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MedinCell S.A.. (11/30/22). "Press Release: Additional US$ 4 Million Received for Next Development Steps of MedinCell’s 6-month Active Injectable Bioresorbable Subcutaneous Contraceptive". Montpellier. 2022-11-30
faCelliate GmbH. (11/30/22). "Press Release: faCellitate Appoints Christoph Petry, Ph.D. to Become Managing Director and CEO". Mannheim. 2022-11-30
BioNTech SE. (11/30/22). "Press Release: BioNTech and Ryvu Therapeutics Enter into Global Collaboration to Develop and Commercialize Immuno-Modulatory Small Molecule Candidates". Mainz & Krakow. 2022-11-30
Sotio Biotech a.s.. (11/29/22). "Press Release: Sotio Exercises Option for Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate Program under Agreement with LegoChem Biosciences". Prague. 2022-11-29
AstraZeneca plc. (11/29/22). "Press Release: AstraZeneca to Acquire Neogene Therapeutics, Accelerating Ambition in Oncology Cell Therapy". 2022-11-29
Touchlight Genetics Ltd.. (11/29/22). "Press Release: Touchlight Receives Grant to Advance Rapid, Scalable and Thermostable doggybone DNA Vaccine Platform". Hampton. 2022-11-29
BioWin. (11/29/22). "Press Release: BioWin Expands Its »Growth & Financing« Member Service by Appointing Two Industry Experts". Gosselies. 2022-11-29
MiGenTra GmbH. (11/29/22). "Press Release: Bioventure, Minapharm Pharmaceuticals and MiGenTra Sign an Exclusive Agreement for the Commercialization of Multiple Biosimilar Candidates of Alvotech in the Middle East and Africa". 2022-11-29
Full-Life Technologies Ltd.. (11/29/22). "Press Release: Full-Life Technologies to Acquire Focus-X Therapeutics, Bolstering Peptide-focused Radiopharmaceutical Pipeline". Brussels, Watchung, NJ & Shanghai. 2022-11-29
V7 Ltd.. (11/28/22). "Press Release: V7 Raises a $33m Series A to Help Teams Build Robust AI, Faster". London. 2022-11-28
Technische Universität München. (11/28/22). "Press Release: Nanoswitches for Tumor Targeting. TUM Spin-off Plectonic Develops Antibody-based Immunotherapies". 2022-11-28
Hemispherian AS. (11/24/22). "Press Release: Hemispherian Raises the First Tranche of a Series A to Fund the Development of Its Novel Cancer Therapeutics". Oslo. 2022-11-24
Temedica GmbH. (11/23/22). "Press Release: Temedica Raises another €25 Million in Series B Funding to Expand Its Unique Real-world Insights Ecosystem". Munich. 2022-11-23
Uniqure N.V.. (11/22/22). "Press Release: Uniqure Announces FDA Approval of First Gene Therapy for Adults with Hemophilia B". Research Triangle Park, NC. 2022-11-22
Novo Nordisk A/S. (11/22/22). "Press Release: Novo Nordisk Invests DKK 5.4 bn Danish Kroner in Expansion of Clinical Manufacturing Facilities in Bagsværd, Denmark". Bagsværd. 2022-11-22
Oxford Biomedica plc. (11/22/22). "Press Release: Oxford Biomedica Appoints Dr Frank Mathias as Chief Executive Officer". Oxford. 2022-11-22
Catalym GmbH. (11/22/22). "Press Release: Catalym Closes EUR 50 Million Series C Financing to Expand and Accelerate Phase 2 Clinical Development of Visugromab in Patients with Solid Tumors". Oxford. 2022-11-22
Turbine Simulated Cell Technologies Ltd.. (11/22/22). "Press Release: Turbine Raises €20 Million in Series A Financing to Advance Programs & Partnerships Towards the Clinic with World’s First Cancer Cell Simulation Platform". London & Budapest. 2022-11-22
FogPharma (Fog Pharmaceuticals Inc.). (11/21/22). "Press Release: FogPharma Announces $178 Million Series D Financing to Advance Pipeline of First-in-Class Helicon Polypeptide Therapeutics Targeting Major Cancer Drivers". Cambridge, MA. 2022-11-21
