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Roche. (12/2/09). "Press Release: Roche’s Assay for 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus Is Regularly Updated with the Latest Virus Sequences". Penzberg. 2009-12-02
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics. (12/2/09). "Press Release: AMT Announces Management Changes in Light of Refocused Strategy". Amsterdam. 2009-12-02
Pepscan Holding N.V.. (12/2/09). "Press Release: Dutch Biotech Company Pepscan Appoints New CEO". Lelystad. 2009-12-02
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG. (12/2/09). "Press Release: Pfeiffer Vacuum Acquires Vacuum Component Manufacturer. Even More Extensive Solutions Offerings through Trinos Vakuum-Systeme GmbH". 2009-12-02
Agendia B.V.. (12/1/09). "Press Release: Medicare Administrator Establishes Reimbursement Coding Policy for Agendia’s Breast Cancer Recurrence Test MammaPrint". Huntington Beach, CA & Amsterdam. 2009-12-01
Life Sciences Bremen (LSB). (12/1/09). "Pressemitteilung: »Life Sciences Bremen« (LSB) präsentiert sich auf der Diagnostikbörse der »BioRegioN« in Göttingen". Bremen. 2009-12-01
Roche. (12/1/09). "Press Release: TriCore Evaluated Roche’s New MagNA Pure 96 Purification System for Research on Pathogenic Virus and Bacteria". Penzberg. 2009-12-01
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (12/1/09). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Appoints Fasteris First European Certified-Service Provider for Agilent’s Next-generation Sequencing Target Enrichment System". Santa Clara, CA & Geneva. 2009-12-01
Micromet, Inc.. (12/1/09). "Press Release: Bayer Schering Exercises Option to Develop Solid Tumor BiTE Antibody with Micromet". Bethesda, MD. 2009-12-01
GATC Biotech AG. (12/1/09). "Press Release: Complete Genomics and GATC Biotech Collaborate on Human Genome Sequencing Projects". Konstanz. 2009-12-01
SpectralWorks Ltd.. (12/1/09). "Press Release: SpectralWorks Announces Distributor for Japan". 2009-12-01
Osmetech plc. (12/1/09). "Press Release: Osmetech plc. Proposed Placing of 479,800,841 New Ordinary Shares at 2.05p per New Ordinary Share [including download of Prospectus]". 2009-12-01
Definiens AG. (11/30/09). "Press Release: Visage Imaging and Definiens Announce Partnership. Companies to Provide Advanced Oncology Imaging Solutions for the Clinical and Preclinical Domain". Munich et al.. 2009-11-30
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (11/27/09). "Press Release: With the Launch of the Latest Multimodality Software Generation for Industry Partner Hologic, MeVis Medical Solutions Sets a New Benchmark in Image-based Breast Cancer Diagnostics". Bremen. 2009-11-27
Lonza Group Ltd.. (11/25/09). "Press Release: Lonza and Micromet Enter into Agreement for the Manufacture of Blinatumomab". Basel. 2009-11-25
Wilex AG. (11/25/09). "Press Release: Wilex AG – Capital Increase. Subscription Price for New Wilex Shares Fixed at EUR 4.10". Munich. 2009-11-25
Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.. (11/25/09). "Press Release: Enigma Diagnostics Expands Its US and European Executive Management Teams. Opens US Headquarters in San Diego, California". Oxford & San Diego, CA. 2009-11-25
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (11/25/09). "Press Release: Hematris – Specialist in Blood Clotting – Attracts New Investors". Munich, Frankfurt & Bonn. 2009-11-25
Novartis. (11/25/09). "Press Release: Novartis Gains Rights to Two Oral Targeted Investigational Therapies Focusing on Patients with Life-threatening Blood Disorders and Cancers". Basel. 2009-11-25
