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Please find below organisations from the Iberian Peninsula – from Portugal and Spain.

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2B BlackBio S.L. BlackBio (Group) Madrid Madrid (region)
3P Biopharmaceuticals S.L. Infarco (Group) Noáin Navarre (Navarra)
AB Sciex Spain S.L. Danaher (Group) Madrid Madrid (region)
AB-Biotics S.A. AB-Biotics S.A. Barcelona Catalonia
ABAC Therapeutics (ES) ABAC Therapeutics (ES) Barcelona Catalonia
AbBcn S.L. (AntibodyBcn) AbBcn S.L. (AntibodyBcn) Barcelona Catalonia
Abbvie Spain S.L.U. AbbVie (Group) Madrid Madrid (region)
Abengoa S.A. Abengoa S.A. Sevilla (Seville) Andalucia
Ability Pharmaceuticals S.L. (AbilityPharma) Ability Pharmaceuticals S.L. (AbilityPharma) Barcelona Catalonia
Abyntech farma S.A. Grifols (Group) Spain_oo Spain_o
AC-Gen Reading Life S.L AC-Gen Reading Life S.L Valladolid Castila and León
Acció (Agència per a la competitivitat de l'empresa) Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonian government) Barcelona Catalonia
Accovion S.L. Clinipace (Group) Madrid Madrid (region)
Actelion Pharmaceuticals España S.L. Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Portugal Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) (Group) Lisboa (Lisbon) Portugal_o
Ad-Tech Ibérica S.L. Ad-Tech Ibérica S.L. Madrid Madrid (region)
Adan Medical Innovation (ES) Adan Medical Innovation (ES) Spain_oo Spain_o
ADF TecnoGen ADF TecnoGen Madrid Madrid (region)
Adienne Spain S.L. Adienne (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Advanced Dispersed Particles S.L. Advanced Dispersed Particles S.L. Madrid Madrid (region)
Advanced In Vitro Cell Technologies S.L. (Advancell) Advancell (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Advanced Marker Discovery (ES) Advanced Marker Discovery (ES) Spain_oo Spain_o
Advanced Medical Projects Advanced Medical Projects Madrid Madrid (region)
Advancell (Group) Advancell (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Advancell Advanced in Vitro Cell Technologies S.A. Advancell (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Aelix Therapeutics S.L. Aelix Therapeutics S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products) Spain (govt) Spain_oo Spain_o
AES Chemunex S.A. Mérieux (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Afinitica S.L. Afinitica S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
Afora S.A. Thermo Fisher (Group) Spain_oo Spain_o
Agarose Bead Technologies S.L. (ABT) Agarose Bead Technologies S.L. (ABT) Madrid Madrid (region)
AGEM S.A. AGEM S.A. Madrid Madrid (region)
Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA Junta de Andalucía Sevilla (Seville) Andalucia
Ageron (Group) Ageron (Group) Madrid Madrid (region)
Ageron Internacional Ageron (Group) Madrid Madrid (region)
Agroaxis (ES) Agroaxis (ES) Cádiz Andalucia
Agroindustrial Asesores S.L. Agroindustrial Asesores S.L. Valencia Valencia (region)
Albet-Hahnemuehle S.L. ConCert (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Alcurnia S.A. Alcurnia S.A. Murcia Spain_o
Alentia Biotech S.L. Ferrer Granada Andalucia
Algaenergy S.A. Algaenergy S.A. Madrid Madrid (region)
Áliad Conocimiento y Servicio S.L. Áliad Conocimiento y Servicio S.L. Madrid Madrid (region)
Alimera Sciences Limited Sucursal em Portugal Alimera Sciences (Group) Lisboa (Lisbon) Portugal_o
Allergy Therapeutics Iberia S.L. Allergy Therapeutics (Group) Spain_oo Spain_o
Allinky Biopharma Allinky Biopharma Madrid Madrid (region)
Alma Consulting Group Alma Consulting Group Madrid Madrid (region)
Alma Management and Execution S.L. Alma Management and Execution S.L. Córdoba Andalucia
Almirall (Group) Almirall (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Almirall S.A. Almirall (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Almirall – Produtos Farmacéuticos Lda. Almirall (Group) Portugal_oo Portugal_o
Alternative Gene Expression S.L. (Algenex) Alternative Gene Expression S.L. (Algenex) Madrid Madrid (region)