Accession Therapeutics. (11/21/22). "Press Release: Accession Therapeutics Raises £16.6m to Advance Potent Immunotherapies towards Clinical Trials". Oxford. 2022-11-21
Xlife Sciences AG. (11/21/22). "Press Release: Xlife Sciences Initiates a Review of Strategic Options". Zürich. 2022-11-21
Valneva S.E.. (11/17/22). "Press Release: Valneva Appoints Dipal Patel as Chief Commercial Officer". Saint-Herblain. 2022-11-17
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (11/17/22). "Press Release: FundaMental Pharma Launches with EUR 10 Million in Seed Financing Led by BGV and Thuja Capital to Advance a First-in-Class Neuroprotectant". Heidelberg. 2022-11-17
Sarcura GmbH. (11/17/22). "Press Release: Sarcura Secures € 7M Seed Plus Funding to Revolutionize Cell Therapy Manufacturing". Klosterneuburg. 2022-11-17
Cradle Bio B.V.. (11/17/22). "Press Release: Biotech Startup Cradle Exits Stealth, Raises $5.5M to Design Protein-machines and Cell-factories with AI". 2022-11-17
Novigenix S.A.. (11/16/22). "Press Release: Novigenix Announces First Closing of Its $20M Series B". Lausanne. 2022-11-16
Kriya Therapeutics, Inc.. (11/16/22). "Press Release: Kriya Acquires Redpin Therapeutics, Adding Neurology Pipeline to Gene Therapy Portfolio". Redwood City, CA & Research Triangle Park, NC. 2022-11-16
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (11/16/22). "Press Release: Rentschler Biopharma Appoints Christiane Bardroff as Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board". Laupheim. 2022-11-16
Jnana Therapeutics Inc.. (11/15/22). "Press Release: Jnana Therapeutics Announces Second Collaboration with Roche to Address Challenging-to-Drug Targets in Cancer, Immune-Mediated and Neurological Diseases". Boston, MA. 2022-11-15
Jnana Therapeutics Inc.. (11/15/22). "Press Release: Jnana Therapeutics Raises $107 Million to Advance Lead PKU Program and Progress Therapeutics Pipeline Discovered by the RAPID Platform". Boston, MA. 2022-11-15
Touchlight Genetics Ltd.. (11/15/22). "Press Release: Touchlight Signs License Agreement with Voyager for Use of Touchlight’s DNA Technology in Voyager’s Capsid Discovery Platform". Hampton. 2022-11-15
Bruker Corporation. (11/14/22). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Agreement to Acquire Neurescence Inc., Bolstering Neuroscience Research Portfolio". Billerica, MA. 2022-11-14
BioNTech SE. (11/14/22). "Press Release: BioNTech Expands Global Footprint by Acquiring GMP Manufacturing Site to Establish First mRNA Facility in Singapore". Mainz & Singapore. 2022-11-14
Air Liquide Healthcare. (11/14/22). "Press Release: Air Liquide Healthcare Federates Its Biobanking Activity under the Name BioKryo and Inaugurates Its New Site in Germany". Bagneux. 2022-11-14
Bayer AG. (11/10/22). "Press Release: Bayer Acquires German Biotech Start-up Targenomix". Monheim. 2022-11-10
NRG Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/9/22). "Press Release: NRG Therapeutics Announces £16 Million Series A to Advance Mitochondrial Therapeutics for Parkinson’s and ALS". Stevenage. 2022-11-09
Selvita S.A.. (11/9/22). "Press Release: Selvita Group Reports Strong Business Performance for Q3 YTD 2022". Kraków. 2022-11-09
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (11/8/22). "Press Release: Adaptimmune Reports Third-Quarter Financial Results and Business Update". Philadelphia, PA & Oxford. 2022-11-08
PrecisionLife Ltd.. (11/8/22). "Press Release: PrecisionLife to Evaluate Precision Medicine Potential of Sosei Heptares Neuroscience GPCR Target". 2022-11-08