European ScreeningPort GmbH. (11/25/09). "Pressemitteilung: Erfolgreiche Konferenz über innovative Technologien im Bereich der zellulären Wirkstoffforschung in Hamburg. Die European ScreeningPort GmbH und e. V. organisieren erstmalig das jährlic 2009-11-25
Corimmun GmbH. (11/25/09). "Press Release: Corimmun Has Successfully Started a Phase I Clinical Trial with Its Lead Compound COR-1". Martinsried. 2009-11-25
Clavis Pharma ASA. (11/24/09). "Press Release: Clavis Pharma and Clovis Oncology Sign $380 Million Partnership for the Development and Commercialisation of Anti-cancer Agent CP-4126". Oslo. 2009-11-24
Micromet, Inc.. (11/24/09). "Press Release: Micromet Enters into Agreement with Lonza for the Manufacture of Blinatumomab". Bethesda, MD. 2009-11-24
Informa plc. (11/24/09). "Press Release: Statement Regarding Press Speculation – Springer Science". 2009-11-24
Roche. (11/24/09). "Press Release: Roche and the Department of Health of Junta de Andalucía Collaborate in Spanish Medical Genome Project". Penzberg. 2009-11-24
Definiens AG. (11/24/09). "Press Release: Definiens Unveils Definiens LymphExpert 2.0. Image Analysis Software Incorporates Temporal Tracking and Remote Access Capabilities". Munich & Parsippany, NJ. 2009-11-24
Millipore Corporation. (11/23/09). "Press Release: Millipore Acquires Remaining Ownership of Its Joint-Venture in India. Transaction Will Accelerate Strategic Growth Initiatives in Attractive Indian Life Science Market". Billerica, MA. 2009-11-23
CCS Cell Culture Service GmbH. (11/22/09). "Press Release: CCS Hires Richard Field as COO, North America". San Francisco, CA. 2009-11-22
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (9/22/11). "Press Release: Almirall Enters into Integrated Discovery Agreement with Proteros". Barcelona. 2009-11-22
Kinaxo Biotechnologies GmbH. (11/20/09). "Press Release: Kinaxo Completes Financing Round to Enhance Biomarker Development". Martinsried. 2009-11-20
Roche. (11/20/09). "Press Release: European Medical Advisory Committee Does Not Recommend Approval of Avastin for Deadly Form of Brain Cancer". Basel. 2009-11-20
Roche. (11/19/09). "Press Release: 454 Life Sciences Unveils New Bench Top Sequencer, Significant Improvements to the Genome Sequencer FLX System Including 1,000 bp Reads for 2010". Branford, CT. 2009-11-19
Ribocon GmbH. (11/19/09). "Press Release: New Version of Our Automatic Linux + ARB Installation System ARBuntu 3.0 Released". 2009-11-19
BioXell S.p.A.. (11/18/09). "Press Release: BioXell Supports Planned Acquisition by Cosmo Pharmaceuticals. Public Tender Offer Expected to Be Launched by Cosmo in December". Milan. 2009-11-18
BioXell S.p.A.. (11/18/09). "Press Release: Cosmo Pharmaceuticals Offers to Acquire BioXell". Lainate. 2009-11-18
Roche. (11/18/09). "Press Release: New Cancer Research Tool. Roche’s CIM-Plate 16 Enables Real-time Analysis of Cell Migration on the xCELLigence System". Penzberg. 2009-11-18
Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.. (11/18/09). "Press Release: Enigma Diagnostics Showcases Its Unique Fully Automated rtPCR Based ML (Mini-Laboratory) Instrument for Point-of-Care Testing at MEDICA 2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany". Porton Down. 2009-11-18
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics. (11/18/09). "Press Release: AMT Provides Business Update for the Third Quarter 2009. Glybera Clinical Data Presented at Meeting of American Heart Association". Amsterdam. 2009-11-18
Tecan Group Ltd.. (11/18/09). "Press Release: Tecan Announces Change in Management Team. Matthias Düchting, Regional Head of Sales and Member of the Group Executvie Committee Is Leaving Tecan". Männedorf. 2009-11-18
