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Please find below news from France and Monaco as well as about organisations from these countries.

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Sanofi S.A.. (10/25/12). "Press Release: Q3 2012 Business EPS Reflects Patent Expirations. Growth Platforms Reached over 70% of Sales". Paris. 2012-10-25
Biom’Up S.A.. (10/25/12). "Press Release: Biom’Up Raises EUR 6.8 Million". Lyon. 2012-10-25
Theradiag. (10/25/12). "Press Release: Theradiag Announces the Signature of a Partnership Agreement with Sebia for the Development of a New Diagnostic Kit". Paris. 2012-10-25
Nanobiotix. (10/24/12). "Press Release: Resounding Success of the IPO of Nanobiotix, which Has Raised €14.2 Million on the Regulated Market of NYSE Euronext in Paris [restricted]". Paris. 2012-10-24
bioMérieux S.A.. (10/23/12). "Press Release: Business Review for the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2012". Marcy l’Étoile. 2012-10-23
European Science Foundation. (10/19/12). "Press Release: The European Science Foundation’s EMRC Calls for the Adoption of Open Access in Biomedical Sciences. New Report Assesses Open Access in Biomedical Research Across Europe". 2012-10-19
Nanobiotix. (10/11/12). "Press Release: Nanobiotix Launches Its IPO on the on the NYSE Euronext Regulated Market in Paris [restricted]". Paris. 2012-10-11
Novasep S.A.. (10/10/12). "Press Release: Novasep Invests € 30 Million to Build World’s Largest Chromatography Plant for the Pharmaceutical Industry. New Plant on Its Mourenx, France Site, to Produce a Large Volume Commercial API". Pompey. 2012-10-10
Cellectis S.A.. (10/8/12). "Press Release: Cellectis – the Award of Nobel Prize in Medicine to Professor Yamanaka Confirms the Relevance of the Group’s Stem Cell Strategy". Paris. 2012-10-08
Novasep S.A.. (10/2/12). "Press Release: Change to Novasep Governance. Roger-Marc Nicoud Becomes Non-executive Chairman of the Board – Patrick Glaser, Head of Novasep Synthesis, Is Appointed President and CEO". Pompey. 2012-10-02
Servier. (10/1/12). "Press Release: Servier Concludes a Collaboration and License Agreement with EOS for Its Antitumor Drug E-3810". Suresnes & Milano. 2012-10-01
PX’Therapeutics S.A.. (10/1/12). "Press Release: Aguettant, an Independent French Pharmaceutical Company, and PX'Therapeutics, a French Contract Manufacturing Organization Dedicated to the Development of Recombinant Proteins, Join Forces to Boost Their A 2012-10-01
Trophos S.A.. (9/18/12). "Press Release: Marceline Clementine Appointed Chief Financial Officer". Marseille. 2012-09-18
Oncodesign S.A.. (9/13/12). "Press Release: Oncodesign Enters into a Research Collaboration and License Agreement with Sanofi for the Application of Oncodesign’s Nanocyclix Technology to Sanofi’s Kinase Targets". Dijon. 2012-09-13
Theravectys S.A.. (9/4/12). "Press Release: Theravectys Raises 7.48 Million Euros, One of the Largest Fundings in Private Equity in 2012". Paris. 2012-09-04
Hybrigenics S.A.. (8/28/12). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Books an Exceptional Revenue of EUR 1 Million. Part of Redeemable Advance from the French Ministry of Industry to Perform Protein Interaction Research Is Requalified as a Grant". Paris. 2012-08-28
Vivalis S.A.. (8/28/12). "Press Release: Vivalis Announces a New EB66 Cell Line Research License Agreement with BioFactura". Nantes & Lyon. 2012-08-28
Ipsen S.A.. (8/21/12). "Press Release: Ipsen and Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Renegotiate Strategic Partnership Agreement. Ipsen Gains Commercial Rights in Key Territories". Paris. 2012-08-21
Vivalis S.A.. (8/21/12). "Press Release: Successful Growth of BioDiem’s Virus in Vivalis EB66 Cell Line". Melbourne & Nantes. 2012-08-21
