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Please find below news from France and Monaco as well as about organisations from these countries.

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AB Science S.A.. (9/16/15). "Press Release: Masitinib Receives Orphan Drug Designation for Stomach Cancer from FDA". Paris. 2015-09-16
Abivax S.A.. (9/15/15). "Press Release: Abivax Appoints Antonino Ligresti, MD and Dominique Costantini, MD to its Board of Directors". Paris. 2015-09-15
Sanofi S.A.. (9/15/15). "Press Release: Sanofi Successfully Prices EUR 2.0 Billion Bond Issue". Paris. 2015-09-15
Neovacs S.A.. (9/9/15). "Press Release: Neovacs Confirms Potent and Long-lasting Biological Activity of IFNa-Kinoid 4 Years after Patient Dosing in Phase I/IIa Trial". Paris & Boston, MA. 2015-09-09
Pherecydes Pharma. (9/9/15). "Press Release: A World First. Pherecydes Pharma Launches Multicenter Clinical Study of Phage Therapy in Serious Burn Victims". Romainville. 2015-09-09
Ares Allergy Holdings plc. (9/8/15). "Press Release: Combination of Stallergenes and Greer Laboratories – Creation of the Global Leader in Allergy Immunotherapy [Not for ZA, AU, CA, JP, NZ or US]". London. 2015-09-08
Euronext N.V.. (9/8/15). "Press Release: New Stallergenes Greer Entity Lists Successfully on Euronext Paris". Paris. 2015-09-08
Genticel S.A.. (9/8/15). "Press Release: US Patent Granted for Use of Genticel’s Antigen Delivery Vectors in Combination Therapy to Treat Cancer". Paris & Toulouse. 2015-09-08
Innate Pharma S.A.. (9/7/15). "Press Release: Upcoming Investor Conferences". 2015-09-07
Cellectis S.A.. (9/3/15). "Press Release: MD Anderson Cancer Center and Cellectis Announce a Broad Preclinical and Clinical Strategic Alliance in Cancer Immunotherapy". New York, NY. 2015-09-03
DBV Technologies. (9/3/15). "Press Release: DBV Technologies to Attend Upcoming Investor Conferences and Events". Bagneux. 2015-09-03
Deinove S.A.. (9/2/15). "Press Release: Deinove Produces Muconic Acid from 2G Substrates. Proof of Concept Has Been Obtained with Second-generation Materials ". Montpellier. 2015-09-02
Neovacs S.A.. (9/1/15). "Press Release: Neovacs Receives First Regulatory Approvals for a Phase IIb Trial of IFNalpha-Kinoid in Lupus. IFN-K-002 Clinical Trial to Launch in Coming Weeks". Paris & Boston, MA. 2015-09-01
Erytech Pharma. (9/1/15). "Press Release: Erytech Appoints Eric Soyer as Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer". Lyon. 2015-09-01
OSE Pharma S.A.. (9/1/15). "Press Release: OSE Pharma Sets Up Scientific Steering Committee and Takes a First Step in the Launch of Its Phase 3 Trial in Lung Cancer [Not for US, CA, AU or JP]". Paris. 2015-09-01
Genticel S.A.. (9/1/15). "Press Release: Genticel to Meet Investors". Paris & Toulouse. 2015-09-01
Sanofi S.A.. (8/31/15). "Press Release: Sanofi to Collaborate with Google Life Sciences to Improve Diabetes Health Outcomes". Paris & Mountain View, CA. 2015-08-31
AB Science S.A.. (8/31/15). "Press Release: Turnover of 1,260K€ in the First Half of 2015, Up 23% when Compared with the First Half of 2014". Paris. 2015-08-31
bioMérieux S.A.. (8/31/15). "Press Release: bioMérieux – First-Half 2015 Results". 2015-08-31
Valneva S.E.. (8/27/15). "Press Release: Valneva Announces Two New EB66 Agreements. 7 new EB66 Deals Signed Since the Beginning of the Year". Lyon. 2015-08-27
TxCell S.A.. (8/24/15). "Press Release: TxCell Consortium Granted €1.28 Million for TRUST Project on Process and Clinical Development of Col-Treg for Autoimmune Uveitis Treatment". Valbonne. 2015-08-24
