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InforSense Ltd.. (4/22/09). "Press Release: University of Greifswald Accelerates Genotyping Analysis with InforSense GenSense. GenSense Analyses Genotypic Data from 4100 Subjects in Study of Health in Pomerania Project". London & Cambridge, MA. 2009-04-22
Roche. (4/22/09). "Press Release: Phase III C-08 Study of Avastin in Early-Stage Colon Cancer Does Not Meet Primary Endpoint – Roche and Genentech Remain Committed to Avastin Adjuvant Programs". Basel. 2009-04-22
Poxel S.A.S.. (4/22/09). "Press Release: Poxel SAS Set-up to Find Innovative Solutions for Metabolic Diseases Management". 2009-04-22
Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding AG. (4/22/09). "Press Release: Santhera Enrolls Last Patient in Phase IIb FJORD Study with JP-1730/Fipamezole in Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s Disease". 2009-04-22
BIG Bremen. (4/22/09). "Pressemitteilung: Effektive Wirtschaftsförderung mit knappen Mitteln. Unternehmen investieren 300 Mio. Euro im Land Bremen – 4700 Arbeitsplätze gesichert und 1600 neu geschaffen". 2009-04-22
Ascenion GmbH. (4/23/09). "Press Release: Removab Approval. Proof-of-Concept for Technology Transfer in Germany". Munich. 2009-04-23
bioMérieux S.A.. (4/23/09). "Press Release: First-Quarter 2009 Business Review. Sales Growth in Line with Objectives". Marcy l’Étoile. 2009-04-23
Trion Pharma GmbH. (4/23/09). "Press Release: EU Approval for Removab®: First Trifunctional Antibody Hits Market". Munich. 2009-04-23
Roche. (4/23/09). "Press Release: 454 Life Sciences Announces Comprehensive Solution for De Novo Sequencing and Assembly of Increasingly Complex Genomes". Branford, CT. 2009-04-23
Stratec Biomedical Systems AG. (4/23/09). "Press Release: Stratec Acquires Invitek". Birkenfeld. 2009-04-23
Universität Leipzig. (4/23/09). "Pressemitteilung: Sepsisbehandlung auf dem Prüfstand". 2009-04-23
Pfizer Inc.. (4/24/09). "Press Release: Pfizer and University College London Announce Collaboration to Advance Development of Stem Cell-based Therapies. Goal of Collaboration between Pfizer Regenerative Medicine und UCL is the Development of Treatment fo 2009-04-24
Roche / Pharmasset, Inc.. (4/25/09). "Press Release: Roche and Pharmasset Initiate Phase IIb Clinical Trial of R7128, Most Advanced Nucleoside Polymersae Inhibitor in Development for Chronic Hepatitis C". Basel, Switzerland & Princeton, NJ. 2009-04-25
Omnilab-Laborzentrum GmbH & Co. KG. (4/27/09). "Press Release: OMNILAB neues Mitglied im Unternehmensverband Life Sciences Bremen (Pressemitteilung Nr. 03 / 2009)". Bremen. 2009-04-27
Protaffin Biotechnologie AG. (4/27/09). "Press Release: Protaffin AG Completes €14 Million Series B Financing Round". Graz. 2009-04-27
Roche. (4/27/09). "Press Release: Ground-breaking Combination of All-oral Agents Demonstrates Potential as Hepatitis C Treatment Regimen. Combination of R7227, Protease Inhibitor, and R7128, Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor, Shows Signicant Potency". Base 2009-04-27
InforSense Ltd.. (4/27/09). "Press Release: InforSense Used by Celera to Further Investigate Genetic Markers for Coronary Heart Disease. InforSense Accelerates and Automates Diagnostic Biomarker Discovery". London & Cambridge, MA. 2009-04-27
Evotec AG. (4/27/09). "Press Release: Walter Wenninger Nominated for Election as New Supervisory Board Member of Evotec". Hamburg. 2009-04-27
