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Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH. (9/30/10). "Press Release: Caprotec Bioanalytics Announces Commercial Launch of Three New caproKits for Applications in Functional Proteomics and Drug Development". Berlin & Burlington, MA. 2010-09-30
AB Sciex. (9/30/10). "Press Release: Leading Researchers to Present Scientific Advancements at First European Conference on Mass Spectrometry Hosted by AB Sciex". Amsterdam. 2010-09-30
Signature Diagnostics AG. (9/30/10). "Press Release: Signature Diagnostics Appoints Rainer Kramer to Chief Business Officer and Member of the Management Board". Potsdam. 2010-09-30
Intercell AG. (9/30/10). "Press Release: Intercell AG Appoints Staph Leavenworth Bakali as Chief Business Officer. Management Board Addition with a Successful Proven Track Record in Vaccine Industry". Vienna. 2010-09-30
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (9/30/10). "Press Release: Fresh Capital for Further Development of Label-free Analytic Devices". Bonn & Stuttgart. 2010-09-30
Atlas Biolabs GmbH. (9/30/10). "Press Release: Atlas Biolabs Has Licensed Cartagenia Software for Analysis and Interpretation of Genetic Data". Berlin. 2010-09-30
Proteome Sciences plc. (9/30/10). "Press Release: Results for the Six Months Ended 30th June 2010". 2010-09-30
Corimmun GmbH. (10/10). "Press Release: Corimmun GmbH Closes a EUR 7.45 Million Financing Round with MIG AG as Lead Investor". Martinsried. 2010-10-01
BioRegioN. (10/1/10). "Pressemitteilung: BioRegioN mit neuem Gesicht auf der Biotechnica". 2010-10-01
MicroDiscovery GmbH. (10/4/10). "Press Release: MicroDiscovery Launches New Version of Its Analytical Software GeneSpotter". Berlin. 2010-10-04
MicroDiscovery GmbH. (10/4/10). "Press Release: MicroDiscovery und Bayer Schering Pharma verlängern erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit". Berlin. 2010-10-04
Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH. (10/4/10). "Press Release: Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH Appoints Prof. Dr. Rainer Metternich as Managing Director, Chief Business Officer and Chief Operationg Officer". Berlin & Burlington, MA. 2010-10-04
AB Sciex. (10/4/10). "Press Release: ETH Zurich Develops the World’s First Proteomics MRM Atlas with QTRAP Technology from AB Sciex. Online Database of Mass Spectrometry-based Assays to Accelerate Protein Analysis". Foster City, CA. 2010-10-04
CureVac GmbH. (10/4/10). "Press Release: CureVac Presents Convincing Data from the First Ever Phase I/IIa Clinical Study with a mRNA Based Vaccine. Strong Results in Safety, Tolerability and Biological Activity – First Important Validation of CureVac’s R 2010-10-04
Convergence Pharmaceutcals Ltd.. (10/4/10). "Press Release: Convergence Pharmaceuticals Launched Out of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to Focus on Novel High Value Analgesics – Raise $35.4 Million". Cambridge. 2010-10-04
Intercell AG. (10/4/10). "Press Release: Eric Frings Joins Intercell Biomedical Ltd. as Site Director". Vienna. 2010-10-04
New American Therapeutics, Inc.. (10/4/10). "Press Release: New American Therapeutics Acquires Antiviral Drug Denavir". Cranford, NJ. 2010-10-04
Enzymicals AG. (10/4/10). "Press Release: Enzymicals AG Acquires Proprietary Rights on Pig Liver Esterases (PLE) from Evonik AG". Greifswald. 2010-10-04
Evotec AG. (10/5/10). "Press Release: Evotec and Shionogi Enter Fragment-based Drug Discovery Alliance". Hamburg. 2010-10-05
MorphoSys AG. (10/5/10). "Press Release: MorphoSys Further Strengthens US Patent Position on Core Technologies". 2010-10-05
Evocatal GmbH. (10/5/10). "Press Release: Evocatal and Eucodis Bioscience Enter into Collaboration Agreement". Vienna & Düsseldorf. 2010-10-05
Analytik Jena AG. (10/5/10). "Press Release: Analytik Jena Launches Real-time PCR Devices". Jena. 2010-10-05