Hybrigenics S.A.. (8/10/15). "Press Release: Hybrigenics’ Inecalcitol Gets Orphan Drug Designation for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in the United States". Paris. 2015-08-10
Sanofi S.A.. (8/7/15). "Press Release: Sanofi, Evotec Enter New Research Collaboration to Discover and Develop Novel Diabetes Therapies". Paris. 2015-08-07
Novacyt S.A.. (8/4/15). "Press Release: Novacyt Secures Further Funding of up to 5 Millon Euros". Paris & Cambridge. 2015-08-04
Biophytis S.A.. (8/4/15). "Press Release: Biophytis Successfully Raises €6 million in a Private Placement to Secure Its Development Strategy [Not for distribution in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia]". Romainville. 2015-08-04
Sanofi S.A.. (7/30/15). "Press Release: Sanofi Delivers Solid Sales and Business EPS Growth in Q2 2015". Paris. 2015-07-30
Sanofi S.A.. (7/29/15). "Press Release: Sanofi Announces that First LixiLan Phase III Study Met Primary Endpoint". Paris. 2015-07-29
Sanofi S.A.. (7/28/15). "Press Release: Sanofi and Regeneron Launch Major New Immuno-Oncology Collaboration. Companies Agree to Jointly Advance PD-1 and other New Immuno-oncology Antibodies". Paris & Tarrytown, NY. 2015-07-28
Sanofi S.A.. (7/24/15). "Press Release: Sanofi and Regeneron Announce FDA Approval of Praluent (alirocumab) Injection, the First PCSK9 Inhibitor in the U.S., for the Treatment of High LDL Cholesterol in Adult Patients". Paris & Tarrytown, NY. 2015-07-24
Sanofi S.A.. (7/24/15). "Press Release: Sanofi and Regeneron Announce CHMP Recommends European Approval of Praluent (alirocumab) for the Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia". Paris & Tarrytown, NY. 2015-07-24
MaaT Pharma. (7/24/15). "Press Release: MaaT Pharma Accelerates Its Development with the Closing of EUR 1 M in Second Fundraising Important step in developing microbiome therapy for severe intestinal dysbiosis". Lyon. 2015-07-24
Poxel S.A.. (7/24/15). "Press Release: Poxel Raises EUR 20 Million in a Private Placement Led by Leading US Healthcare Investors [Not for distribution in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia]". Lyon. 2015-07-24
GenSight Biologics S.A.. (7/23/15). "Press Release: GenSight Biologics Closes $36 Million Series B Preferred Stock Financing". Paris. 2015-07-23
Valneva S.E.. (7/23/15). "Press Release: Valneva and PaxVax Enter into Marketing and Distribution Agreement". Lyon. 2015-07-23
CEA-Leti. (7/22/15). "Press Release: Leti and Diabeloop Project Aim at Developing Artificial Pancreas for Diabetes Treatment". Grenoble & Evry. 2015-07-22
Sartorius AG. (7/21/15). "Press Release: First Half of 2015. Sartorius Stedim Biotech Continues Dynamic Growth". 2015-07-21
DBV Technologies. (7/20/15). "Press Release: DBV Technologies Announces Closing of $281.5 Million Public Offering and Full Exercise of Underwriters’ Option to Purchase Additional American Depositary Shares". Bagneux. 2015-07-20
Novacyt S.A.. (7/20/15). "Press Release: Novacyt Completes €2m Private Placement to Support Second Half Sales Growth". Paris & Cambridge. 2015-07-20
Novacyt S.A.. (7/20/15). "Press Release: Strong First-half Revenues. Completes €3.5m in Bond Refinancing and Launches a €1.7m Private Placement". Paris & Cambridge. 2015-07-20
Arbiom Inc.. (7/16/15). "Press Release: OptaFuel and Biométhodes Combine to Form Arbiom". 2015-07-16
Cellectis S.A.. (7/8/15). "Press Release: Cellectis Reaches Milestone in Servier Collaboration". New York, NY. 2015-07-08
Seventure Partners. (7/8/15). "Press Release: Seventure Partners Invests EUR 2 Million in CRISPR-based, Microbiome Company, Eligo Bioscience". Paris. 2015-07-08
