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10x Genomics–SEVERAL: investment, 201804 financing round Series D $50m led by Meritech Capital Partners 2018-04-26
10x Genomics–Silicon Valley Bank: credit, 201804– debt facility $75m with Silicon Valley Bank 2018-04-26
14M Genomics–JW Communications: public relations, 201507 service existent by JW Communications 2015-11-12
14M Genomics–Wellcome Trust: investment, 201412 equity financing £12.5m from Syncona for Sanger Institute spin-off 14M Genomics 2014-12-16
360 Genomics–EKF Diagnostics: investment, 201303 acquisition £1.6m upfront in shares + £8m cash milestones from Oxitec + H2O Venture et al 2013-03-04
3D-MASSOMICS project–EU (govt): grant, 201210– FP7 grant €2.8m 2012-10-30
3M–Lumora: BART technology, 201108– collab developm + licensing agreement to develop + sell nucleic acid test kits utilising BART 2011-08-31
4 Animals AlsterScience–Hamburg (govt): investment, 201410 seed financing round from HTGF + Innovationsstarter Fonds + Business Angel 2014-10-09
4 Animals AlsterScience–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201410 seed financing round from HTGF + Innovationsstarter Fonds + Business Angel 2014-10-09
4 Animals AlsterScience–SEVERAL: investment, 201410 seed financing round from HTGF + Innovationsstarter Fonds + Business Angel 2014-10-09
4-Antibody–Advent Venture Partners: investment, 201101 existent listed as current portfolio company of Advent 2011-01-13
4-Antibody–Agenus: investment, 201401–201402 acquisition $10m in 3.3m shares plus milestones that may exceed $40m in cash or shares 2014-01-13
4-Antibody–College Group: public relations, 201109 service existent by College Hill Life Sciences 2011-09-19
4D Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201402 IPO £16.5m at AIM 2014-02-27
4D Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201406 placing £21.5m of 14.3m new ordinary shares at 150p/share 2014-06-25
4D Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201502 placing £34.75m 2015-02-10
4D Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201512 placing £30m of 3.798m new ordinary shares at 790p/share 2015-12-08
4DCellFate project–CLC bio: stem cell research, 201202– 5y CLC bio AS is partner in FP7 project 2012-02-13
4DCellFate project–EU (govt): grant, 201202– 5y FP7 grant €12m 2012-02-13
4SC–BioNTech: investment, 201604 acquisition €650k of all key operating assets + employees of 4SC Discovery GmbH by new BioNTech Small Molecules GmbH 2016-04-29
4SC–Crelux: drug discovery services, 201204– strategic alliance offering integrated drug discovery services by 4SC Discovery + Crelux 2012-04-18
4SC–EU (govt): grant, 201404– €450k grant for 4SC Discovery GmbH as part of the CV genes-at-target project 2014-04-15
4SC–Germany (govt): grant, 201210– research grant €600k for developm personalised cancer drugs within m4 Cluster 2012-10-23
4SC–MC Services: public relations, 201211 service existent for 4SC AG 2012-11-08
4SC–SEVERAL: investment, 200605 capital increase €4,3m placement of 931.3k shares €4.65/share to institutional investors 2006-05-11
4SC–SEVERAL: investment, 201207 capital increase up to 8.4m new shares €12.6m €1.5/share 2012-07-04
4SC–SEVERAL: investment, 201506–201507 cash capital increase €29m (net €27.5m) with 7.25m new shares at €4/share 2015-06-22
4SC–SEVERAL: investment, 201706–201707 cash capital increase €41m with 11.68m new shares at €3.5/share 2017-06-12
4SC–Strüngmann Group: credit, 201406–201612 loan of up to €10m w 8% interest from Santo Holding (Deutschland) GmbH 2014-06-05
4SC–Strüngmann Group: investment, 201506–201507 capital increase €6m in kind 1.5m new shares at €4/share swapping part of shareholder loan from Santo 2015-06-22
4SC–Wellington Partners: investment, 201506–201507 cash capital increase totalling €29m incl €5m from Wellington 2015-06-22
4SC–Yorkville Group: credit, 201402– up to nominally €15m convertible notes to be purchased until 12/16 by YA Global Master SPV Ltd 2014-02-12
4SC–Yorkville Group: credit, 201403 first tranche €500k convertible notes under up to €15m agreem from 2/14 w YA Global Master SPV Ltd 2014-03-04