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT) Holding N.V.. (10/5/10). "Press Release: Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Launches Equity Offering of Up to €15 Million". Amsterdam. 2010-10-05
AbCheck s.r.o.. (10/5/10). "Press Release: ABCheck – Antibody Discovery Deal. First Validation of Technology and Business Approach". Plzen. 2010-10-05
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. (10/5/10). "Pressemitteilung: Charité bildet eines der größten universitären Pathologie-Diagnostikzentren in Europa". 2010-10-05
European ScreeningPort GmbH. (10/5/10). "Pressemitteilung: Promega und European ScreeningPort kooperieren. Entwicklung von Hochdurchsatztests für die Wirkstofferforschung im Bereich epigenetischer Krankheiten". Mannheim. 2010-10-05
SpectralWorks Ltd.. (10/5/10). "Press Release: 2nd Australasian Symposium on Metabolomics and Metabolomics Workshop. 30th September to 5th October 2010 [press release date approx.]". 2010-10-05
SAW Instruments GmbH. (10/5/10). "Press Release: SAW Instruments Make a Noise in Biological Detection. SAW Instruments Launch Novel sam5 Biosensor for Adressing Membranes, Vesicles and Cells". 2010-10-05
Epigenomics AG. (10/6/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG and NextPharma Sign Global Manufacturing Deal for Colorectal Cancer Blood Test". Berlin & Surrey. 2010-10-06
OncoMethylome Sciences S.A.. (10/6/10). "Press Release: OncoMethylome Sciences Changes Its Name to MDxHealth". Durham, NC & Liège. 2010-10-06
Cellzome. (10/6/10). "Press Release: Cellzome Appoints Prof. Tony Kouzarides and Dr. Peter Machin to Scientific Advisory Board". Heidelberg & Cambridge. 2010-10-06
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT) Holding N.V.. (10/6/10). "Press Release: Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Successfully Raised €14.3m through an Equity Issue". Amsterdam. 2010-10-06
Crucell N.V.. (10/6/10). "Press Release: Johnson & Johnson and Crucell Reach Agreement on Intended Public Offer of €24.75 per Ordinary Share of Crucell. Johnson & Johnson’s Resources and International Reach Will Accelerate Crucell’s Growth and Further Ex 2010-10-06
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT) Holding N.V.. (10/6/10). "Press Release: Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT) Holding N.V. – Pricing Statement". Amsterdam. 2010-10-06
Symphogen A/S. (10/6/10). "Press Release: Symphogen and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Receive U.S. Orphan Drug Designation for Rozrolimupab in ITP". Copenhagen & Stockholm. 2010-10-06
General Electric Company. (10/6/10). "Press Release: Mark Vachon Named Vice President, Ecomagination". Fairfield, CT. 2010-10-06
MorphoSys AG. (10/7/10). "Press Release: MorphoSys Announces Acquisition of Sloning. Combination of Technologies Set to Increase Success Rates in Drug Development". 2010-10-07
Cepheid. (10/7/10). "Press Release: Cepheid Collaborates with Pharmaceutical Leader on Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia". Sunnyvale, CA. 2010-10-07
General Electric Company. (10/7/10). "Press Release: Completion of the Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network Leverages GE Healthcare Technology. GE Provides Technological Backbone for Vendor Neural, Pan-regional Diagnostic Imaging Repository". 2010-10-07
Genzyme Corporation. (10/7/10). "Press Release: Genzyme Board Unanimously Rejects Sanofi-Aventis Tender Offer. Recommends that Shareholders Not Tender Their Shares". Cambridge, MA. 2010-10-07
Signature Diagnostics AG. (10/8/10). "Press Release: Signature Diagnostics to Present Company’s Newest Product in Colorectal Cancer Screening at the 35th ESMO Congress in Milan". Potsdam. 2010-10-08
Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. (10/10/10). "Pressemitteilung: Durchbruch beim Gentransfer – Präzisionsfähren für hochselektiven Gentransfer". 2010-10-10