Innate Pharma S.A.. (7/7/15). "Press Release: Clearance of Co-development and Commercialization Agreement with AstraZeneca and Receipt by Innate Pharma of $250m Initial Payment". Marseille. 2015-07-07
Biocorp. (7/7/15). "Press Release: Biocorp Completes a Successful IPO on Alternext Paris. Company Raises € 8.9 Million [Not for US, CA, JP or AU]". Paris. 2015-07-07
Innate Pharma S.A.. (7/6/15). "Press Release: IPC, the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Marseille, and Innate Pharma Collaborate on Translational Research for Novel Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors". Marseille. 2015-07-06
Sartorius AG. (7/2/15). "Press Release: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Acquires Cellca". 2015-07-02
Neovacs S.A.. (7/2/15). "Press Release: Neovacs Announces Closing of 7.5m Euro Capital Increase with U.S. Institutional Investors [Not for US, CA, AU, JP, ZA or any other jurisdiction where prohibite by law]". Paris & Boston, MA. 2015-07-02
Genticel S.A.. (7/2/15). "Press Release: Genticel CFO, Martin Koch, Appointed CEO to Replace Benedikt Timmerman during Temporary Medical Leave of Absence". 2015-07-02
Neovacs S.A.. (6/26/15). "Press Release: Neovacs Raises 7.5m Euros in Capital Increase with U.S. Institutional Investors [Not for US, CA, AU, JP, ZA or any other jurisdiction where prohibite by law]". Paris & Boston, MA. 2015-06-26
TxCell S.A.. (6/24/15). "Press Release: TxCell Announces a Temporary Partial Hold of Activities at its Pilot Manufacturing Unit. Company Expects Only Potential Limited Impact on Clinical Product Timeline". Valbonne. 2015-06-24
Eurofins. (6/22/15). "Press Release: Eurofins Signs an Exclusive Agreement to Acquire the Biomnis Group". 2015-06-22
Seventure Partners. (6/22/15). "Press Release: Seventure Partners Appoint Two New Members to Its Health for Life Capital Fund Investment Committee". Paris. 2015-06-22
Valneva S.E.. (6/22/15). "Press Release: Valneva Takes Direct Control Over Marketing and Distribution of Ixiaro to Increase Margin and Profitability ". Lyon. 2015-06-22
MedDay Pharmaceuticals S.A.S.. (6/19/15). "Press Release: MedDay Reports Additional Positive Data of Its Pivotal Phase III Study with MD1003 in Patients with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis". Paris. 2015-06-19
MyoPowers Medical Technologies France S.A.S.. (6/18/15). "Press Release: MyoPowers Raises € 4.5M from Truffle Capital, Novartis Venture Fund and Gran Plasa". Saint-Louis. 2015-06-18
MedDay Pharmaceuticals S.A.S.. (6/17/15). "Press Release: MedDay and DSM Announce a Partnership to Produce Pharmaceutical Grade D-Biotin to Treat Progressive Multiple Sclerosis". 2015-06-17
Eurofins. (6/17/15). "Press Release: Eurofins Signs Agreement to Develop Bio-Access/Labazur Clinical Laboratories together with Its Founder and the Medical Biologists Leading Its Laboratories". 2015-06-17
OSE Pharma S.A.. (6/15/15). "Press Release: OSE Pharma to Attend »French Life Science Days«. June 17th to 18th 2015, New York". Paris. 2015-06-15
Servier. (6/15/15). "Press Release: Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Servier Enter into a License Agreement for Development and Commercialization of an Oral Anticancer Drug TAS-102 in Europe". Tokyo. 2015-06-15
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (6/12/15). "Press Release: Prestigious Cancer Centre to Drive France’s Continued Leadership in Genetic Testing". Glasgow. 2015-06-12
Sebia S.A.. (6/10/15). "Press Release: Sebia Brings to Market New Capillarys 3 Tera Automated System with CE Mark HbA1c and Serum Protein Testing, and Immunotyping". Paris. 2015-06-10
