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Örebro Univ–Waters: mass spectrometer, 2012 supply Xevo TQ-S system w APGC ion source + Acquity I-Class UPLC system to MTM Research Center 2012-01-01
Zytoprotec–Baxter: investment, 201301 financing €2m from new investor Baxter Ventures 2013-01-29
Zürcher Kantonalbank–Bellevue: investment, 201409– acquisition 100% of Adamant Biomedical Investments AG from ZKB 2014-09-05
Zymeworks–Minapharm: GlymaxX technology, 201510– supply service cell line development for bispecific antibody production applying GlymaxX by ProBioGen 2015-10-14
Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201012– supply AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600 to Waterworks Langenau + collab method developm 2010-12-08
ZS Pharma–AstraZeneca: investment, 201511–201512 acquisition 100% for $2.7b in cash 2015-11-06
Ziylo–Novo Group: investment, 201808 acquisition 100% for up to $800m in upfront + milestone payments by Novo Nordisk 2018-08-17
Zivak Technologies–Tecan: automated liquid handling, 201310 supply Cavro Omni Robot for use with clinical Dx HPLC + LC-MSMS systems 2013-10-22
Zinsser Analytic–Kohlberg Kravis Roberts: investment, 201609 acquisition of ILS Gmbh + Zinsser Analytic GmbH from Mr+Ms Zinsser by Gardner Denver 2016-09-01
Zinc Ahead–Veeva Systems: investment, 201509 acquisition $130m in cash incl $10m deffered consideration over 3 years 2015-09-29
ZIM Plant Technology–Yara: investment, 201311–201401 acquisition by Yara
ZIM Plant Technology–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201204 investment by HTGF 2012-04-04
Ziarco–SEVERAL: investment, 201411 financing round Series B $33.1m co-led by NEA + Lundbeckfond Ventures w Amgen + BVF + Pfizer Venture 2014-11-10
Ziarco–SEVERAL: investment, 201211 financing round Series A with lead investor BVF Partners + co-investor Pfizer Venture 2012-11-05
Ziarco–Novartis: investment, 201612 acquisition €na by Novartis ANNOUNCED 2016-12-16
Zespri–Metabolomic Discoveries: metabolomic services, 201601– supply service MS-based profiling of kiwi fruit using Flavour Profiler Technology 2016-01-18
Zernike–Bremen (govt): grant, 201008 investment €9.6m for opening up for development the estate for Jacobs Science Park JUST 2010-08-31
Zenith Technologies–Ramarketing: public relations, 201608 service existent by Ramarketing 2016-08-19
Zeltia–Scienion: DNA microarrays, 201211– collab expansion product integration to provide molecular microarray solutions Genomia SAU 2012-11-05
Zeltia–PharmaMar: investment, 201511 reverse merger with new company trading as PharmaMar at MSE 2015-11-02
Zelluna–Image Box: public relations, 201810 supply service existent by Image Box PR 2018-10-24
Zelluna–Glycostem Therapeutics: cell therapy contract manufacturing, 201911– collab developm + supply of TCR-guided NK-cell therapies 2019-11-19
Zellkraftwerk–MHH: Switch-Antibodies technology, 201510– license ww excl to Zellkraftwerk GmbH from MHH 2015-10-20
Zellkraftwerk–Helmholtz: investment, 201510 Ascenion acquires equity position under license agreem with MHH for Switch-Antibodies technology 2015-10-20
Zellkraftwerk–Canopy Biosciences: investment, 201904 acquisition of Zellkraftwerk GmbH by Canopy Biosciences 2019-04-29
Zedira–Univ Marburg: structural biology, 201502 collab existent w group of Prof Gerhard Klebe 2015-02-03
Zedira–R-Biopharm: investment, 201206 existing investor is R-Biopharm AG 2012-06-22
Zedira–Germany (govt): grant, 201611– BMBF KMU-Innovativ funding €1.5m for 3y to support developm of ZED1227 in diabetic nephropathy 2016-11-30
Zedira–Germany (govt): grant, 201502– BMBF funding €1m to support further coagulation factor XIIIa inihibitor development 2015-02-03
Zedira–Cardiff Univ: drug discovery, 201509– collab research role of transglutaminase 6 in disease pathway of cerebellar ataxia 2015-09-22
Zebra Medical Vision–SEVERAL: investment, 201504 seed financing round $8m led by Khosla Ventures 2015-04-06
Zebra Medical Vision–Khosla Ventures: investment, 201504 seed financing round totalling incl $8m lead investor Khosla Ventures 2015-04-06
Zebra Medical Vision–Blonde 2.0: public relations, 201710 service existent by Blonde 2.0 2017-10-27
Zealand Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201707–201708 US IPO of ADSs DKK566.4m at DKK112.58/share at Nasdaq Global Select Market 2017-07-06