Kinaxo Biotechnologies GmbH. (10/11/10). "Press Release: Kinaxo Enters Agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company". Martinsried. 2010-10-11
General Electric Company. (10/11/10). "Press Release: GE Healthcare Introduces Advancements to Industry’s First Hybrid SPECT/CT Platform". Waukesha, WI. 2010-10-11
Ipsen S.A.. (10/11/10). "Press Release: Ipsen’s Board of Directors Announces Jean-Luc Bélingard’s Departure and the Appointment of Marc de Garidel as New Chairman and CEO". Paris. 2010-10-11
Ipsogen S.A.. (10/11/10). "Press Release: Results for the First Half of 2010". Marseille. 2010-10-11
General Electric Company. (10/11/10). "Press Release: GE Healthcare Helps Clinicians Understand Disease from the Beginning at European Society of Nuclear Medicine. GE Healthcare Invests in Sequential Imaging [...]". Vienna. 2010-10-11
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (10/11/10). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Combines CGH and SNP Assays on Same Microarray, Creating Unique Cytogenetics Tool". Santa Clara, CA. 2010-10-11
Micromet, Inc.. (10/11/10). "Press Release: Micromet Announces FDA Acceptance of Investigational New Drug Application for BiTE Antibody MT111/MEDI-565. Phase 1 Clinical Trial Expected to Begin in First Half 2011 in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer". 2010-10-11
General Electric Company. (10/11/10). "Press Release: GE Healthcare Continues Advancements in Nuclear Medicine on Three Continents – Discovery NM/CT 670 Receives FDA 510k Clearance in the United States. Global Roll Out Continues to Customers in EMEA, Rus 2010-10-11
MorphoSys AG. (10/12/10). "Press Release: MorphoSys and Proteros Biostructures Receive Research Grant to Develop New Technology Platform for Structure-based Engineering of Antibodies". 2010-10-12
Noxxon Pharma AG. (10/12/10). "Press Release: Noxxon Confirms Total Capital Raise of €35m". Berlin. 2010-10-12
Biobase GmbH. (10/12/10). "Press Release: Biobase Launches Genome Trax for Next Generation Sequencing Analysis". Wolfenbüttel & Beverly, MA. 2010-10-12
Qiagen N.V.. (10/12/10). "Press Release: Qiagen and Abbott Enter into Agreement on Molecular Tests for HIV, HCV and HPV. Agreement Significantly Adds to the North American Test Menus of Both Parties and Aims to Increase the Adoption of HPV Screening". Ge 2010-10-12
Quotient Bioresearch Ltd.. (10/12/10). "Press Release: Quotient Bioresearch to Highlight Integrated Early Stage Drug Development Platforms at FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress 2010". Cambridgeshire, UK. 2010-10-12
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (10/12/10). "Press Release: Scopis GmbH Receives Start-up Financing from High-Tech Gründerfonds. Laser-guided Endoscopic 3D Measuring Intended to Make Surgical Intervention Safer and to Optimise Costs". Bonn & Berl 2010-10-12
BRAIN AG. (10/12/10). "Press Release: DSM and BRAIN Cooperate in the Biotechnological Production of Water-soluble Vitamins". Grenzach-Wyhlen & Zwingenberg. 2010-10-12
Roche. (10/12/10). "Press Release: Gene Biodesign Certified to Provide NimbleGen Array Services in Taiwan". Madison, WI. 2010-10-12
H. Lundbeck A/S. (10/12/10). "Press Release: Lundbeck and Merck Sign Exclusive Commercialisation Agreement for Sycrest (asenapine) Sublingual Tablets in All Markets Outside of the United States, China and Japan". 2010-10-12
MicroDiscovery GmbH. (10/13/10). "Press Release: Protagen AG and MicroDiscovery GmbH Cooperate in Biomarker Development". Berlin & Dortmund. 2010-10-13
Evotec AG. (10/13/10). "Press Release: Voting Rights. Publication Pursuant to §26 Sect. 1 WpHG (the German Securitites Trading Act) with the Aim of Pan-European Distribution". Hamburg. 2010-10-13
