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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements in Eastern Europe or involving organisations from these countries.

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Galapagos–Ryvu Therapeutics: anti-inflammatory drugs, 202004– collab r+d small molecules against new target w excl license option for Galapagos 2020-04-16
Scope Fluidics–Mindset Communication Support: public relations, 202001 service existent by Mindset CS 2020-01-16
KCR CRO–Veeva Systems: clinical research software, 201912– supply adoption of Veeva Vault CTMS by KCR 2019-12-18
Turbine–Zyme Communications: public relations, 201911 service existent by Zyme 2019-11-13
Optec (RU)–Solentim: laboratory equipment, 201910 distribution existent of Solentim’s cell line developm instruments in Russia by Optec LLC 2019-10-09
Protelux (RU)–Unibio: protein production from methane, 201908 collab existing buidling + operating plant for Uniprotein production in Russia 2019-08-28
Atomwise–Enamine: virtual drug discovery, 201906– collab launch 10 billion compound AI-powered virtual drug screening initative for pediatric cancer 2019-06-24
HighChem–Thermo Fisher: investment, 201906 acquisition €na of HighChem Ltd by Thermo Fisher 2019-06-06
Selvita–Trout Group: public relations, 201903 service existent media relations + IR by The Trout Group 2019-03-28
Lundbeck–Enamine: chemical compound libraries, 201903– supply expansion discovery chemistry services by Enamine 2019-03-26
Scope Fluidics–EU (gov): grant, 2019c Horizon 2020 grant €1.93m (PLN8m) for certification of BacterOMIC system in EU 2019-01-01
Cellestia Biotech–PPF Group: investment, 201812 financing round Series A totalling CHF20m incl existing + co-lead investor Sotio/PPF Group 2018-12-19
Sanofi–Advent International: investment, 201804–201810 acquisition €1.9b (enterprise value) of Sanofi’s European generics business Zentiva by Advent 2018-10-01
Optibrium–Enamine: chemical compound libraries, 201809– collab free access to EnamineStore database for StarDrop users 2018-09-04
NodThera–Selvita: investment, 201806 existing investor 2018-06-25
Apix Analytics–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201805– distribution Apix Analytics to market PixL Lab OEM version of Clarity s/w 2018-05-30
Welch Materials–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201803– distribution Hangzhou Welch Scientific Instruments to market OEM version of Clarity in China 2018-03-15
Selvita–SEVERAL: investment, 201802 secondary public offering PLN134.2m ($40.57m) of 2.2m Series H shares at PLN61/share 2018-02-16
Food Analytica (HU)–Eurofins: investment, 201801 acquisition by Eurofins 2018-01-18
Structural Genomics Consortium–Enamine: chemical compound libraries, 201801– supply new generation of Diamond-SGC-iNEXT (DSI) Poised Library 2018-01-10
ChemPass–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201712– collab integration of ChemAxon s/w into SynSpace design s/w 2017-11-21
Dexstr–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201711– collab integration of ChemAxon s/w into Inquiro Scientific Knowledge Management System 2017-11-21
Diagnosticum (HU)–Bruker: food analysis, 201708 collab to form Hungarian Wine Consortium using NMR FoodScreener for wine analysis 2017-08-08
Axxam–Enamine: chemical compound libraries, 201708– supply expansion addit small molecule compounds for CNS research 2017-08-01
Bioptická (CZ)–Natera: Panorama prenatal test, 201707– license to Constellation technology to offer Panorama NIPT in Czech Republic 2017-05-10
EMBL–Enamine: chemical compound library, 201704– collab library synthesis + medical chemistry + biological services for cancer drug research 2017-04-25
Enamine–Zyme Communications: public relations, 201704 service existent by Zyme 2017-04-25
Menarini–Selvita: kinase inhibitor, 201703– license ww to dual PIM/FLT3 kinase inhibitor SEL24 to Berlin-Chemie 2017-03-28
IDBS–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201702 collab product integration of ChemAxon Biomoleculekit + BioEddi s/w tools into E-WorkBook 2017-02-22
Cellestia Biotech–PPF Group: investment, 201701 seed financing round Series C totalling CHF5.2m incl Sotio/PPF Group + private investors 2017-01-26
Actelion–Enamine: chemical compound library, 201701– collab expansion supply of screening compound library to Actelion 2017-01-23
Purdue Pharma–Celltrion: rituximab, 201612– acquisition distribution rights for UK+IE+DE+IT+Benelux for biosimilar Truxima by Mundipharma 2016-12-20
PPF Group–NBE Therapeutics: antibody-drug conjugates, 201610– collab + license agreem of NBE + Sotio as 2016-10-20