Bruker Corporation. (4/27/09). "Press Release: Bruker Daltonics Launches the Fastest and most Flexible MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer with Unsurpassed Performance in Proteomics. Bruker’s Novel ultrafleXtreme with 1 kHz smartbeam-II Laser Technology Rede 2009-04-27
Antisense Pharma GmbH. (4/27/09). "Press Release: Antisense Pharma Begins Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trial with Trabedersen in Aggressive Brain Tumors. First Patients Enrolled in International SAPPHIRE Study of Recurrent or Refractory Anaplastic Astracyt 2009-04-27
Qiagen N.V.. (4/28/2009). "Press Release: Qiagen Provides Solutions for Swine Flu Surveillance". Venlo. 2009-04-28
Epigenomics AG. (4/28/09). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Licenses Biomarker for Development of Prostate Cancer Test to Predictive Biosciences". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2009-04-28
Life Science Nord (Norgenta). (4/28/09). "Press Release: Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Oberösterreich und Steiermark wachsen in den Lebenswissenschaften zusammen". Linz. 2009-04-28
Life Science Nord (Norgenta). (4/28/09). "Press Release: IMBA – Institut für Molekulare Biotechnologie und European ScreeningPort kooperieren auf dem Gebiet der modernen Medikamentenforschung". Wien. 2009-04-28
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. (4/28/09). "Press Release: Sigma-Aldrich Introduces MISSION esiRNA for Low Cost, High Specificity Pooled RNAi Screening". St. Louis. 2009-04-28
General Electric Company. (4/28/09). "Press Release: GE Healthcare and Imricor Medical Systems Collaborate on Revolutionary MRI-guided Cardiac Electrophysiology System". Waukesha, WI. 2009-04-28
Roche. (4/29/09). "Press Release: Roche Steps Up Preparedness Level in Response to WHO’s Increase to Pandemic Alert Phase 4". Basel. 2009-04-29
InforSense Ltd.. (4/29/09). "Press Release: InforSense and Tessella Forge Strategic Partnership. InforSense and Tessella Partner to Deliver Scientific Intelligence for Improved Drug Discovery, Disease Understanding and Productivity". London, Cambridge, M 2009-04-29
Medigene AG. (4/29/09). "Press Release: Medigene AG Appoints Dr. Frank Mathias as New Chief Executive Officer". Martinsried. 2009-04-29
Analytik Jena AG. (4/30/09). "Press Release: Analytik Jena Acquires 100% Stake in Biometra GmbH, Göttingen. Well-known Player in the Growing Market Segment Substantially Strengthens Life Sciences Portfolio of Analytik Jena". Jena & Göttingen. 2009-04-30
Qiagen N.V.. (4/30/09). "Press Release: Qiagen Tests Clinically Verified for Monitoring of Swine Flu. German Bernhard Nocht Institute and Spanish Reference Laboratory Unequivocally Detect Infections with the H1N1 Strain Using the artus Influenza Test". V 2009-04-30
Roche Diagnostics GmbH. (4/30/09). "Press Release: Real-time and Dynamic Monitoring of Virus-mediated Cytopathogenicity with Roche’s xCELLigence System". Penzberg. 2009-04-30
Roche. (4/30/09). "Press Release: Roche Responds to WHO Move to Influenza Pandemic Alert Phase 5". Basel. 2009-04-30
TÜV Süd AG. (4/30/09). "Press Release: Auf dem Weg zu Nanoprodukten mit zertifizierter Sicherheit". München & Frankfurt a. M.. 2009-04-30
AstraZeneca plc. (4/30/09). "Press Release: AstraZeneca PLC First Quarter Results 2009". 2009-04-30
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (4/30/09). "Press Release: MeVis Medical Solutions Confirms Preliminary Figures for Fiscal 2008. MeVis Group Remains on Growth Track in Spite of Difficult Market Conditions". Bremen. 2009-04-30