Omnilab-Laborzentrum GmbH & Co. KG. (10/13/10). "Pressemitteilung: Veranstaltungshinweis. OMNILAB Labormesse zum Tag der Chemie am 04. November 2010 an der Universität Oldenburg". Bremen. 2010-10-13
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.. (10/13/10). "Press Release: Bio-Rad and Axis-Shield Announce FDA Clearance and U.S. Launch of an Anti-CCP Test for Rheumatoid Arthritis for Bio-Rad’s BioPlex 2200 System". Hercules, CA & Dundee. 2010-10-13
Redx Pharma Ltd.. (10/13/10). "Press Release: Investors Back Redx Pharma Launch". 2010-10-13
General Electric Company. (10/13/10). "Press Release: Senior Secured Loan Program Provides $290 Million Credit Facility for Acquisition of INC Research, Inc.". Bethesda, MD & New York, NY. 2010-10-13
Roche. (10/13/10). "Press Release: Roche Diagnostics and Alere Announce Collaboration on Natriuretic Peptides". Basel. 2010-10-13
Wilex AG. (10/13/10). "Press Release: Wilex Publishes 9-Month Financial Report 2010. Mandatory Offer from dievini Hopp BioTech Closed". Munich. 2010-10-13
Wilex AG. (10/13/10). "Presentation 9-Month Financial Report 2010. 13 October 2010". Munich. 2010-10-13
MorphoSys AG. (10/14/10). "Press Release: AbD Serotec Selected as Preferred Supplier for Custom Monoclonal Antibody Generation by Research Councils UK for UK Research". 2010-10-14
Cellzome. (10/14/10). "Press Release: Cellzome Publication Demonstrates Utility of Chemical Proteomics Approach for Drug Profiling in Patient Material". Heidelberg. 2010-10-14
General Electric Company. (10/14/10). "Press Release: New GE Solution Connects Doctors to Charts, Each Other. Capital Region Healthcare and Decatur Memorial Are First Two Test Installs for New Interoperability Feature". Barrington, IL. 2010-10-14
Tecan Group Ltd.. (10/14/10). "Press Release: Automation Increases Neonatal Screening Throughput". Männedorf. 2010-10-14
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (10/15/10). "Press Release: Capital for Laser-based Photoacoustics. High-Tech Gründerfonds and MAZ level one Investing about EUR 550k in PAS-Analytik GmbH". Bonn & Hamburg. 2010-10-15
Roche. (10/15/10). "Press Release: Phase II Study with Ocrelizumab Shows Significant Reduction in Disease Activity fo Multiple Sclerosis Patients". Basel. 2010-10-15
Zealand Pharma A/S. (10/15/10). "Press Release: Positive Phase I Data for ZP1848 in Crohn’s Disease. Study Findings Demonstrate Significant Increase in Citrulline Levels Indicating Enhanced Gut Function". Copenhagen. 2010-10-15
Paion AG. (10/15/10). "Press Release: Paion Expands Desmoteplase Agreement with Lundbeck. Paion Grants to Lundbeck Research Rights and Access to Potential Follow-up Compounds". Aachen. 2010-10-15
Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.. (10/18/10). "Press Release: Enigma Diagnostics’ Patents Maintained by UK Intellectual Property Office". Oxford. 2010-10-18
BioRegioN. (10/18/10). "Pressemitteilung: BiomeTI an EU-Projekt zur Förderung medizinischer Bildgebung beteiligt". 2010-10-18
Epigenomics AG. (10/18/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics Licensee ARUP to Present Clinical Data on Colorectal Cancer Blood Test at US Cancer Conference". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2010-10-18
Bruker Corporation. (10/19/10). "Press Release: Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies Enters Into iSFCL Collaboration Agreement with the Center for Advanced Power Systems at Florida State University". Billerica, MA. 2010-10-19
European ScreeningPort GmbH. (10/19/10). "Press Release: New Screening Strategy for Epigenetic Targets. European ScreeningPort Forms Strategic Alliance with Hypha Discovery to Access New Natural Products Screening Library". London & Hamburg. 2010-10-19
MorphoSys AG. (10/19/10). "Press Release: MorphoSys Opts for Second Pre-development Program within Strategic Antibody Alliance. Further Expansion of the Company’s Proprietary Development Activities". 2010-10-19