Questel–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201609– collab product integration of ChemAxon chemical search + index capabilities into Intellixir s/w 2016-09-27
EpiBiome–Selvita: bioinformatics, 201605– supply bioinformatics + s/w development services dedicated to microbiome profiling by Ardigen SA 2016-05-17
Diatron–Stratec: investment, 201603 acquisition 100% of Diatron MI PLC by Stratec from The Riverside Company 2016-03-23
Selvita–BIO (US): investor conference, 201602 supply service Selvita SA presents at BIO CEO & Investor Conference NY 2016-02-08
Randox–Biosystems International: lung cancer test, 201511– license ww for blood-based mAB lung cancer test for early detection 2015-11-23
ACchrom–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201511– distribution ACChrom to market OEM version of Clarity in China as ACstation 2015-11-03
Merck (DE)–Selvita: drug discovery services, 2013–2015 collab 2-year partnership in cancer metabolism 2015-11-02
Merck (DE)–Selvita: drug discovery services, 201511– collab €na 3-year r+d small-molecule cancer drugs 2015-11-02
Microsaic–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201510– product integration Clarity now suports Microsaic 4000 MiD mass detector 2015-10-13
ChemAxon–BSSN Software: cheminformatics, –201506 collab developm Mass Spec Add-on for Instant JChem using Seahorse Scientific Workbench s/w platform 2015-06-18
Pierre Fabre–Affimed: antibody technology, 201506– collab expansion 3y €na use AbCheck’s AbSieve+AbAccel techn to discover ABs against targets of CIPF 2015-06-17
BioGen-Analytica (RU)–Agena Bioscience: mass spectrometer, 201506– distribution of MassARRAY system by BGA in Russia 2015-06-11
KAWA.SKA–Agena Bioscience: mass spectrometer, 201506– distribution of MassARRAY system by KAWA.SKA in Poland 2015-06-11
InnoCentive–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201506– supply integration of Marvin JS s/w into InnoCentive@Work s/w platform 2015-06-04
UCT Prague–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201506 supply Q Exactive GC hybrid TQ-Orbitrap GC-/MS/MS Jana Hajslova is early user 2015-06-01
BioData (IL)–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201504 collab product integration of Marvin JS into Labguru ELN 2015-04-30
IDBS–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201504 collab product integration of ChemAxon s/w tools into E-WorkBook + Activity Base 2015-04-22
Optibrium–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201504 collab product integration of Plexus s/w suite with StarDrop s/w 2015-04-15
Joint Polish Investment Fund–SEVERAL: investment, 201503 first $42m closing of JPIF I supported by NCBR 2015-03-23
Selvita–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201503 supply existent use of LC/MS/TSQ system by Selvita 2015-03-16
RMI (CZ)–908 Devices: mass spetrometer, 201503– distribution of M908 MS system by RMI sro in CZ + HR + SI + SK 2015-03-04
Albiogen–Illumina: DNA sequencing technology, 201503– distribution of Illumina platforms + solutions in RU + Belarus + Kazakhstan by Albiogen 2015-03-01
Selvita–BIO (US): investor conference, 201502 supply service Selvita SA presents at BIO CEO & Investor Conference NY 2015-02-10
Atlas Genetics–Russia (govt): investment, 201501 financing round Series C totalling $20m incl new investor RMI Partners 2015-01-29
Sanofi–Enamine: chemical compound library, 201412– collab extension supply of screening compound library to Sanofi screening facilities worldwide 2014-12-18
Selvita–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 public offering PLN27.3m ($8.1m) of 2.65m new Series F shares + planned listing on Main Market WSX 2014-12-16
BioVersys–Enamine: drug discovery services, 201412– collab extension €na supply services for discovery of new antibiotics 2014-12-02
Hitachi–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201411 product integration Clarity now controls Chromaster + Primaide HPLC systems 2014-11-13
MYR GmbH–Russia (govt): investment, 201410 financing round totalling €7.9m from Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund + HTGF 2014-10-31
Affimed–Distributed Bio: antibody technology, –201410 co-development of AbAccel technology platform with AbCheck 2014-10-28
MediMass–Waters: investment, 201407 acquisition virtually all assets which comprise REIMS technology for iKnife by Waters 2014-07-22
International Council of Biotechnology Associations–Hungarian Biotech Association: biotechnology, 201407 HBA is founding member of ICBA 2014-07-10
Pierre Fabre–Affimed: antibody technology, 201404– collab use of AbCheck’s AbSieve discovery platform to discover ABs against targets of CIPF 2014-04-01
Chem Analytical Services–Advanced Materials Technology: LC column, 201402 distribution existent for ATM in Bulgaria 2014-02-16