Rosetta Genomics Ltd.. (4/30/09). "Press Release: Rosetta Genomics Announces Closing of License and Collaboration Agreement". Rehovot. 2009-04-30
Jerini AG. (5/1/09). "Press Release: Jerini AG Reaches Agreement to Sell JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH to TheraCode GmbH (Ad-hoc Announcement)". Berlin. 2009-05-01
Roche. (5/2/09). "Press Release: Roche Rapidly Responds to WHO Request to Deploy Rapid Response Stockpiles of Tamiflu to Tackle Global Emergence of a New H1N1 Influenza A Strain – Swine Flu". Basel. 2009-05-02
Qiagen. (5/4/09). "Press Release: Qiagen Reports First Quarter 2009 Results". Venlo, NL. 2009-05-04
Cerep S.A.. (5/4/09). "Press Release: First Quarter 2009 Sales Revenues". Paris. 2009-05-04
Eppendorf. (5/4/09). "Press Release: Eppendorf UVette®". 2009-05-04
InProcess Instruments Gesellschaft für Prozessanalytik mbH. (5/4/09). "Press Release: New Web Design for InProcess Instruments". Bremen. 2009-05-04
Philips. (5/4/09). "Press Release: Philips Announces the Acquisition of Traxtal – a Medical Technology Innovator in Image-guided Procedures". 2009-05-04
Evotec AG. (5/5/09). "Press Release: Evotec to Re-engineer Drug Discovery and Development Operations". Hamburg. 2009-05-05
Roche. (5/5/09). "Press Release: Roche RT-PCR Technology Used for TIB MOLBIOL’s H1N1 Test". Penzberg. 2009-05-05
Ingenuity Systems, Inc.. (5/5/09). "Press Release: Ingenuity Systems Announces Multi-year Deal with AstraZeneca". Redwood City, CA. 2009-05-05
Proxeon A/S. (5/5/09). "Press Release: EASY-nLC Enables Discovery of Oldest Protein Sequences Ever Acquired". Odense. 2009-05-05
ProBioGen AG. (5/5/09). "Press Release: Oxford-Emergent Tuberculosis Consortium Signs Commercial License Agreement with ProBioGen to Explore Production of MVA85A TB Vaccine Candidate Using AGE1.CR.pIX Cell Line". Oxford, Rockville, MD & Berlin. 2009-05-05
Ocimum Biosolutions. (5/5/09). "Press Release: Ocimum Biosolutions B.V. Introduces Affymetrix Serivces in Europe. Launches Expanded Range of Genomics Services from Its Netherlands Facility". Ijsselstein. 2009-05-05
MorphoSys AG. (5/5/09). "Press Release: MorphoSys Achieves Clinical Milestone and Payment in Antibody Alliance". 2009-05-05
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.. (5/5/09). "Press Release: Bio-Rad Reports First-quarter 2009 Financial Results". Hercules, CA. 2009-05-05
Roche. (5/6/09). "Press Release: Important New Treatment Option Approved in US for Patients with the Most Aggressive Form of Brain Cancer". Basel. 2009-05-06
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (5/6/09). "Press Release: Novartis Exercises Its Right to Purchase Additional Shares of Alnylam Common Stock". Cambridge, MA. 2009-05-06
Ergomed. (5/6/09). "Press Release: Ergomed Signs Co-development Collaboration Agreement with Genzyme Corporation to Develop Tasidotin in Oncology". Frankfurt. 2009-05-06
Accuri Cytometers, Inc.. (5/6/09). "Press Release: Accuri Cytometers Adds Automation to Its Revolutionary C6 Flow System with Commercial Launch of CSampler". Ann Arbor, MI. 2009-05-06
DxS Ltd.. (5/6/09). "Press Release: Two Promotions for DxS". 2009-05-06
Evotec AG. (5/7/09). "Press Release: Evotec Acquires Zebrafish Screening Operations of Summit Corporation". Hamburg. 2009-05-07
Summit Corporation plc. (5/7/09). "Press Release: Divestment of Zebrafish Services Business to Evotec AG". Oxford, U.K.. 2009-05-07
Roche. (5/7/09). "Press Release: A Set of Firsts: Roche NimbleGen CGH Microarrays Enable the First Maps of Genome-Wide DNA Copy Number Variation (CNV) in Dogs". Madison, WI. 2009-05-07