Azenta, Inc.. (11/8/22). "Press Release: Azenta and the Government of Luxembourg Announce a Memorandum of Understanding to Facilitate Continued Healthcare Technology Development in Luxembourg". Chelmsford, MA. 2022-11-08
Bruker Corporation. (11/8/22). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Acquisition of Inscopix for Neuroscience Research". Mountain View, CA. 2022-11-08
Insilico Medicine. (11/8/22). "Press Release: Insilico Medicine Signs Strategic Research Collaboration with Sanofi Worth up to $1.2 Billion". New York, NY. 2022-11-08
VectorY B.V.. (11/8/22). "Press Release: VectorY Appoints Sander van Deventer as CEO and Makes Key Appointments to Its Leadership Team". Amsterdam. 2022-11-08
BC Platforms AG. (11/8/22). "Press Release: BC Platforms Announces USD 20 Million Growth Financing Led by Jolt Capital". 2022-11-08
Bruker Corporation. (11/7/22). "Press Release: Bruker Corporation to Participate in the 2022 Jefferies London Healthcare Conference". Billerica, MA. 2022-11-07
OxSonics Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/7/22). "Press Release: Jérôme Marzinski Appointed as Chief Executive Officer". Oxford. 2022-11-07
Ubiquigent Ltd.. (11/7/22). "Press Release: Ubiquigent Appoints Dr Hozefa Amijee as Head of Business Development". Dundee. 2022-11-07
Exscientia plc. (11/3/22). "Press Release: Exscientia Expands Biologics Design Capability with Automated Laboratory". Oxford. 2022-11-03
Affimed N.V.. (11/3/22). "Press Release: Affimed and Artiva Biotherapeutics Announce Partnership to Advance Combination Therapy of Innate Cell Engager (ICE) AFM13 and Off-the-Shelf Allogeneic NK Cell Therapy AB-101". Heidelberg & San Diego, CA. 2022-11-03
Centogene N.V.. (11/3/22). "Press Release: Centogene Launches Rare and Neurodegenerative Disease Biodata Network". Cambridge, MA, Rostock & Berlin. 2022-11-03
Bayer AG. (11/3/22). "Press Release: Leaps by Bayer Leads Investment Round in AgTech Pioneer NuCicer to Bring Unique and Cost-effective Plant-protein Ingredients to Market by 2023". Davis, CA & Leverkusen. 2022-11-03
Novadip Biosciences S.A.. (11/3/22). "Press Release: Novadip Biosciences Raises Additional EUR 40 Million Bringing Total Company Funding to EUR 88 Million". Mont-Saint-Guibert. 2022-11-03
Werfen. (11/3/22). "Press Release: Werfen to Acquire Immucor, Inc., Expanding Its Presence in Specialized DiagnosticsNeurological Disorders". Barcelona. 2022-11-03
Enzyre B.V.. (11/2/22). "Press Release: Enzyre Closes Series A Financing Round of EUR 12M to Advance Pioneering Diagnostic Technology Platform for Hemophilia Patients". Nijmegen. 2022-11-02
Affimed N.V.. (11/1/22). "Press Release: Affimed to Present at the 2022 Jefferies London Healthcare Conference". Heidelberg. 2022-11-01
ADC Therapeutics S.A.. (11/1/22). "Press Release: ADC Therapeutics Appoints Kristen Harrington-Smith as Chief Commercial Officer and Peter Graham as Chief Legal Officer". Lausanne. 2022-11-01
Memo Therapeutics AG. (11/1/22). "Press Release: Memo Therapeutics AG and Ono Pharmaceutical Enter Antibody Discovery Partnership for Immuno-oncology Targets". Schlieren. 2022-11-01
Exscientia plc. (11/1/22). "Press Release: Exscientia to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences in November". Oxford. 2022-11-01
ASC Oncology GmbH. (11/1/22). "Press Release: ASC Oncology Proudly Announces New Partnership with Tamer Group". Berlin. 2022-11-01
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (10/31/22). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific to Acquire The Binding Site Group". Waltham, MA. 2022-10-31
BioRaptor. (10/3122). "Press Release: Bio-Tech Startup BioRaptor Raises $3M Seed Round to Put AI-insights in the Hands of Scientists". Tel Aviv. 2022-10-31