Kreatech Diagnostics. (11/18/09). "Press Release: Kreatech Diagnostics Appoints New Management and Finalizes EUR 2 Million Financing Round". 2009-11-18
deCODE Genetics, Inc.. (11/17/09). "Press Release: deCODE genetics, Inc. Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petition to Facilitate Sale of Assets". Reykjavik. 2009-11-17
Roche. (11/17/09). "Press Release: Roche Announces the 6000th Installation of the cobas 6000 analyzer series". Rotkreuz. 2009-11-17
Roche. (11/17/09). "Press Release: Eurofins MWG Operon Joins Roche NimbleGen’s Certified Service Provider Program for Targeted Enrichment and Sequencing Services". Madison, WI. 2009-11-17
Wilex AG. (11/17/09). "Press Release: Wilex Starts Phase I Trial for WC-554 and Thereby Achieves Second Milestone of the Strategic Alliance with UCB". Munich. 2009-11-17
Protagen AG. (11/17/09). "Press Release: 1st User Meeting on Protein Arrays in Clinical Applications Underscores the High Potential for Indication Specific Marker Panels". Dortmund & New Jersey. 2009-11-17
Tecan Group Ltd.. (11/17/09). "Press Release: Tecan Announces Global OEM Agreement to Supply Fully Automated Solution for Hologic Cervista Molecular Diagnostics HPV Tests. Prototypes Have Already Been Successfully Tested". Männedorf. 2009-11-17
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (11/16/09). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Expands Life Science Disease Research Portfolio with Eurofins MWG Operon Asset Purchase". Santa Clara, CA. 2009-11-16
Bruker Corporation. (11/16/09). "Press Release: Bruker Appoints Bernd Gewiese and Werner Maas as Co-Presidents of Its Bruker BioSpin Division". Billerica, MA. 2009-11-16
Apogenix GmbH. (11/16/09). "Press Release: Apogenix Receives Orphan Drug Designation for APG101 in the US and Positive Opinion on Orphan Drug Designation in Europe". Heidelberg. 2009-11-16
Artes Biotechnology GmbH. (11/16/09). "Press Release: Artes and Rhein Minapharm Continue Their Successful Product Development Collaboration". Langenfeld & Cairo. 2009-11-16
CovalX AG. (11/15/09). "Press Release: Try CovalX’s HM2 on the New ABI MALDI ToF ToF 5800". 2009-11-15
Wilex AG. (11/13/09). "Bezugsangebot [Kapitalerhöhung unter Ausnutzung des Genehmigten Kapitals]. Nicht zur Verteilung, Veröffentlichung oder Weiterleitung in den USA, Kanda, Japan und Australien". München. 2009-11-13
Concept to Volume B.V. (C2V). (11/13/09). "Press Release: C2V Acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific". 2009-11-13
Pharmatching GmbH. (11/12/09). "Press Release: B2B Matchmaker for the Pharmaceutical Industry Launched". Freiburg. 2009-11-12
Olink Bioscience. (11/12/09). "Press Release: Olink Bioscience and Space Import-Export S.r.L. Sign Distribution Agreement for the Italian Market". Uppsala. 2009-11-12
MicroDiscovery GmbH. (11/12/09). "Pressemitteilung: Biotechnologie. MicroDiscovery und Bayer Schering Pharma verlängern erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit". Berlin. 2009-11-12
PanGenetics B.V.. (11/12/09). "Press Release: PanGenetics Announces Acquisition by Abbott of PG110 anti-NGF Antibody to Treat Chronic Pain". Utrecht & Cambridge. 2009-11-12
Mobidiag Oy. (11/11/09). "Press Release: Mobidiag Launches Rapid DNA Microarray Technology for Diagnostics of Bone and Joint Infections". Birmingham. 2009-11-11
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (11/11/09). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific and Markes International Announce Global Distribution Agreement. Agreement Allows Customers Requiring Thermal Desorption to Realize Productivity Gains offered by Thermo S 2009-11-11
Wilex AG. (11/11/09). "Press Release: Wilex AG Resolves Capital Increase Using Authorised Capital". Munich. 2009-11-11