Biofrontera AG. (5/7/09). "Press Release: Biofrontera AG Places Capital Increase". Leverkusen. 2009-05-07
KeyNeurotek Pharmaceuticals AG. (5/7/09). "Press Release: KeyNeurotek Pharmaceuticals Opens New Research Facilities in Leipzig". Magdeburg. 2009-05-07
Millipore Corporation. (5/7/09). "Press Release: Millipore Reports Strong First Quarter Financial Results and Raises Outlook for 2009. Bioprocess Division Generates 13 Percent Revenue Growth". Billerica, MA. 2009-05-07
Rodos BioTarget GmbH. (5/7/09). "Press Release: Rodos BioTarget Receives Start-up Financing by High-Tech Gruenderfonds and Hannover Innovations Fonds. Novel Platform Technology for Targeted Drug Delivery Set to Enable Successful Treatment of Various Infe 2009-05-07
Capp A/S. (5/7/09). "Press Release: Innovations at Capp 1000µl Pipettes". 2009-05-07
BioNTech AG. (5/7/09). "Press Release: TheraCode GmbH Acquires JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH". Berlin. 2009-05-07
Philips. (5/7/09). "Press Release: Philips Updates Markets on Healthcare Sector in Meeting with Financial Analysts". Amsterdam. 2009-05-07
Biohit Oyj. (5/8/09). "Press Release: Interim Report of the Biohit Group 1 January – 31 March 2009". 2009-05-08
Biohit Oyj. (5/8/09). "Press Release: Biohit eLINE® Lite – New Electronic Dispenser for Easier Multiple Dispensing". 2009-05-08
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.. (5/8/09). "Press Release: Cytori and GE Healthcare Form Partnership to Commercialize StemSource Products in the U.S.". San Diego, CA & Chalfont St. Giles. 2009-05-08
CovalX AG. (5/8/09). "Press Release: CovalX and Panatecs Announce Cooperation Agreement for Laboratory Analytical Services Based on High-mass MALDI Technology". Zurich. 2009-05-08
Omnilab-Laborzentrum GmbH & Co. KG. (5/8/09). "Pressemitteilung: OMNILAB formiert Serviceleistungen neu und übernimmt Exklusiv-Vertrieb". 2009-05-08
Bruker Daltonics. (5/11/09). "Press Release: Bruker Redefines Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry with the Introduction of amaZon™, the Next-Generation Ultra-Sensitive Ion Trap". Billerica, MA. 2009-05-11
Bruker AXS. (5/11/09). "Press Release: Bruker AXS Introduces the New D8 Advance™, a Unique All-Purpose X-ray Powder Diffraction System Offering Highest Performance and Enhanced Ease of Use". Frankfurt. 2009-05-11
AstraZeneca plc. (5/11/09). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Announces Top Line Results from Pivotal Phase III Study for Brilinta". 2009-05-11
Epigenomics AG. (5/11/09). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Reports First Quarter 2009 Financial Results [including Full Report]". Berlin. 2009-05-11
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (HZI. (5/11/09). "Press Release: EU Awards Three Million Euro for Pneumonia Research. HZI Coordinates International Consortium of Scientists for Development of New Drugs and Vaccines against Pneumococcal Diseases 2009-05-11
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation. (5/11/09). "Press Release: Roche Partners with Tekmira Pharmaceuticals to Advance RNAi Product Candidates". Vancouver, BC. 2009-05-11
Tecan Group Ltd.. (5/11/09). "Press Release: Tecan and Technoclone, a Collaboration for the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich". 2009-05-11
Osmetech plc. (5/11/09). "Press Release: Osmetech Submits Swine Flu test to the FDA". 2009-05-11
