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GlaxoSmithKline plc. (12/18/08). "Press Release: GSK Initiates Phase III Programme for novel Cardiovascular Medication, Darapladib". London. 2008-12-18
Roche. (12/18/08). "Press Release: Researchers Successfully Used the 454 Sequencing System for Sensitive Detection of HIV Tropism". 2008-12-18
Bruker Corporation. (12/18/2008). "Press Release: Bruker Daltonics Introduces Sensitive, Five Minute Melamine Food Safety Testing Solution Based on Robust and Cost-effective HCT Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry". Billerica, MA. 2008-12-18
Galapagos N.V.. (12/18/2008). "Press Release: Galapagos Extends Drug Discovery Collaboration with Amgen into 2010". Mechelen. 2008-12-18
Crucell N.V.. (12/18/08). "Press Release: DSM Biologics and Crucell Announce PER.C6 License Agreement with CSL Ltd.". Leiden & Parsippany. 2008-12-18
Crucell N.V.. (12/18/08). "Press Release: DSM Biologics and Crucell Announce PER.C6® License Agreement with GSK". Leiden & Parsippany. 2008-12-18
ProBioGen AG. (12/18/08). "Press Release: Rhein Minapharm and ProBioGen Announce Additional Cell Line Development Agreement". Berlin. 2008-12-18
Analytik Jena AG. (12/18/08). "Press Release: Record Financial Year for Analytik Jena AG. Focus on Instrument Business of the Technology Segment Implemented – Sales in the Instrument Business Increased by 23.1% – Operating Result Up by 29.9% to EUR 4,709 2008-12-18
Analytik Jena AG. (12/18/08). "Pressemitteilung: Veröffentlichung gem. § 26 Abs. 1 WpHG. A.J.M. Verder, Belgien, hat uns nach § 21 Abs. 1 WpHG am 18.12.2008 mitgeteilt, dass sein Stimmrechtsanteil an unserer Gesellschaft am 16.12.2008 die Schwelle von 5% 2008-12-18
Curetis AG. (12/18/08). "Press Release: Curetis AG Receives EUR 1.4 Million Investment". Stuttgart / Holzgerlingen. 2008-12-18
Roche. (12/19/08). "Press Release: MabThera Inhibits the Destruction of Joints in Patients with Early Rheumatoid Arthritis". Basel. 2008-12-19
Epigenomics AG. (12/19/08). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG and Philips Collaborate on Integrated Automation Solutions for DNA Methylation-based Cancer Diagnostics". Berlin. 2008-12-19
VWR International, LLC. (12/19/08). "Press Release: VWR International BVBA Is Reach Ready". Darmstadt. 2008-12-19
AstraZeneca plc. (12/19/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and MAP Pharmaceuticals Announce Worldwide Collaboration to Develop and Commercialise Unit Dose Budesonide". 2008-12-19
MorphoSys AG. (12/19/08). "Press Release: MorphoSys to Effect 1:3 Stock Split on December 23, 2008". 2008-12-19
Intercell AG. (12/19/08). "Press Release: Intercell Update on Technology Partnership. Intercell Outlicenses Group B Streptococcus Vaccine". Vienna. 2008-12-19
Galapagos N.V.. (12/22/2008). "Press Release: Galapagos and GlaxoSmithKline Expand Osteoarthritis Alliance". Mechelen. 2008-12-22
Source BioScience. (12/22/08). "Press Release: Court Approval Received for the Cancellation of Share Premium Account". 2008-12-22
Navamedic ASA. (12/22/08). "Press Release: Vitaflo Scandinavia AB Has Signed a Broadened Agreement with Bifodan Regarding the Nordic Area". Gothenburg. 2008-12-22
bioMérieux S.A.. (12/22/08). "Press Release: Appointment of Alexandre Mérieux by the bioMérieux Board of Directors". Marcy-l’Etoile. 2008-12-22
BASF. (12/22/08). "Press Release: BASF Finalizes Acquisition of Sorex Pest Control Business". 2008-12-22
Medigene AG. (12/22/08). "Press Release: MediGene Secures Committed Standby Equity Line of up to 25 Million Euro". Martinsried. 2008-12-22