Evotec AG. (11/10/09). "Press Release: Evotec to Voluntarily Delist from NASDAQ". Hamburg. 2009-11-10
Life Technologies Corporation. (11/10/09). "Press Release: University of Cambridge and Life Technologies Collaborate on Landmark High Throughput Sequencing Hub in United Kingdom". Carlsbad, CA. 2009-11-10
Roche. (11/10/09). "Press Release: Researchers Use 454 Sequencing System to Complete Draft Genome Sequence for Cassava. A $1.3 Million Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Will Fund the Next Phase of Research that Is Critical to Global Food Securit 2009-11-10
Argen-X B.V.. (11/10/09). "Press Release: Argen-X Opens New R&D Facility in Flanders". Rotterdam. 2009-11-10
KeyGene N.V.. (11/9/09). "Press Release: Ankur Seeds and KeyGene to Collaborate on Molecular Marker Development in Field Crop Breeding". Wageningen. 2009-11-09
Evotec AG. (11/9/09). "Press Release: Evotec and Boehringer Ingelheim Extend and Broaden Research Collaboration. Strategic Research Collaboration Continues for another 4 Years at a Value of EUR 15 Million plus Milestones and Royalties". Hamburg. 2009-11-09
Qiagen N.V.. (11/9/09). "Press Release: Qiagen to Acquire SABiosciences. Transaction Adds to Qiagen’s Content Engine for Development of Future Diagnostics and Boosts the Company’s Presence in Pharma Discovery and Validation". Venlo. 2009-11-09
Qiagen N.V.. (11/9/09). "Press Release: Qiagen Reports Strong Third Quarter 2009 Results". Venlo. 2009-11-09
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (11/9/09). "Press Release: New Products Deliver Third-quarter Profits for MeVis Medical Solutions. Interim Report Q3/2009". Bremen. 2009-11-09
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. (11/9/09). "Pressemitteilung: Bremer Life Sciences-Unternehmen stellen sich vor. WFB und BIS unterstützten Life Sciences-Forum". Bremen. 2009-11-09
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. (11/9/09). "Pressemitteilung: Bindeglied zwischen Wissenschaft und angewandter Medizin. Kooperationszentrum Medizin etabliert sich". Bremen. 2009-11-09
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. (11/9/09). "Pressemitteilung: Neue Methode zur Labordiagnostik bei Krebserkrankungen. Tumortherapie – besser wissen, was wirkt". Bremen. 2009-11-09
Olink Bioscience. (11/9/09). "Press Release: Olink Bioscience and Axxora LLC Sign Distribution Agreement for Duolink in the North American Market". Uppsala. 2009-11-09
Ascenion GmbH. (11/9/09). "Press Release: Ascenion Takes an Equity Position in Photonion GmbH. New Technology for the Online Analysis of Complex Organic Gases". Munich. 2009-11-09
Qiagen N.V.. (11/5/09). "Press Release: Qiagen and British Veterinary Laboratories Agency Expand Partnership in Veterinary Testing. New Agreement Covers Widespread Bacterial Infections in Horses". Venlo. 2009-11-05
Roche. (11/5/09). "Press Release: Roche Receives CE Mark Certification for the Second Analytical Module for cobas 8000 Modular Analyzer Series". Rotkreuz. 2009-11-05
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (11/5/09). "Press Release: Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Technology Selected by the Medical Research Council for Groundbreaking Metabolomics and Lipidomics Research". 2009-11-05
General Electric Company. (11/5/09). "Press Release: GE Healthcare Collaborates with USP Hospitales in Spain, and Fedrico II, University of Naples in Italy, to Evaluate Latest Ultrasound Innovation". Brussels. 2009-11-05
Micromet, Inc.. (11/5/09). "Press Release: Micromet Buys Out MedImmune’s Remaining Rights to Blinatumomab". Bethesda, MD. 2009-11-05