Qiagen. (5/12/09). "Press Release: First-to-market, Fast Multiplex Real-time RT-PCR Kits Available from Qiagen". Venlo, NL. 2009-05-12
Evotec AG. (5/12/09). "Press Release: Evotec Announces First Quarter Results and Corporate Development Update". Hamburg. 2009-05-12
ExcellGene S.A.. (5/12/09). "Press Release: ExcellGene and Kühner Achieved Milestone in Development of Novel 250 Liter Mammalian Cell Culture Bioreactors". 2009-05-12
Varian, Inc.. (5/12/09). "Press Release: GE Healthcare and Varian, Inc. Announce Pre-clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System". Palo Alto, CA. 2009-05-12
Osmetech plc. (5/12/09). "Press Release: Osmetech Chosen as Principal Supplier for a Major Clinical Trial". 2009-05-12
Roche. (5/12/09). "Press Release: 454 Sequencing Systems Enable High Quality De Novo Assembly of the Oil Palm Genome". Branford & Kuala Lumpur. 2009-05-12
Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH. (5/12/09). "Press Release: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Extends Portfolio in the Area of Single-use Bioreactors. Partnerships with Bayer Technology Services and ExcellGene – Prototypes of New Single-use Bioreactors at the Achem 2009-05-12
bioMérieux S.A.. (5/12/09). "Press Release: 2009 ESCMID/bioMérieux Research Grant in Clinical Microbiology. Winner Conducting Research on Major Cause of Healthcare-associated Infections". Marcy l’Étoile. 2009-05-12
Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH. (5/13/09). "Press Release: Caprotec Bioanalytics Announces Launch of New Stauro caproKit for Signal Transduction Research and Drug Development". Berlin. 2009-05-13
DeveloGen AG. (5/13/09). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim and DeveloGen AG Announce Agreement in the Field of Diabetes, Obesity, and the Metabolic Syndrome". Göttingen & Ingelheim. 2009-05-13
Epigenomics AG. (5/13/09). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Receives Allowances for Key Patents in Europe". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2009-05-13
Novartis AG. (5/13/09). "Press Release: Novartis Names Jonathan Symonds Deputy CFO and CFO Designate. Symonds Joins Novartis from Goldman Sachs Starting September 1, 2009". Basel. 2009-05-13
Axis-Shield plc. (5/14/09). "Press Release: Chairman’s AGM and Interim Management Statement". Dundee, Scotland. 2009-05-14
BTG plc. (5/14/09). "Press Release: BTG plc – Preliminary Results". London, UK. 2009-05-14
Roche Applied Science. (5/14/09). "Press Release: Roche Launches Complete Detection Kit for Influenza A/H1N1 on LightCycler System". Penzberg. 2009-05-14
Sanofi-Aventis. (5/14/09). "Press Release: Sanofi-aventis and Kyowa Hakko Kirin Enter into a Collaboration and Licensing Agreement on an Anti LIGHT fully Human Monoclonal Antibody". Paris. 2009-05-14
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals. (5/14/09). "Press Release: Regulus Therapeutics Achieves Initial Milestone in Its Inflammatory Diseases Collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline. First Demonstration of a Target-specific Pharmacological Effect for a microRNA Antagonist 2009-05-14
ProteoNic B.V.. (5/14/09). "Press Release: ProteoNic and Chr. Hansen Sign Service Agreement". 2009-05-14
Max Planck Innovation GmbH. (5/14/09). "Press Release: Max Planck Innovation and LSP to Launch DDC Ventures, a New Pharmaceutical Venture Capital Fund". 2009-05-14
Roche. (5/15/09). "Press Release: Roche to Present Major Advances with Targeted Cancer Medicines at ASCO". Basel. 2009-05-15
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