Eagle Genomics Ltd.. (10/31/22). "Press Release: Eagle Genomics Announces USD 20M First Close, Scale-up Funding to Accelerate the Application of Microbiome Science for Global ‘One Health’ Innovation". Cambridge. 2022-10-31
PhoreMost Ltd.. (10/28/22). "Press Release: PhoreMost Enters Multi-target Collaboration with Targeted Protein Degradation Leader Arvinas". Cambridge. 2022-10-28
Evotec SE. (10/28/22). "Press Release: Evotec, CDP Venture Capital and Angelini Ventures Launch Translational Partnership »Extend« with Leading Italian Academic Institutions". Hamburg. 2022-10-28
MorphoSys AG. (10/27/22). "Press Release: GSK, MorphoSys’ Licensing Partner, Provides Update on ContRAst Phase III Program for Otilimab in Moderate to Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis". Planegg. 2022-10-27
Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC). (10/26/22). "Press Release: Medicines Discovery Catapult Appoints International Entrepreneur Volker Hirsch to Bolster Commercial Expertise". 2022-10-26
Kizoo Technology Capital GmbH. (10/26/22). "Press Release: Kizoo Invests in Rejuvenation Startup MoglingBio". Berlin & Ulm. 2022-10-26
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (10/25/22). "Press Release: Adaptimmune Enhances Its Pipeline of Wholly Owned Cell Therapies for Cancer with Transfer of PRAME and NY-ESO Target Programs from GSK". Philadelphia, PA & Oxford. 2022-10-25
Alto Neuroscience Inc.. (10/25/22). "Press Release: Alto Neuroscience Announces $35 Million Series B Financing". Los Altos, CA. 2022-10-25
Resolve Biosciences GmbH. (10/25/22). "Press Release: Resolve Biosciences Appoints Chief Commercial Officer to Drive Worldwide Adoption of Molecular Cartography Workflow". Monheim. 2022-10-25
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (10/25/22). "Press Release: Proteros and Adrestia Initiate Multi-target Partnership to Discover First-in-class Drugs for Intractable Genetic Diseases". Martinsried. 2022-10-25
Evotec SE. (10/25/22). "Press Release: Evotec Enters Partnership with Hannover Medical School to Create Molecular Patient Database in Autoimmune Diseases". Hamburg. 2022-10-25
Normunity, Inc.. (10/25/22). "Press Release: Normunity Announces $65 Million Series A Financing to Expand the Frontier of Precision Immuno-oncology with Immune Normalizer Therapies". Boston, MA & West Haven, CT. 2022-10-25
Resolve Biosciences GmbH. (10/24/22). "Press Release: Resolve Biosciences Secures $71 Million Series B Financing to Accelerate Commercial Expansion to Meet Global Demand for Molecular Cartography Workflow". Monheim. 2022-10-24
HMNC Holding GmbH. (10/20/22). "Press Release: HMNC Brain Health Raises EUR 14.3 million to Advance Precision Psychiatry Therapies". Munich. 2022-10-20
Enhanc3D Genomics Ltd.. (10/20/22). "Press Release: Enhanc3D Genomics Raises £10 Million in Series A Financing to Advance GenLink3D Proprietary Technology Platform". Cambridge. 2022-10-20
Boehringer Ingelheim. (10/20/22). "Press Release: University of Tübingen and Boehringer Ingelheim Join Forces to Lead AI and Data Science R&D for New Medical Breakthroughs". Tübingen & Ingelheim. 2022-10-20
FyoniBio GmbH. (10/20/22). "Press Release: FyoniBio and Strike Pharma Sign a Master Service Agreement Covering Cell Line Development for a Novel Bi-specific Therapeutic mAb". Berlin & Stockholm. 2022-10-20
AbbVie Inc.. (10/20/22). "Press Release: AbbVie Acquires DJS Antibodies, Further Strengthening Immunology Pipeline". North Chicago, IL. 2022-10-20