Sanofi S.A.. (8/3/12). "Press Release: U.S. FDA Approves Zaltrap (ziv-aflibercept) after Priority Review for Previously Treated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer". Paris & Tarrytown, NY. 2012-08-03
Trophos S.A.. (7/31/12). "Press Release: Trophos Announces Conclusion of MitoTarget Consortium, Achieving Advanced Understanding of Neurodegenerative Diseases". Marseille. 2012-07-31
Nicox S.A.. (7/27/12). "Press Release: NicOx First Half 2012 Financial Results". Sophia Antipolis. 2012-07-27
Sanofi S.A.. (7/26/12). "Press Release: As Expected, Q2 2012 Business EPS Impacted by the Loss of Exclusivity of Plavix and Avapro in the U.S.". 2012-07-26
Trophos S.A.. (7/23/12). "Press Release: Trophos Appoints JSB Partners as Global Partnership Advisor. Life Science Advisor to Advise Trophos on Strategic Partnerships for Orphan Disease and Niche Indication Candidates". Marseille. 2012-07-23
Novasep S.A.. (7/19/12). "Press Release: Novasep Invests 3 Million Euros to Boost Its HPAPI Manufacturing Capabilities". Pompey. 2012-07-19
Hybrigenics S.A.. (7/18/12). "Press Release: Hybrigenics’ First Half 2012 Revenues of EUR 2 Million Are at the Same Level as in 2011". Paris. 2012-07-18
Domain Therapeutics S.A.. (7/17/12). "Press Release: Domain Therapeutics Closes 2 Million Euros Funding Round". Strasbourg. 2012-07-17
Exonhit S.A.. (7/16/12). "Press Release: Alzheimer’s Disease. Patient Enrollment Completed ahead of Plan in Exonhit’s Studies in AclarusDx". Paris. 2012-07-16
Bayer AG. (7/12/12). "Press Release: Kogenate Bayer Was Effective in Reducing Bleeding Frequency when Used as Secondary Prophylaxis in Adults with Severe Hemophilia A [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Berlin. 2012-07-12
Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners. (7/10/12). "Press Release: First Closing and Launch of BioDiscovery 4". 2012-07-10
Calixar S.A.S.. (7/5/12). "Press Release: Calixar and Synthelis Team Up to Provide Unique Membrane Protein Services". Lyon & Grenoble. 2012-07-05
Cytoo S.A.. (7/5/12). "Press Release: Cytoo and PharmaNest Are Launching the New 2D+ Cell Culture Platform". Grenoble. 2012-07-05
Bayer AG. (7/2/12). "Press Release: Bayer to Present Data Hemophilia Research at the WFH 2012 World Congress. SPINART Phase III Clinical Data – BAY 94-9027 Phase I Clinical Trial Data". Berlin. 2012-07-02
Medigene AG. (7/2/12). "Press Release: Medigene’s Veregen Receives Marketing Authorization in France. Market Launch in France Expected in 2013". Martinsried/Munich. 2012-07-02
Imaxio S.A.. (6/27/12). "Press Release: Imaxio Boosts Genomics Capacity with New Automated Equipment. Investment Means Larger Scale, Faster High Throughput Sequencing for Imaxio Customers". Clermont-Ferrand. 2012-06-27
Theradiag S.A.. (6/27/12). "Press Release: Theradiag Acquires Prestizia and Its Highly Innovative microRNA Technology Platform". 2012-06-27
Vivalis S.A.. (6/20/12). "Press Release: Vivalis Announces a New EB66 Cell Line Commercial License Agreement with Farvet Farmacológicos Veterinarios". 2012-06-20
ImaBiotech S.A.S.. (6/20/12). "Press Release: ImaBiotech Initiates a Long-term Collaboration with Genfit". Lille. 2012-06-20
Calixar S.A.S.. (6/18/12). "Press Release: Calixar Closes an Initial 875,000 Euro Funding Round. The Funds Will Enable the Lyon-based Membrane Protein Services Specialist to Develop Its International Business". Lyon. 2012-06-18
Lysogene. (6/14/12). "Press Release: Complete Enrollment in PI-SAF-301 Clinical Trial". 2012-06-14
Cytheris S.A.. (6/12/12). "Press Release: Cytheris SA Appoints Damian Marron as Chief Executive Officer". Paris. 2012-06-12
ProTip S.A.. (6/7/12). "Press Release: ProTip Medical Closes USD 4.7 (EUR 3.8) Million Financing Round. Funds Will Advance Clinical Development of ProTip’s ENTegral". Strasbourg. 2012-06-07