Zealand Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201112 capital increase DKK8.4m via warrants exercise for 322,5k new shares DKK26.3/share 2011-12-12
Zealand Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201011 IPO at Copenhagen Stock Exchange 2010-11-03
Zealand Pharma–Athyrium Capital: credit, 201412– royalty bond financing $50m/DKK300m at 9.375% based on future Lyxumia (lixisenatide) revenues 2014-12-12
Zavante Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201603 financing round Series A $45m with $35m from new investors + $10m conversion of convertible notes 2016-03-30
Zavante Therapeutics–Nabriva: investment, 201807 acquisition upfront 8.2m Nabriva ordinary shares (=19.9% shareholding) + $97.5m milestones 2018-07-24
Zastra Innovations–Optibrium: drug discovery software, 201701– distribution excl of StarDrop s/w in India by Zastra Innovations 2017-01-31
Zalicus–Horizon Discovery: investment, 201405–201406 acquisition £4.74m of CombinatoRx business renamed Horizon CombinatoRx 2014-05-25
Z Factor–SEVERAL: investment, 201705 financing round Series A £7m led by exising investor Medicxi 2017-05-03
Yumda–Chemie.DE: investment, 201704 acquisition of Yumda GmbH by Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH 2017-04-01
Yukin Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201906 financing round €3.3m co-led by Advent France Biotechnology + Medicxi 2019-06-04
Yukin Therapeutics–NewCap: public relations, 201906 service existent by NewCap 2019-06-04
Yukin Therapeutics–Medicxi Ventures: investment, 201906 financing round totalling €3.3m incl new + co-lead investor Medicxi 2019-06-04
Yukin Therapeutics–Advent France Biotechnology: investment, 201906 financing round totalling €3.3m incl founding + co-lead investor Advent France Bio 2019-06-04
Yuhan–Cevec: CAP technology, 201212– license to use CAP + CAP-T cell expression systems therapeutic protein developm + production 2012-12-20
Ysios Capital–SEVERAL: investment, 201403–201610 closing €126.4m of Ysios BioFund II Innvierte FSC 2014-03-19
Ysios Capital–SEVERAL: investment, 200709–200809 closing of Ysios BioFund I at €67m from Fonditel + Kutxa + Sodena + Banco Santander 2007-09-13
Yposkesi–Andrew Lloyd Associates: public relations, 201807 service existent by ALA 2018-07-09
Yourgene Bioscience–Premaitha: investment, 201612–201702 acquisition of Yourgene Bioscience Co Ltd by Premaitha Health plc 2016-12-21
Young In Group–Eurofins: investment, 201804 acquisition of Lab Frontier Co Ltd from YIG by Eurofins 2018-04-03
Ynsect–SEVERAL: investment, 201902 financing round Series C €110m ($1245m) led by Astanor Ventures 2019-02-21
Ynsect–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 2nd financing round €5.5m from New Protein Capital + Emertec Gestion + Demeter Partners 2014-12-17
Ynsect–SEVERAL: investment, 201403 financing round Series A €1.8m from Emertec Gestion + Demeter Partners + private investors 2014-03-04
Yingsheng Biotechnology–Biotage: clinical mass spectrometry, 201906– collab strategic + OEM sale in China by Shandong Yingsheng Biotechnology 2019-06-04
YES Pharma Services–Auctus Capital: investment, 201410 acquisition of majority share by funds advised by Auctus Capital Partners AG 2014-10-22
Yair Technologies–Protea Biosciences: analytical instruments, 201210– distribution of sample prep + mass spec + LAESI products in Israel by Yair 2012-10-04
Yair Technologies–Advion: mass spectrometer, 201204– collab excl distribution of expression Compact Mass Spectrometer in Israel by Yair 2012-04-26
Yahong Meditech–Photocure: Cevira®, 201907– license ww developm + commercialisation to Asieris up to $250m milestones + royalties 2019-07-01
Xtal Concepts–Hamburg (govt): investment, 201207 investment in Xtal Concepts GmbH by Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg 2012-07-16
XSpray Microparticles–SEVERAL: investment, 201509 investment SEK18m by Östersjöstiftelsen & Recipharm Venture Fund while taking over Xspray 2015-09-20
XSpray Microparticles–Karolinska Development: investment, 201509 DIVESTMENT by Karolinska Development to Östersjöstiftelsen & Recipharm et al 2015-09-20
Xradia–Carl Zeiss: investment, 201306–201307 acquisition of Xradia Inc renamed Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy Inc 2013-06-13
Xpand Biotechnology–Kuros: investment, 201612 merger acquisition of Xpand Biotechnology BV by Kuros Biosciences AG for up to 2.105m new Kuros shares 2016-12-19