Millipore Corporation. (11/5/09). "Press Release: Millipore Reports Third Quarter 2009 Financial Results. Company Generates 7 Percent Organic Revenue Growth and $112 Million of Free Cash Flow". Billerica, MA. 2009-11-05
OncoMethylome Sciences S.A.. (11/5/09). "Press Release: OncoMethylome Announces Ssecond Business Update for 2009 and Several Business Changes". Liège. 2009-11-05
Micromet, Inc.. (11/5/09). "Press Release: Micromet, Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2009 Financial Results". Bethesda, MD. 2009-11-05
Exonhit Therapeutics S.A.. (11/5/09). "Press Release: ExonHit Therapeutics Announces the Appointment of Its New Chief Financial Officer". Paris. 2009-11-05
Fraunhofer MEVIS. (11/4/09). "Pressemitteilung: Prof. Dr. Matthias Günther tritt Professur für MR-Bildgebung am Fraunhofer MEVIS und der Universität Bremen an". 2009-11-04
Novartis. (11/4/09). "Press Release: Novartis to Expand Its Human Vaccines Presence in China through Proposed Acquisition of a Majority Stake in Zhejiang Tanyuan". Basel. 2009-11-04
Evolva S.A.. (11/4/09). "Press Release: Arpida Announces Definitive Combination Agreement with Evolva. Arpida Shareholders’ Meeting to Take Place on 26 November 2009". Reinach. 2009-11-04
Domain Therapeutics S.A.. (11/4/09). "Press Release: Domain Therapeutics Announces Successful Completion of the First Milestone in Its Research Agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical". Strasbourg. 2009-11-04
GATC Biotech AG. (11/3/09). "Press Release: GATC Biotech Soon Opens Sequencing Laboratory in London". Constance. 2009-11-03
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies’ Next-generation-sequencing Human Exome Target Enrichment Portfolio Now Available for SOLiD". Santa Clara, CA. 2009-11-03
Lonza. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Lonza Integrates Innovative Technology in Its Protein Design Services Offering". Basel. 2009-11-03
Roche. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Roche NimbleGen Arrays Help Unveil the Secrets of Insidious Potato Blight". Madison, WI. 2009-11-03
Link Technologies Ltd.. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Link Technologies Inks First License to RiboTask’s Unlocked Nucleic Acid (UNO) Monomers". Bellshill. 2009-11-03
Novartis. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Novartis Announces USD 1 Billion Investment to Build Largest Pharmaceutical R&D Institute in China". Beijing. 2009-11-03
SpectralWorks Ltd.. (11/3/09). "Press Release: AgResearch to Use SpectralWorks Software for Metabolomics Research". 2009-11-03
bioMérieux S.A.. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Alain Pluquet’s Appointment". Marcy l’Étoile. 2009-11-03
Cevec Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Cevec Raises €4m to Finance Strong Growth of Human CAP Technology". Cologne. 2009-11-03
Symphogen A/S. (11/3/09). "Press Release: Symphogen Opens US Operations in Princeton, New Jersey. US Subsidiary Supports Expanding Opportunities for Symphogen’s Novel Antibody Pipeline and Discovery and Expression Platforms". Copenhagen & Princeton, NJ. 2009-11-03
Noxxon Pharma AG. (11/2/09). "Press Release: Noxxon Announces Initiation of First-in-Human Clinical Trial with Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilizing Spiegelmer NOX-A12". Berlin. 2009-11-02
Probiodrug AG. (11/2/09). "Press Release: Probiodrug Closes Series B Financing Round Exceeding EUR 36 Million (US$54 Million)". Halle/Saale. 2009-11-02
Roche. (11/2/09). "Press Release: Roche Applied Science Announces CGX Arrays Designed by Signature Genomics for Microarray-based Cytogenetic Analysis". Madison, WI. 2009-11-02
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