Exonhit S.A.. (6/5/12). "Press Release: Exonhit Receives € 1.93 Million from OSEO within the Personalized Medicine TEDAC Project in Cancer. Financing of € 1,928,000 through both Grants and Redeemable Advances". Paris. 2012-06-05
Hybrigenics S.A.. (6/4/12). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Reports Initial Results from Clinical Phase 2 Trial of Oral Inecalcitol in Moderate to Severe Psoriasis". Paris. 2012-06-04
Alizé Pharma. (6/4/12). "Press Release: Alizé Pharma Closes 3.3 Million Euro Funding Round". Lyon. 2012-06-04
Cellectis S.A.. (5/21/12). "Press Release: Cellectis Stem Cells Today Proudly Announces the Launch of the World’s Very First Human iPS Cell-derived Hepatocyte Product". Gothenburg. 2012-05-21
Genfit. (5/2/12). "Press Release: Reserved Capital Increase. YA Global Master SPV Ltd, Managed by the Investment Company Yorkville Advisors LLC, Invests a Further €600 K". Lille & Cambridge, MA. 2012-05-02
Theradiag S.A.. (5/2/12). "Press Release: Biomedical Diagnostics (BMD) Becomes Theradiag and Moves into Theranostics". Paris. 2012-05-02
Genfit. (4/25/12). "Press Release: Annual Results for 2011". Lille & Cambridge, MA. 2012-04-25
Nanobiotix. (4/24/12). "Press Release: Nanobiotix Appoints Bernd Mühlenweg as a Member of the Executive Board". Paris. 2012-04-24
Novasep S.A.. (4/23/12). "Press Release: Novasep Strenghtens Its Management Team with the Appointment of Jean-Claude Romain as Corporate Quality Director and Alain Lamproye as Director of Novasep Bioproduction Site in Belgium". Pompey. 2012-04-23
Immutep S.A.. (4/10/12). "Press Release: Immutep and Lonza Sign Agreement for Cell Line Selection, Cell Banking and Process Development of ImmuFact IMP321". Basel & Orsay. 2012-04-10
Cellectis S.A.. (4/2/12). "Press Release: Appointment of Mathieu Simon, MD, to the Position of Senior Vice President of Cellectis Group". Paris. 2012-04-02
Vivalis S.A.. (3/29/12). "Press Release: Vivalis 2011 Results. Continuing Growth Momentum". Nantes & Lyon. 2012-03-29
Omnes Capital S.A.S.. (3/29/12). "Press Release: Crédit Agricole Private Equity Becomes Omnes Capital". 2012-03-29
Novasep S.A.. (3/27/12). "Press Release: Novasep Opens New 2,000 m² Expanded Shanghai Facilities to Meet Increasing East Asia Demand". Pompey & Shanghai. 2012-03-27
Hybrigenics S.A.. (3/27/12). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Completed Its Private Placement to Institutional Investors up to EUR 3.3 Million". Paris. 2012-03-27
Cellectis S.A.. (3/23/12). "Press Release: 2011 Full-year Earnings. Growth Strategy Stepped Up – 22% Sales Growth". Paris. 2012-03-23
Enterome Bioscience S.A.. (3/22/12). "Press Release: Enterome Raises EUR Five Million in Series A Funding Round. Funding Enables further Development of Unique Metagenomic Technology and Solutions for Gut Microbiota-related Diseases Affecting a Large Prop 2012-03-22
Novasep S.A.. (3/21/12). "Press Release: Novasep Announces Major Recapitalization to Boost Its Growth. A Strongly Improved Balance Sheet, New Shareholders and an Entrepreneurial Management to Support the Group’s Development Going Forward". Pompey. 2012-03-21
Nicox S.A.. (3/21/12). "Press Release: NicOx Enters into Option Agreement to Acquire Altacor as a First Step Towards Building an International Ophthalmology Business". Sophia Antipolis. 2012-03-21
Adocia S.A.. (3/15/12). "Press Release: Adocia Increase the Size of Its Initial Public Offering to €27.4 Million through the Partial Exercise of the Overallotment Option [Not to Be Published in United States of America, Canada, Australia , Italy or Japan 2012-03-15
Vivalis S.A.. (3/13/12). "Press Release: Vivalis Announces the Signature of a Broad Collaboration Agreement and Commercial License for the Use of the EB66 Cell Line for the Production of a Monoclonal Antibody". Nantes & Lyon. 2012-03-13