4SC–Yorkville Group: credit, 201409 second tranche €500k convertible notes under up to €15m agreem from 2/14 w YA Global Master SPV Ltd 2014-09-03
4titude–Brooks Automation: investment, 201710 acquisition $65m in cash of 4titude Ltd by Brooks 2017-10-05
7TM Pharma–JnJ: investment, 200508 investment €na by JJDC 2005-08-18
7TM Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 200603 financing round Series C €19m lead investor LD Pensions 2007-06-07
7TM Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 200706 financing round DKK123m=€16.5m lead investor SR One Ltd 2007-06-07
7TM Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 200901 financing round $15m=DKK75m from current investors 2009-01-15
908 Devices–Schlumberger: investment, 201308 financing round Series B totalling $7m incl new investor Schlumberger 2013-08-27
908 Devices–Scott Partnership: public relations, 201305 service existent 2013-05-22
908 Devices–SEVERAL: investment, 201308 financing round Series B $7m new investor Schlumberger + returning investors 2013-08-27
A & M Labor für Analytik–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201002 supply purchase LTQ-Orbitrap-XL mass spectrometer 2010-02-01
A-Mansia–BPCE: investment, 201804 financing round Series A first closing totalling €13m incl lead investor Seventure Partners 2018-04-27
A-Mansia–Instinctif Partners: public relations, 201804 service existent by Instinctif 2018-04-27
A-Mansia–SEVERAL: investment, 201804 financing round Series A first closing €13m led by Seventure Partners 2018-04-27
A-Mansia–Wallonia (govt): grant, 201804 non-dilutive grant €3m from Wallonia regional govt 2018-04-27
Aadi Bioscience–Helsinn: investment, 201705 financing round Series A totalling $23m incl $2m from co-investor Helsinn Investment Fund 2017-05-08
Aadi Bioscience–SEVERAL: investment, 201705 financing round Series A $23m led by Hermed Capital with Celgene + Vivo Capital + Helsinn et al 2017-05-08
AAIPharma Services–Cambridge Major Laboratories: investment, 201312 merger in late 2013 2013-12-31
Aastrom–Sanofi: cell therapy, 201404– acquisition $6.5m of Sanofi cell therapy + regnerative medicine business incl Carticel + Epicel + MACI 2014-04-21
AAVLife–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 financing round Series A $12m led by Versant Ventures + incl Inserm Transfert Initiative 2014-04-15
AB Biotics–SEVERAL: investment, 201108– proposed capital increase approved by Board 2011-08-29
AB Science–RA Capital Management: investment, 201604 private placement €12m with 764,820 shares at €15.69/share with attached 191,205 warrants 2016-04-18
AB Science–SEVERAL: investment, 201004 IPO €16.5m NYSE Euronext Paris + private US placement 2010-04-26
AB Science–SEVERAL: investment, 201311 capital increase €4.98m 256k new shares €19.47/share 2013-11-14
AB Science–SEVERAL: investment, 201604 private placement €12m w 765k new shares at €15.69/share 2016-04-18
AB Science–SEVERAL: investment, 201703 private placement €19m net €18.43m w 1.24m new shares at €15.3/share 2017-03-31
AB-Biotics–Almirall: investment, 201210 acquisition €1m of 456,115 new shares €2.15/share >= 5% share as part of capital increase 2012-10-23
AB-Biotics–SEVERAL: investment, 2016 funding €11.7m total private investment attracted over the year 2016 2016-01-01
AB2 Bio–SEVERAL: investment, 201601 financing round Series B CHF21m ($21m) from existent + new investors 2016-01-11
ABAC Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201802 financing round Series A €16m led by Pontifax + incl GHSF + Caixa Capital Risc + Debiopharm + Ferrer 2018-02-15
ABBA Therapeutics–Ligand: transgenic animal technology, 201603– license to use OmniAb platform to develop MAbs + bi-specific ABs 2016-03-28
Abbott–Axis-Shield: anti-CCP test, 201110 license existent 2011-10-21
Abbott–Biocartis: molecular diagnostics, 201409 collab existent development of diagnostic tests with Abbott Molecular 2014-09-12
Abbott–BioView: FISH technology, 201306– distribution ww excl Duet FISH Workstations by Abbott but non-excl in US + CA 2013-06-30
Abbott–Galapagos: JAK1 inhibitor, 201202– collab + license excl ww developm + commercialisation GLPG0634 $150m upfront + $1.2b milestones + royalties 2012-02-29