XO1–Index Ventures: investment, 201306 financing Series A $11m from Index Ventures to develop ichorcumab as virtual company 2013-06-17
Xiril–Sias: investment, 2012 acquisition of Xiril AG by Sias AG 2012-01-01
Xigen–Instinctif Partners: public relations, 201701 service existent by Instinctif Partners 2017-01-05
Xention–Metrion BIosciences: investment, 201510 management buy-out of Metrion from Xention 2015-10-22
Xenikos–SEVERAL: investment, 201805 financing round Series B $30m incl new investors Medicxi Ventures + RA Capital Management 2018-05-15
Xenikos–MC Services: public relations, 201605 service existent for Xenikos BV by MC Services AG Düsseldorf 2016-05-24
Xenetic Biosciences–Walbrook PR: public relations, 201305 service existent 2013-05-10
Xencor–Selexis: cell line development, 201611– supply service strategic agreem for SUREtechnology for developm of multi-specific antibodies 2016-11-03
Xencor–Selexis: cell line development, 2011– supply service agreem for SUREtechnology for developm of multi-specific antibodies 2011-01-01
Xencor–JSR Corp: cell line development, 201802– four commercial licenses to use Selexis’ SUREtechnology for developm of bispecific antibodies 2018-02-26
Xencor–Boehringer: rec protein production, 201202– service + collab developm + manufacture + supply of mABs using Xtend technology for Xencor 2012-02-21
Xeltis–VI Partners: investment, 201412 financing round Series B totalling €27m incl co-investor VI Partners 2014-12-02
Xeltis–SEVERAL: investment, 201711 financing round Series C €45m led by a global strategic investor + incl Ysios Capital + LSP + Kurma Partners et al 2017-11-15
Xeltis–SEVERAL: investment, 201512 financing round Series B extension €3m bringing total Series B to €30m 2015-12-17
Xeltis–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 financing round Series B €27m co-led by LSP + Kurma Partners plus VI Partners + current investors 2014-12-02
Xeltis–Life Sciences Partners: investment, 201412 financing round Series B totalling €27m co-led by LSP + Kurma Partners 2014-12-02
Xeltis–Kurma: investment, 201412 financing round Series B totalling €27m co-led by LSP + Kurma Partners 2014-12-02
Xellia Pharmaceuticals–Novo Group: investment, 201305– acquisition 100% for $700m from 3i + other investors by Novo A/S 2013-05-21
Xconomy–Informa: investment, 201608 acquisition 100% £1m upfront + £1.5m milestones+deferred of Xconomy Inc by Informa 2016-08-31
X4 Pharmaceuticals–Arsanis: investment, 201811– reverse merger with former X4 owners to hold 70% + Arsanis to be renamed X4 ANNOUNCED 2018-11-27
X-Zyme–Johnson Matthey: investment, 201007 acquisition 2010-07-05
Wyatt Technology–Scott Partnership: public relations, 201007 service existent 2010-07-15
WuXi PharmaTech–Ally Bridge Group: investment, 201702 existent investment of ABG 2017-02-23
Wren Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201901 financing round Series A £18m from Baupost Group + LifeForce Capital + high net worth individuals 2019-01-22
Wren Therapeutics–LifeForce Capital: investment, 201901 financing round Series A totalling £18m including co-investor LifeForce Capital 2019-01-22
Wren Therapeutics–Baupost Group: investment, 201901 financing round Series A totalling £18m including lead investor The Baupost Group 2019-01-22
Wondfo Biotech–Biocartis: molecular diagnostics, 201809– collab 50/50 joint venture for commercialisation of Idylla platform in mainland China 2018-09-03
Wittycell–Truffle Capital: investment, 201402 existent investment listed on Truffle web site 2014-02-12
Wise (IT)–SEVERAL: investment, 201705 financing round Series B €6.5m led by Prinicpia SGR + incl Atlante Ventures + HTGF + F3F + Antares 2017-05-25
Wilson Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 financing round Series B $40m co-led by new investors Abingworth + MVM 2014-04-16
Wilson Therapeutics–Alexion: investment, 201804–201805 cash tender offer SEK7.1b ($855m) with SEK232/share by Alexion 2018-04-11
Wiley–Medical Univ Innsbruck: MSforID Library, 201106 collab Wiley publishes MSforID as Wiley Registry of Tanden Mass Spectral Data 2011-06-14
Wiley–GeneBio: SmileMS software, 201105– collab ww non-excl co-distribution of SmileMS with LC-MS/MS libraries 2011-05-30
Wiley–Bio-Rad: spectral libraries, 201612 collab product integration launch of Wiley Spectral Lab powered by Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll 2016-07-26
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