to Be Acquired by Novartis for € 2.7 Billion Equity Value. Tafasitamab Sold to Incyte". Planegg. 2024-02-05
Silence Therapeutics plc. (2/5/24). "Press Release: Silence Therapeutics Announces Oversubscribed $120 Million Private Placement". London. 2024-02-05
Aqemia SAS. (1/30/24). "Press Release: Aqemia Boosts Series A Funding to €60M to Accelerate on its Proprietary Therapeutic Pipeline". Paris. 2024-01-30
Aion Labs. (1/30/24). "Press Release: Aion Labs Launches New Startup Leveraging Machine Learning for Molecular Glue Discovery". Rehovot. 2024-01-30
Affluent Medical S.A.. (1/29/24). "Press Release: Affluent Medical Closes €3.5 Million Bridge via Capital Iincrease from Key Shareholders [not for US, CA, AU, or JP]". Aix-en-Provence. 2024-01-29
Bruker Corporation. (1/25/24). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Agreement to Acquire Chemspeed". Basel. 2024-01-25
IMU Bioscience (Melio Health UK Ltd.). (1/24/24). "Press Release: IMU Biosciences Secures £11.5 Million in Series A Funding to Revolutionise Immune Powered Precision Medicine". London. 2024-01-24
Bruker Corporation. (1/23/24). "Press Release: Biognosys Expands US Footprint with New Proteomics CRO Facility in Massachusetts". Zürich & Newton, MA. 2024-01-23
Sano Genetics Ltd.. (1/22/24). "Press Release: Sano Genetics Raises $11.4 Million Led by Plural to Power Precision Medicine Revolution with Seamless Trials". Cambridge. 2024-01-22
Stalicla S.A.. (1/16/24). "Press Release: Stalicla Secures $17.4 Million in Series B Financing to Propel Precision Neuro Advancements". Geneva. 2024-01-16
Disco Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (1/16/24). "Press Release: Disco Pharmaceuticals Launches as the Surfaceome Company with EUR 20 Million in Seed Financing". Cologne & Zurich. 2024-01-16
GSK plc. (1/9/24). "Press Release: GSK Enters Agreement to Acquire Aiolos Bio". 2024-01-09
Mesenbio Ltd.. (1/9/24). "Press Release: DSW Ventures and NG Bio Lead £1.4m Investment into University of York Spinout Mesenbio". 2024-01-09
Forbion Capital Partners. (1/9/24). "Press Release: Forbion Portfolio Company Aiolos Bio, Inc. (Aiolos) to Be Acquired by GSK for up to $1.4 Billion". 2024-01-09
Calypso Biotech B.V.. (1/8/24). "Press Release: Calypso Enters into Agreement to Be Acquired by Novartis". Amsterdam. 2024-01-08
SanReno Therapeutics. (1/5/24). "Press Release: SanReno Therapeutics Announces Acquisition by Novartis in Pivotal Transaction to Bring Forward Transformative Therapeutics in Kidney Disease". Shanghai. 2024-01-05
GlycoEra AG. (1/5/24). "Press Release: GlycoEra AG Announces New Investor, Appoints Industry Veteran Greg Fralish as Chief Business Officer". Newton, MA & Wädenswil. 2024-01-05
Full-Life Technologies. (1/4/24). "Press Release: Global Radiotherapeutics Company Full-Life Technologies Announces USD $47.3 Million Series B Financing, Prosperity7 Ventures Jointly Leads the Round". Shanghai, Gembloux & Heidelberg. 2024-01-04
Human Immunology Biosciences, Inc. (HI-Bio). (1/4/24). "Press Release: HI-Bio Announces $95 Million Series B Financing to Advance Targeted Therapies for Immune-Mediated Diseases". South San Francisco, CA. 2024-01-04
Affimed N.V.. (1/3/24). "Press Release: Affimed Announces Sale of Wholly-Owned Subsidiary AbCheck". Mannheim. 2024-01-03
Bruker Corporation. (1/3/24). "Press Release: Bruker Acquires Electron Microscopy Company Nion". Billerica, MA. 2024-01-03
Apollo Therapeutics. (1/2/24). "Press Release: Apollo Therapeutics Announces Second Close of Series C Financing Bringing Total Raised in Round to $260 Million". Cambridge & Boston, MA. 2024-01-02
Roche. (12/29/23). "Press Release: Roche Enters into a Definitive Agreement to Acquire LumiraDx's Point of Care Technology Combining Multiple Diagnostic Modalities on a Single Platform". Basel. 2023-12-29
PAI Partners SAS. (12/27/23). "Press Release: PAI Partners Enters into Agreement for the Sale of ELITech Group to Bruker Corporation". 2023-12-27
Eli Lilly and Company. (12/27/23). "Press Release: Lilly Completes Acquisition of Point Biopharma". Indianapolis, IN. 2023-12-27
Bruker Corporation. (12/26/23). "Form 8-K. Current Report [Acquisition of Elitech Group by Bruker for €870m from PAI Partners] CURRENT REPORT Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Date of Report (Date of earliest eve 2023-12-26
AstraZeneca plc. (12/26/23). "Press Release: AstraZeneca to Acquire Gracell, Furthering Cell Therapy Ambition across Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases". 2023-12-26
Gracell Biotechnologies Inc.. (12/26/23). "Press Release: Gracell Biotechnologies to Be Acquired by AstraZeneca, furthering Cell Therapy Ambition across Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases". San Diego, CA, Suzhou & Shanghai. 2023-12-26
Bristol Myers Squibb Company. (12/26/23). "Press Release: Bristol Myers Squibb Adds Premier Radiopharmaceutical Platform with Acquisition of RayzeBio". Princeton, NJ & San Diego, CA. 2023-12-26
Bristol Myers Squibb Company. (12/22/23). "Press Release: Bristol Myers Squibb Strengthens Neuroscience Portfolio with Acquisition of Karuna Therapeutics". Princeton, N.J. & Boston, MA. 2023-12-22
Paion AG. (12/22/23). "Press Release: Sale of the Business Operations". Aachen. 2023-12-22
Hookipa Pharma Inc.. (12/21/23). "Press Release: Hookipa Pharma Announces $21.25 Million Equity Investment from Gilead Sciences". New York, NY & Vienna. 2023-12-21
Metrion Biosciences Ltd.. (12/20/23). "Press Release: Metrion Biosciences Closes £3.7m New Equity Financing". Cambridge. 2023-12-20
AC Immune S.A.. (12/15/23). "Press Release: AC Immune Announces Pricing of Underwritten Offering of Common Shares". Lausanne. 2023-12-15
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