IntegraGen S.A.. (3/6/12). "Press Release: 45% Growth of Genomic Services in 2011 – IntegraGen Becomes the First French Services Lab Equipped with an Illumina MiSeq". Evry. 2012-03-06
Exonhit S.A.. (3/5/12). "Press Release: Exonhit Is Beneficiary of a Grant from the European Union within the RESPONSIFY Consortium. € 418,000 Grant – European Personalized Medicine Consortium with 12 Partners". Paris. 2012-03-05
Adocia S.A.. (2/14/12). "Press Release: Adocia Carris Out, with much Success, the First IPO of the Year on the NYSE Euronext Paris Regulated Market [This document may not be published, distributed or disseminated, directly or indirectly, in the United St 2012-02-14
Alizé Pharma. (2/2/12). "Press Release: Alizé Pharma Licenses Its Asparec Therapy for Treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) to EUSA Pharma". Lyon. 2012-02-02
Hybrigenics S.A.. (1/30/12). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Revenues Grew 45% to EUR 6.6 Million in 2011. Hybrigenics Services Contributed for EUR 4.1 Million, a 17% Growth". Paris. 2012-01-30
Domain Therapeutics S.A.. (1/30/12). "Press Release: Domain Therapeutics Awarded Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for the Development of Novel mGluR3 PAM Compounds to Treat Parkinson’s Disease". Strasbourg. 2012-01-30
Stentys S.A.. (1/25/12). "Press Release: Stentys Launches a Private Placement of Up to 10% of Capital". Paris. 2012-01-25
Vivalis S.A.. (1/24/12). "Press Release: Strong Revenue Growth – +112%. Initation of a Third Antibody Discovery Program with Sanofi Pasteur". Nantes & Lyon. 2012-01-24
Vivalis S.A.. (1/23/12). "Press Release: Opening of a New Laboratory Dedicated to the Viva|Screen Antibody Discovery Platform". Nantes, Lyon & Toyama. 2012-01-23
Hybrigenics S.A.. (1/19/12). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Targets Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) as the Third Therapeutic Indication for Its Oral Inecalcitol". Paris. 2012-01-19
Adocia S.A.. (1/18/12). "Press Release: Within the Framework of Its Planned IPO on the Regulated Market of NYSE Euronext in Paris, Adocia Announces the Registration of Its »Document de Base« by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers [Not for US, CA, AU, IT 2012-01-18
Publicis Groupe S.A.. (1/18/12). "Press Release: Publicis Groupe Acquires Mediagong, One of France’s Most Innovative Digital Agencis. Leo Burnett France Will Benefit from Startup’s Digital Smarts". Paris. 2012-01-18
Polyplus-transfection S.A.. (1/18/12). "Press Release: Polyplus-transfection Launches the Next Generation PEI Transfection Reagent for Bioproduction. PEIpro Further Expands an Already Rich Catalogue of Innovative Reagents". Strasbourg. 2012-01-18
Vivalis S.A.. (1/17/12). "Press Release: Vivalis and Sanofi Pasteur Extend Their 2010 Collaboration and License Contract with a New Human Monoclonal Antibody Discovery Target against a New Infectious Disease". Nantes, Lyon & Toyama. 2012-01-17
Novalix S.A.S.. (1/12/12). "Press Release: Novalix Enters into Multi-target Integrated Drug Discovery Collaboration with Teijin Pharma". Strasbourg. 2012-01-12
Cellectis S.A.. (1/9/12). "Press Release: Cellectis Launches a Partnership with Total for Exploratory Research into Microalgae-based Substitutes for Oil Products". Paris. 2012-01-09
Transgene S.A.. (12/21/11). "Press Release: Transgene and Jennerex Announce First Patient Treated in Phase 2a Clinical Trial of JX594/TG6006 in Colorectal Cancer Patients. Product to Be Used as Neoadjuvant Therapy to Patients Undergoing Surgery". Strasbo 2011-12-21
Genopharm. (12/20/11). "Press Release: Suspension of Genopharm and Alkopharm Laboratories. AFSSAPS Keep Going Administratively at Two Laboratories to Avoid Going Back on a Decision, Seriously Striking a Blow at the Public Health". 2011-12-20