Rosetta Genomics Ltd.. (12/22/08). "Press Release: Rosetta Genomics Announces Commercial Availability of its Second MicroRNA-based Diagnostic Test. miRview™ mets". Rehovot & Jersey City, NJ. 2008-12-22
Analytik Jena AG. (12/22/08). "Press Release: Voting Rights. Notification of Voting Rights Pursuant to sec. 21 para 1 WpHG". 2008-12-22
Apitope International N.V.. (12/23/08). "Press Release: Fast Forward Speeding Treatments to People with MS by Funding Innovation During Turbulent Economic Times. Fast Forward, LLC and Apitope International NV Announce $1 Million Partnership for Developme 2008-12-23
AstraZeneca plc. (12/24/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Receives FDA Complete Response Letter on Seroquel XR for Major Depressive Disorder". 2008-12-24
Ariadne Genomics, Inc.. (12/29/08). "Press Release: Ariadne Provides Pathway Studio Interoperability with Illumina’s New GenomeStudio Software". Rockville, MD. 2008-12-29
Rosetta Genomics Ltd.. (12/29/08). "Press Release: Rosetta Genomics Announces Commercial Availability of Its Third MicroRNA-based Diagnostic Test. miRview™ meso". Rehovot & Jersey City, NJ. 2008-12-29
Intercell AG. (12/29/08). "Press Release: Product Development Update. Intercell Starts Phase II Clinical Trial for Pseudomonas aeruginosa Vaccine and FDA Approval of IXIARO Expected in early 2009". Vienna. 2008-12-29
Galapagos N.V.. (12/30/2008). "Press Release: Transparency Information". Mechelen. 2008-12-30
Pharming Group N.V.. (12/30/08). "Press Release: Pharming Provides Business Update". Leiden. 2008-12-30
Roche. (12/30/08). "Press Release: FDA Approves Most Comprehensive System to Test Donated Blood for HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C. Advanced Test for Increased Blood Safety Is First to Add the Detection of HIV-1 Group O RNA and HIV-2 RNA". 2008-12-30
Novalix S.A.S.. (1/09). "Press Release: AliX and Sosho to Sign Agreement for Protein Structure Determination of Intractable Targets. Breakthrough Crystallization Technology for Protein Structure Determination". Osaka & Strasbourg. 2009-01-01
Lab901 Ltd.. (1/09). "Press Release: Lab901 Ships 50th TapeStation Instrument for PCR Diagnostics to New Canadian Distributor, Inverness Medical". Edinburgh. 2009-01-01
BioGene Ltd.. (1/1/09). "Press Release: ThermoBLAST". 2009-01-01
BioGene Ltd.. (1/1/09). "Press Release: SNP and Indel Detection for Pyrosequencing Reads from the Genome Sequencer FLX System with NextGENe Software". 2009-01-01
BioGene Ltd.. (1/1/09). "Press Release: Paired Read Assembly of AB SOLiD™ System and Illumina® Genome Analyzer Data with NextGENe Software". 2009-01-01
Helmholtz Zentrum München. (1/2/09). "Pressemitteilung: »Alps Bio Cluster« – Helmholtz Zentrum München aktiver Partner im ersten transalpinen Bio-Netzwerk". 2009-01-02
Bruker Corporation. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Bruker Daltonics and Queensland Institute of Medical Research Expand Collaboration with Installation of maXis™ UHR-TOF". Billerica, MA & Brisbane, QLD. 2009-01-05
DxS Ltd.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: DxS Extends EGFR License with Genzyme Genetics to Include US and Canada". 2009-01-05
Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Endo Pharmaceuticals to Acquire Indevus Pharmaceuticals. Acquisition Adds Marketed Products and Specialty Sales Force in Urology and Endocrinology, Novel Drug-Delivery Technology – Combined 2009-01-05
Galapagos N.V.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Galapagos Delivers Pre-clinical Candidate Drug in Alliance with GlaxoSmithKline and Receives €7.6 Million in Milestone Payments". Mechelen. 2009-01-05