Althia Health S.L. Althia Health S.L. Madrid Madrid (region)
Amadix (ES) Amadix (ES) Valladolid Castila and León
Ambiox Biotech (ES) Ambiox Biotech (ES) Guadalajara Castila and León
Amgen S.A. Amgen (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Anapharm Europe S.L.U Anapharm Europe S.L.U Barcelona Catalonia
Anaxomics Biotech SL Anaxomics Biotech SL Barcelona Catalonia
Andalucia (govt region) (Junta de Andalucía) Andalucia (govt region) (Junta de Andalucía) Sevilla (Seville) Andalucia
APBio APBio Portugal_oo Portugal_o
Apple Tree Communications S.L. Apple Tree Communications S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
Applied Nanoparticles S.L. Applied Nanoparticles S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
AptaTargets (ES) AptaTargets (ES) Madrid Madrid (region)
Aqualab S.L. Aqualab S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
Araclon Biotech S.L. Grifols (Group) Zaragoza Aragon
Archivel (Group) Archivel (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Archivel Farma S.L. Archivel Farma S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
Archivel Technologies S.L. Archivel (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Aromics S.L. (Applied Research Using Omic Sciences) Aromics S.L. (Applied Research Using Omic Sciences) Barcelona Catalonia
ArtCuria S.L. (PharmaVenue) ArtCuria S.L. (PharmaVenue) Barcelona Catalonia
ArtinVet (ES) ArtinVet (ES) Bilbao Basque Country
ASBTEC – Associació de Biotecnòlegs de Catalunya ASBTEC – Associació de Biotecnòlegs de Catalunya Catalonia Catalonia
Ascidea Computational Biology Solutions S.L. Ascidea Computational Biology Solutions S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
Ascil Proyectos S.L. (Ascil Biopharm) Ascil Proyectos S.L. (Ascil Biopharm) Barcelona Catalonia
Asebio (Spanish Bioindustry Association) Asebio (Spanish Bioindustry Association) Madrid Madrid (region)
Asphalion S.L. Asphalion S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
AstraZeneca Spain AstraZeneca (Group) Spain_oo Spain_o
Avanzare Innovation Tecnologica S.L. Avanzare Innovation Tecnologica S.L. Spain_oo Spain_o
Axis Grupo ICO Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO) (ES) Madrid Madrid (region)
Azierta Contract Scientific Support Consulting S.L. Azierta Contract Scientific Support Consulting S.L. Madrid Madrid (region)
B. Braun - Dexon S.A. B. Braun (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
Bacmine S.L. Bacmine S.L. Madrid Madrid (region)
Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center (Fundació ACE) Fundació ACE – Institut Català de Neurociencies Aplicades Barcelona Catalonia
Barcelonabeta Brain Research Centre Pompeu Fabra University (UPF, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) Barcelona Catalonia
Basilea Pharmaceuticals Iberia SL Basilea (Group) Madrid Madrid (region)
Bayer Cropscience S.L. Bayer (Group) Valencia Valencia (region)
Bayvit, S.A. Bayer (Group) Barcelona Catalonia
BBD Biophenix S.L. BBD Biophenix S.L. Spain_oo Spain_o
Bcn Health Economics & Outcomes Research S.L. Bcn Health Economics & Outcomes Research S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
BCN Peptides S.A. BCN Peptides S.A. Barcelona Catalonia
Bcninnova Technological Evolution S.L. Bcninnova Technological Evolution S.L. Barcelona Catalonia
Berbés Asociados S.L. Berbés Asociados S.L. Madrid Madrid (region)
Bial – Portela & Co. S.A. Bial – Portela & Co. S.A. Portugal_oo Portugal_o
BIC Granada Andalucia (govt region) (Junta de Andalucía) Granada Andalucia
Bio-inRen Therapeutics (ES) Bio-inRen Therapeutics (ES) Salamanca Castila and León
Bioadhesives Medtech Solutions S.L. (Adhbio) Bioadhesives Medtech Solutions S.L. (Adhbio) Alicante Valencia (region)
bioalma bioalma Madrid Madrid (region)
Bioarray S.L. Bioarray S.L. Spain_oo Spain_o
BioBam Bioinformatics S.L. BioBam Bioinformatics S.L. Valencia Valencia (region)
BioBasque, la Bioregión Vasca BioBasque, la Bioregión Vasca Spain_oo Spain_o
Biocant Park Biocant Park Portugal_oo Portugal_o
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