Chem Analytical Services–Mega (IT): GC column, 201402 distribution existent for Mega SNC in Bulgaria 2014-02-16
Chem Analytical Services–Peak Scientific: gas generator, 201402 distribution existent for Peak Scientific in Bulgaria 2014-02-16
Chem Analytical Services–Restek: chromatography column, 201402 distribution existent for Restek in Bulgaria 2014-02-16
Chem Analytical Services–Shant Laboratories: LC column, 201402 distribution existent for Shant Labs in Bulgaria 2014-02-16
Chem Analytical Services–Shimadzu: analytical instruments, 201402 distribution excl of Shimadzu analytical + measuring instruments in Bulgaria 2014-02-16
R-Pharm–Paion: remimazolam, 201310– license excl €1m upfront + €3m milestones + royalties for developm + manuf + marketing in Russia + CIS 2013-11-26
BioLine (RU)–Curetis: Unyvero system, 201310 distribution existent BioLine LLC is Russian distribution partner for system + cartridges 2013-10-30
Egis Pharmaceuticals–Servier: investment, 201309– cash tender offer to acquire remaining 49% of Egis for HUF28,000/share 2013-09-24
Myelo Therapeutics–JSC Valenta Pharmaceuticals: investment, 201309 financing round Series A incl JSC Valenta Pharmaceuticals 2013-09-23
Eisai–Selvita: drug target discovery, 201309– collab identification + validation of kinases as targets for cancer drugs H3 Biomedicine 2013-09-18
Advion–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201309 collab product integration of Clarity s/w with product family of expression CMS systems 2013-09-10
BioVendor–Scienion: print/spotting technology, 201307 supply use of sciFlexarrayer + other Scienion products for developm + production of immunoassays 2013-07-08
Exquiron Biotech–Enamine: chemical compound library, 201306– collab multi-year supply of diverse screening compound library by Enamine 2013-06-03
Knome–Omixon: HLA typing s/w, 201306– collab €na use of Omixon Targeted HLA typing technologies for Knome NGS service offerings 2013-06-03
Istenhegyi Centre for Genetic Diagnostics–BGI: prenatal genetic test, 201305– collab offering BGI Health’s NIFTY test in Hungary 2013-05-31
Core Informatics–ChemAxon: cheminformtics s/w tools, 201304– collab multi-year renewal product integration ChemAxon s/w toolkits with Core LIMS + ELN 2013-04-01
Orion Corp–Gedeon Richter: CNS drugs, 201303– collab long-term discovery + developm of NCEs for cognitive disorders 2013-03-12
Daiichi Sankyo–Affimed: cancer antibodies, 201302– collab €na research using AbSieve discovery platform of AbCheck + U3 Pharma 2013-02-18
Boehringer–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201302– supply ww of ChemAxon chemistry s/w platform 2013-02-14
AstraZeneca–Petrov Institute (RU): cancer genetics, 201302– collaboration to identify mutations in cancer patients 2013-02-12
Sotio–PPF Group: investment, 201212 acquisition €50m in cash of 89% majority share in Sotio as by PPF Group 2012-12-31
Valtex–Advion: mass spectrometer, 201212– collab distribution of expression Compact Mass Spectrometer in Russia 2012-12-07
Analytik Jena–Russian Academy of Sciences: analytical instruments, 201210 collab new Analytik Jena Competence Center located at Zelinsky Institute 2012-10-09
InterLab (RU)–Analytik Jena: analytical instruments, 201210 existent most imporant sales partner in Russia + partner for Competence Center in Moscow 2012-10-09
BioAnalytic (PL)–Protea Biosciences: analytical instruments, 201210– distribution of sample prep + mass spec + LAESI products in Poland 2012-10-04
Omixon–Almac: DNA sequencing services, 201208 existent DNA sequencing services to support development of Omixon DNA analysis software 2012-08-21
Farma-Projekt–Recordati: investment, 201208 acquisition 100% for PLN71m = €17.4m of which €12.5m paid at closing 8/12 2012-08-01
Russia (govt)–I2BF Global Ventures: fund management, 201207– collab joint launch of I2BF-RNC Strategic Resources Fund 2012-07-18
United Kingdom (govt)–Enamine: drug discovery, 201206– collab supply libraries + services to MRC LMB + IOCB to identify rhomboid protease inhibitors 2012-06-06
Vitrum–VWR International: investment, 201204 acquisition €na of Vitrum Praha sro + Vitrum Roznov sro by VWR 2012-04-03
Russia (govt)–Domain Associates: venture capital, 201203– collab joint life science investments in US firms + Russian manufacturing facilities Rusnano 2012-03-06
Rigas Labs–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201202 collab distribution existent by Rigas Labs in Greece for DataApex 2012-02-26
TIBCO Software–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201202 collab product integration Instant JChem application into TIBCO Spotfire Analysis Platform 2012-02-13
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