Hybrigenics S.A.. (12/19/11). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Completes Enrolment of Its Phase II Clinical Trial of Inecalcitol in Psoriasis. Sixty Patients Have Successfully Been Enrolled in Six Weeks". Paris. 2011-12-19
Sanofi S.A.. (12/19/11). "Press Release: Sanofi Completes Divestiture of Dermik Dermatology Unit to Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.". Paris. 2011-12-19
Transgene S.A.. (12/16/11). "Press Release: Transgene and the French League against Cancer Enter Partnership to Accelerate Research and Development of New Anticancer Biotherapies". Strasbourg. 2011-12-16
Crédit Agricole S.A.. (12/16/11). "Press Release: Crédit Agricole S.A. and Coller Capital Announce Agreement for the Sale of Crédit Agricole Private Equity". Montrouge. 2011-12-16
Trophos S.A.. (12/13/11). "Press Release: Trophos Announces Results of Phase 3 Study of Olesoxime in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis". Marseille. 2011-12-13
Cytoo S.A.. (12/12/11). "Press Release: Cytoo, Cenix BioScience and Academic Collaborators Bioquant, EPFL and FTMC Receive a 4 M€ EU FP7 Grant to Launch MEHTRICS Consortium". 2011-12-12
Cellectis S.A.. (12/8/11). "Press Release: Cellectis Bioresearch and Syngene Announce Partnership on the Development of Customized Cell Lines". Paris & Bangalore. 2011-12-08
Cellectis S.A.. (12/5/11). "Press Release: Cellectis Signs a License Agreement Under Patents Covering Uses of Homologous Recombination with Global Pharmaceutical Company". Paris. 2011-12-05
EBD Group. (12/1/11). "Press Release: EuroMedtech 2012 Looks to Set New Benchmark for Productive Partnering". Zurich & Grenoble. 2011-12-01
ComplexINC project. (12/1/11). "Press Release: Launch of New EU-funded Project – ComplexINC. It’s an SME-targeted Collaborative Project in FP7 Regarding New Technologies and Production Tools for Complex Protein Biologics". 2011-12-01
Ipsen S.A.. (11/28/11). "Press Release: Ipsen’s Partner Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Announces the Initiation of the Second Phase III Pivotal Clinical Study of OBI-1 in Congenital Hemophilia A with Inhibitors". Paris. 2011-11-28
Cerenis Therapeutics S.A.. (11/22/11). "Press Release: Cerenis Appoints John F. Paolini as Chief Medical Officer. Internationally Recognized Expert Brings over 15 Years of Experience in Drug Development and Commercialisation to Treat Cardiovascular Disea 2011-11-22
Cerenis Therapeutics S.A.. (11/22/11). "Press Release: The Board of Cerenis Appoints Dr. Richard C. Pasternak as Non Executive Director. Internationally Recognized Expert Brings over 30 Years of Experience in the Field of Cardiovascular Disease". Toulous 2011-11-22
Cytoo S.A.. (11/21/11). "Press Release: Cytoo Raises 10 M$ (7M€) in Series C Round". Grenoble. 2011-11-21
Hybrigenics S.A.. (11/21/11). "Press Release: Hybrigenics Starts Phase II Clinical Trial of Inecalcitol in Psoriasis. Twenty Patients Have Already Been Enrolled in the First Two Weeks of the Study". Paris. 2011-11-21
Sanofi. (11/10/11). "Press Release: Sanofi and Regeneron Report Positive Preliminary Phase 2 Program Results for Anti-PCSK9 Antibody in Hypercholesterolemia". Paris & Tarrytown, NY. 2011-11-10
Prognomix Inc.. (11/8/11). "Press Release: Servier Enters into a Type 2 Diabetes Partnership with Canadian Firm Prognomix Inc.". Suresnes & Montréal. 2011-11-08
Cellectis S.A.. (11/4/11). "Press Release: Cellectis Announces the Final Completion of the Acquisition of Cellartis and €50 Million Financing Round Reserved for the FSI and Mr. Pierre Bastid". 2011-11-04
Eurofins Scientific. (11/2/11). "Press Release: Eurofins Announces Successful Closing of the Transaction for a Majority Stake in IPL SED Nord and IPL Invest". 2011-11-02
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