Hookipa Pharma Inc.. (10/20/22). "Press Release: Hookipa Announces Strategic Collaboration and License Agreement with Roche to Develop Novel Arenaviral Immunotherapy for KRAS-mutated Cancers". New York, NY & Vienna. 2022-10-20
Univercells S.A.. (10/19/22). "Press Release: Univercells Raises € 44 Million in First Close of Its Series D". Brussels. 2022-10-19
Celeris Therapeutics GmbH. (10/19/22). "Press Release: Celeris Therapeutics to Receive 12.5 Million Euros in Funding from the European Innovation Council". Graz. 2022-10-19
Aqemia S.A.S.. (10/19/22). "Press Release: Aqemia Raises €30M to Scale its Deep Physics and AI Enabled Drug Discovery Pipeline". Paris. 2022-10-19
Nucleome Therapeutics Ltd.. (10/19/22). "Press Release: Nucleome Therapeutics Raises oversubscribed £37.5 Million Series A Financing to Decode the Dark Matter of the Human Genome and Deliver First-in-Class Precision Medicines". Oxford. 2022-10-19
Hemispherian AS. (10/19/22). "Press Release: Hemispherian Secures EUR 10M in Financing from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Program". Oslo. 2022-10-19
Orionis Biosciences. (10/19/22). "Press Release: Orionis Biosciences Secures $55 Million Financing to Support Advancement into Clinic". Boston, MA & Ghent. 2022-10-19
Empyrean Neuroscience, Inc.. (10/18/22). "Press Release: Empyrean Neuroscience Launches with $22M Series A and Genetic Engineering Platform to Advance Pipeline of Neuroactive Compounds Targeting CNS Disorders". New York, NY & Cambridge. 2022-10-18
Anokion S.A.. (10/18/22). "Press Release: Anokion Announces $35 Million Equity Investment from Pfizer". Cambridge, MA & Lausanne. 2022-10-18
GSK plc. (10/18/22). "Press Release: GSK Announces Expanded Collaboration with Tempus in Precision Medicine to Accelerate R&D". London. 2022-10-18
Immunethep S.A.. (10/18/22). "Press Release: Immunethep Receives Funding from the European Innovation Council for Clinical Trials". Cantanhede. 2022-10-18
Clinical Microbiomics A/S. (10/17/22). "Press Release: Clinical Microbiomics Acquire MS-Omics to Become Leading Multi-omics Provider for the Microbiome field". Copenhagen. 2022-10-17
Co.don AG. (10/17/22). "Pressemitteilung: Vereinbarung über die Veräußerung des Geschäftsbetriebs". Teltow & Leipzig. 2022-10-17
PBD Biotech Ltd.. (10/17/22). "Press Release: PBD Biotech Raises further £2.4m for Its Breakthrough Tuberculosis Blood Test". 2022-10-17
Innovation Zero. (10/17/22). "Press Release: Major Climate and Cleantech Congress Announces First International Trade and Innovation Keynote Speakers". London. 2022-10-17
Mablink Bioscience S.A.S.. (10/14/22). "Press Release: Mablink Bioscience Announces a €31 Million Series A Funding Round Led by Sofinnova Partners and Mérieux Equity Partners". Lyon. 2022-10-14
Matchpoint Therapeutics, Inc.. (10/14/22). "Press Release: Matchpoint Therapeutics Launches with $100 Million to Deliver on the Promise of Precision Covalent Medicines for Immune Diseases". Cambridge, MA. 2022-10-14
BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH. (10/12/22). "Press Release: Osaka and Munich Continue Their Cuccessful Partnership". 2022-10-12
Wacker Chemie AG. (10/12/22). "Press Release: Neuway Pharma and Wacker Launch Research Project to Develop RNA-Based Actives for the Treatment of Central Nervous System Diseases". Munich & Bonn. 2022-10-12
Apollo Health Ventures. (10/11/22). "Press Release: Apollo Health Ventures and Paul Scherrer Institute Launch Focal Biosciences". Boston, MA, Berlin & Villigen. 2022-10-11
faCelliate GmbH. (10/11/22). "Press Release: faCellitate Starts Marketing New 384-well Spheroid Microplate". Mannheim. 2022-10-11
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