Abbott–Miraca: investment, 201007–201009 acquisition of Innogenetics by Fujirebio from Abbott 2010-07-20
Abbott–PanGenetics: PG110, 200911 acquisition of global rights to PG110 for €170m upfront + €20m milestones 2009-11-12
AbbVie–Ablynx: Nanobodies, 201309–201610 license ww to ALX-0061 $175m upfront + $665m milestones + double-digit tiered royalties NOT EXCERCISED 2013-09-23
AbbVie–Apogenix: TRAIL receptor agonists, 201407 aquisition of ww rights to all TRAIL receptor agonists of Apogenix by AbbVie 2014-07-01
AbbVie–Argenx: SIMPLE antibodies, 201604– collob $40m upfront + $645m milestones + royalties developm + commerc of ARGX-115 2016-04-01
AbbVie–BioMed X: pharma research, 201503– collab €na new BioMed X research group to discover Alzheimer’s treatment 2015-03-30
AbbVie–Boehringer: therap antibodies, 201603– collab + acqu ww rights BI 655066 + BI 655064 for $595m upfront + undisclosed milestones + royalties 2016-03-07
AbbVie–Enterome: personalised medicine, 201411– collab developm microbiome-based monitoring test for Crohn’s disease 2014-11-12
AbbVie–Inventiva: pharmaceutical, 201702 collab r+d existent 2017-02-15
ABB–Extrel CMS: investment, 200404 management buyout of ABB mass spectrometer business by Extrel CMS 2004-04-01
Abcam–Horizon Discovery: X-MAN cell lines, 201509– license + supply agreem for use of X-MAN cell lines to validate Abcom research antibodies 2015-09-01
Abcam–Instinctif Partners: public relations, 201807 service existent by Instinctif 2018-07-02
Abcam–PERSON: investment, 201409 existent largest shareholder of Abcam is co-founder + former CEO Jonathan Milner 2014-09-09
Abcam–Zyme Communications: public relations, 201304 service existent for Abcam 2013-04-08
AbCellera–Harbour BioMed: drug discovery services, 201805– collab integration single-cell Ab discovery services w H2L2 transgenic mouse platform 2018-05-30
AbClon–Pepperprint: peptide microarrays, 201302– distribution with marketing + sales rights for Pepperprint products in Korea 2013-04-29
Abcodia–SEVERAL: investment, 201105 investment £1m by Albion Ventures + UCL Business plc 2011-05-24
Abcodia–SEVERAL: investment, 201505 funding £5.25m led by new investors CIC + SEP joined by Albion Ventures + UCL Business 2015-05-18
abcr GmbH–Enzymicals: enzymes, 201803– collab distribution expansion ww catalogue sale of selected enzymes + enzyme-produced chemicals 2018-03-01
abcr GmbH–Enzymicals: enzymes, 201903– collab distribution expansion ww sale of all catalogue products of Enzymcials by acbr 2019-03-04
AbeXXa Biologics–Boehringer: investment, 201712 existent investment by BIVF 2017-12-11
ABF–Genedata: bioinformatics, 2013– supply use of Genedata Selector by AB Enzymes for strain genome data management 2013-01-01
ABF–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201707– supply expansion use of Genedata Selector by AB Enzymes for decision support 2017-07-11
Abide Therapeutics–Lundbeck: investment, 201905– acquisition $250m upfront + $150m milestones of Abide by Lundbeck 2019-05-06
Ability Pharmaceuticals–Inveready Capital: investment, 201209 2nd financing round €1m incl €300k from Inveready Seed Capital 2012-09-21
Ability Pharmaceuticals–SEVERAL: investment, 201209 2nd financing round €1m incl €300k from Inveready Seed Capital 2012-09-21
Ability Pharmaceuticals–Spain (govt): grant, 201302– grant €1.2m over 3y as consortium leader of INNPACTO-2012 program 2013-02-01
Abimed–Kinesis: investment, 200801 acquisition 2008-01-01
Abingdon Health–SEVERAL: investment, 201410 fund raising £2.1m from current shareholders Imperial Innovations + Univ Birmingham + Chris Hand 2014-10-13
Abingworth–EU (govt): investment, 201601 closing totalling $105m Abingworth Clinical Co-Development Fund w largest investor EIF 2016-01-21
Abingworth–Goodwin Procter: legal services, 201807 supply service legal counsel for $315m Abingworth Bioventures VII Fund 2018-07-09
Abingworth–SEVERAL: investment, 201402 final closing of £225m ($375m) Abingworth Bioventures VI Fund 2014-02-28
Abingworth–SEVERAL: investment, 201601 closing $105m Abingworth Clinical Co-Development Fund (ACCF) led by EIF 2016-01-21
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