Eurofins Scientific. (6/10/15). "Press Release: Eurofins Launches an Innovative DNA Chip Technology Enabling the Identification of 21 Animal Species in Food and Feed". 2015-06-10
BEAM Alliance. (6/9/15). "Press Release: Launch of the BEAM Alliance – Europe’s Combined Action against Antimicrobial Resistance. Biotechs from Europe Innovating in Anti-microbial Resistance". 2015-06-09
BioSerenity. (6/4/15). "Press Release: BioSerenity Raises 3 Million Euros in Seed Round". Paris. 2015-06-04
Cellectis S.A.. (6/2/15). "Press Release: Weill Cornell Medical College and Cellectis Announce Research Alliance Advancing Drug Discovery and the Translation of Novel Immunotherapies in Leukemia". New York. 2015-06-02
TEMIS. (5/28/15). "Press Release: Expert System Becomes Leading Provider of Semantic Technology for Cognitive Computing with Acquisition of TEMIS". Chicago, IL. 2015-05-28
Ipsen S.A.. (5/19/15). "Press Release: Ipsen Strengthens Its Presence in the Oncology Field with the Acquisition of OctreoPharm Sciences". Paris. 2015-05-19
Poxel S.A.. (5/19/15). "Press Release: Noah D. Beerman Joins Poxel as Executive Vice President, Business Development and President, US Operations". Lyon. 2015-05-19
Neovacs S.A.. (5/13/15). "Press Release: Neovacs Granted 1.8 Million Europe in Research Tax Credit". Paris & Boston, MA. 2015-05-13
Biocorp. (5/7/15). "Press Release: Biocorp, an Innovative Medical Device Company, Announces the Formation of Its Scientific Advisory Board". Issoire. 2015-05-07
Poxel S.A.. (5/6/15). "Press Release: Poxel and Enyo Pharma Sign License Agreement for Poxel’s FXR Agonist Program". Lyon. 2015-05-06
Novasep S.A.. (5/5/15). "Press Release: Novasep Appoints Two Executives to Further Strengthen Its Management Team. Pierre-Louis Mikus Joins as Chief Legal Officer; Bertrand Waymel Is Promoted to Group Human Resources Director". Pompey. 2015-05-05
ImaBiotech S.A.S.. (5/15). "Press Release: ImaBiotech to Conduct Pilot Study with GSK to Assess ImaBiotech's Multimaging Technology". Lille. 2015-05-01
Poxel S.A.. (4/30/15). "Press Release: 2014 Annual Results in Line with a Major Post-Closing Event – the Successful Company IPO in February 2015". Lyon. 2015-04-30
AB Science S.A.. (4/30/15). "Press Release: 2014 Revenues of 2,099 K€. Clinical Trial with Masitinib in 13 Phase 3 Studies". Paris. 2015-04-30
OSE Pharma S.A.. (4/29/15). "Press Release: 2014 Key Steps and 2015 Outlook. 2014 Annual Results [Not for distribution directly or indirectly in the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan]". Paris. 2015-04-29
TxCell S.A.. (4/28/15). "Press Release: TxCell Appoints Stéphane Boissel as Chief Executive Officer and Promotes Miguel Forte to Chief Operating Officer". Valbonne. 2015-04-28
PEP-Therapy. (4/27/15). "Press Release: PEP-Therapy Raises €1.3 Million in Seed Capital. The Company Is Undertaking Development of Its First Drug Candidate and Its Companion Diagnostic in Oncology". Paris. 2015-04-27
Hybrigenics S.A.. (4/27/15). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Full Year 2014 Results. Strong Cash Position further Recently Increased by EUR 9 million". Paris. 2015-04-27
MedDay Pharmaceuticals S.A.S.. (4/24/15). "Press Release: MedDay Announces Its Pivotal Phase III Study of MD1003 in Patients with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Meets Primary Endpoint". Paris. 2015-04-24
TxCell S.A.. (4/23/15). "Press Release: TxCell and Trizell Amend Collaboration Agreement to Accelerate Ovasave Development". Valbonne. 2015-04-23