Roche. (10/19/10). "Press Release: Roche and Fluidigm Corporation Enter Worldwide Co-promotion Agreement for 454 Sequencing Systems and Access Array Platform". Branford, CT & South San Francisco, CA. 2010-10-19
MDxHealth S.A.. (10/19/10). "Press Release: MDxHealth Outlines New Strategy. Focus on Molecular Diagnostic Testing for Personalized Medicine in Oncology". Durham, NC & Liege. 2010-10-19
Epigenomics AG. (10/20/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics’ Licensee ARUP Reports Excellent Validation Results for Septin9 Colorectal Cancer Blood Test. Presentation at ASCO – NCI – EORTC Molecular Markers Meeting". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2010-10-20
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (10/20/10). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital Invest in Technology for Stroke Prevention. Hight-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Capital Finance Curefab to Develop Innvoative Tools to Enhance Ea 2010-10-20
Sygnis Pharma AG. (10/20/10). "Press Release: Sygnis Proposes Reduction of Share Capital to Improve Flexibility on Capital Markets". Heidelberg. 2010-10-20
Bruker Corporation. (10/21/10). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Successful Installation of Record-setting Ultra-high Field 17 Tesla Preclinical MRI System at NeuroSpin Research Center in France". Paris. 2010-10-21
Cerenis Therapeutics S.A.. (10/21/10). "Press Release: Cerenis Therapeutics Raises Additional €10 Million to Close €50 Million Series C Financing". 2010-10-21
Actelion Ltd.. (10/21/10). "Press Release: Actelion Announces Third Quarter 2010 Financial Results". Allschwil. 2010-10-21
Actelion Ltd.. (10/21/10). "Press Release: Actelion Announces CHF 800 Million Share Repurchase Program". Allschwil. 2010-10-21
Bioeconomy Science Centre (BioSC). (10/21/10). "Pressemitteilung: Zentrum für Bioökonomieforschung gegründet. Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf und Jülich kooperieren in europaweit einmaligen integrativen Forschungsnetzwerk". 2010-10-21
Roche. (10/21/10). "Press Release: FDA Approves Herceptin for HER2-positive Metastatic Stomach Cancer. First Targeted Medicine Shown to Improve Overall Survival in HER2-positive Stomach and Gastroesophageal Junction Cancers". 2010-10-21
Intercell AG. (10/21/10). "Press Release: Intercell and Romark Join Forces in Combining Therapies against Hepatitis C". Vienna. 2010-10-21
Life Sciences Bremen (LSB). (10/22/10). "Pressemitteilung: 8. Bremer Life Sciences-Forum zu Gast im Max-Planck-Institut in Bremen. Brandaktuelles Thema »Technologietransfer« wird von verschiedenen Seiten beleuchtet". Bremen. 2010-10-22
General Electric Company. (10/22/10). "Press Release: GE Healthcare to Acquire Cancer Diagnostic Company Clarient Inc. Addition of High-growth Business Will Create Strong Technology-enabled Services Platform in Molecular Diagnostics". Chalfont St. Giles 2010-10-22
Epigenomics AG. (10/22/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG to Update on Clinical Studies with Septin9 Blood Test for Colorectal Cancer at Two Conferences in Europe and the US". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2010-10-22
bioMérieux, Inc.. (10/22/10). "Press Release: Business Review for the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2010". Marcy l’Étoile. 2010-10-22
Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest e. V.. (10/22/10). "Pressemitteilung: Geschäftsstelle des Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest e. V. nimmt ihre Arbeit auf". 2010-10-22
Intercell AG. (10/25/10). "Press Release: Intercell Reports Positive Results from Its Phase II Pseudomonas aeruginosa Investigational Vaccine Study for Certain Hospital-acquired Infections". Vienna. 2010-10-25
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