Novasep S.A.. (4/21/15). "Press Release: Novasep Reports Strong 2014 Full Year Results. Swift Execution of »Back to Basics« Strategic Plan Leading to Successful Portfolio Reshaping". Lyon Gerland. 2015-04-21
MedDay Pharmaceuticals S.A.S.. (4/17/15). "Press Release: MedDay Reports Positive Pivotal Phase III Study Results with MD1003 in Patients with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis". Paris. 2015-04-17
Genticel S.A.. (4/9/15). "Press Release: Genticel Strengthens Management Team and Appoints Valerie Leroy as Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations". Paris & Toulouse. 2015-04-09
Cellectis S.A.. (4/8/15). "Press Release: Cellectis Opens Labs and Offices in Manhattan, New York". New York, NY. 2015-04-08
Ipsen S.A.. (4/8/15). "Press Release: Ipsen and Hannover Medical School Start Joint Research in Recombinant Botulinum Neurotoxins for Targeted Secretion Inhibitors. Key Steps in Thirty Months Research Program Underway". Paris & Hannover. 2015-04-08
ImaBiotech S.A.S.. (4/6/15). "Press Release: Iteos and ImaBiotech Awarded Grant for Tumor Microenvironment Characterization and Applications in Immuno-oncology". Gosselies & Loos. 2015-04-06
Diaxonhit S.A.. (3/26/15). "Press Release: Group 2014 Annual Results. Further Improvement of Operating Result and Significant Progress in Line with the Strategic Plan". Paris. 2015-03-26
Valneva S.E.. (3/26/15). "Press Release: Valneva Announces Approval of an EB66-based Prototype Influenza Vaccine in Japan". Lyon. 2015-03-26
OSE Pharma S.A.. (3/25/15). "Press Release: Ose Pharma Completes a Highly Successful IPO on Euronext Paris and Raises 21,1 M€ [Not for distribution directly or indirectly in the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan]". Paris. 2015-03-25
Cerenis Therapeutics S.A.. (3/25/15). "Press Release: Outstanding Success of Cerenis Therapeutics’ IPO with €53.4 Million Raised on Euronext Paris [Not for United States, Canada, Australia or Japan]". Toulouse & Ann Arbor, MI. 2015-03-25
Cellectis S.A.. (3/24/15). "Press Release: Cellectis Prices Initial Public Offering of American Depositary Shares". Paris. 2015-03-24
HalioDx S.A.S.. (3/23/15). "Press Release: Creation of HalioDx. A Management Buy-out by the Qiagen Marseille Executive Team". Marseille. 2015-03-23
Evotec AG. (3/20/15). "Press Release: Evotec and Sanofi Sign Definitive Agreement for Major Multi-component Strategic Alliance. Total Deal Value of EUR 250 m, including more than EUR 40 m Upfront Cash Payment". Hamburg. 2015-03-20
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs). (3/18/15). "Press Release: Better Academic Chemistry Knowledge Sharing. Building an Analytical Knowledge Management System at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Strasbourg". Strasbourg. 2015-03-18
bioMérieux S.A.. (3/11/15). "Press Release: 2014 Financial Results". Marcy l’Étoile. 2015-03-11
Sygnis AG. (3/10/15). "Press Release: Sygnis Signs Non-exclusive Distribution Agreement for TruePrime Product Family with Ozyme France". Madrid & Heidelberg. 2015-03-10
Nicox S.A.. (3/6/15). "Press Release: Nicox Announces Financing of €27 Million to Support Its Growth Strategy [Not for United States of America, Canada, Japan or Australia]". Sophia Antipolis. 2015-03-06
Cellectis S.A.. (3/4/15). "Press Release: 2014 Financial Results". Paris. 2015-03-04
AB Science S.A.. (2/27/15). "Press Release: Quarterly Information – Fourth quarter 2014. Turnover up 10% Compared to 2013 Fourth Quarter". Paris. 2015-02-27
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