Galapagos N.V.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Galapagos Selects Pre-clinical Candidate Drug for Cachexia". Mechelen & Romainville. 2009-01-05
Indevus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Indevus Pharmaceuticals Announces Definitive Merger Agreement with Endo Pharmaceuticals". Lexington, MA. 2009-01-05
KeyGene N.V.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: BASF Plant Science Takes Intellectual Property Licenses on Disease Resistance Genes from KeyGene". Wageningen. 2009-01-05
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: PerkinElmer and IDBS Announce Software Collaboration to Improve High Content Screening (HCS) Outcomes for Drug Discovery Research". San Francisco, CA. 2009-01-05
Scilabware Ltd.. (1/5/09). "Press Release: See us at Stand No. 445 at the »Arab Lab« Exhibition". 2009-01-05
Genedata AG. (1/5/09). "Press Release: Genedata Strengthens High Content Data Analysis Platform with the Addition of High Content Analyzer Module". Basel. 2009-01-05
Micromet, Inc.. (1/5/09). "Press Release: Micromet Key Events for 2009". Bethesda, MD. 2009-01-05
Chiral Technologies, Inc.. (1/5/09). "Press Release: Chiral Technologies Europe Acquires ChromTech Ltd. of UK. Product Range for Enantiomeric Separations". Illkirch. 2009-01-05
BioFocus DPI. (1/5/09). "Press Release: BioFocus DPI Enhances High-content Screening Capabilities". 2009-01-05
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. (1/6/09). "Press Release: ASM International N.V. and SAFC Hitech Sign Certified Manufacturer and Partnership Agreement". Almere & St. Louis, MO. 2009-01-06
Proteome Sciences plc. (1/6/09). "Press Release: License Agreement in Lung Cancer and Trading Update". 2009-01-06
GeneGo, Inc.. (1/6/09). "Press Release: GeneGo Renews Its Agreement with Bayer Schering Pharma AG for another three Years". St. Joseph, MI. 2009-01-06
DNAVision. (1/6/09). "Press Release: New Year – New Facilities and new Service for DNAVision Who now also Offers Genetic Services in High-security (BSL-3) Laboratory". 2009-01-06
Crucell N.V.. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Crucell Announces STAR Research and Commercial License Agreement with Centocor, Inc.". Leiden. 2009-01-06 (1/6/09). "Press Release: Get a Deep Insight into the World Pipettes and Pipettors Market". New York. 2009-01-06
GE Healthcare. (1/6/09). "Press Release: GE Healthcare Reinforces Vision of »in India, for India« – Launches first Affordable, true Digital Flat Panel Based X-ray System". 2009-01-06
AstraZeneca plc. (1/6/09). "Press Release: MedImmune Submits Marketing Authorisation Application in European Union for Intranasal Vaccine to Prevent Seasonal Influenza". 2009-01-06
Osmetech plc. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Extended Warfarin Sensitivity Test Submitted for FDA Approval". 2009-01-06
Accelrys, Inc.. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Accelrys Announces Resignation of Chief Executive Officer and Appointment of Interim Chief Executive Officer". San Diego, CA. 2009-01-06
Roche. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Roche Diagnostics Announced Today the CE Launch of the First In Vitro Diagnostic Tests for Preeclampsia. The PlGF and sFlt-1 Immunoassays Have Received CE Approval for Use on the Elecsys/cobas e Electrochemiluminescense I 2009-01-06
Dotmatics Ltd.. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Dotmatics Has Licensed Its Product Suite to Prosidion". Bishop’s Stortford. 2009-01-06
Crucell N.V.. (1/7/09). "Press Release: Crucell and Wyeth in Discussion on a Combination of the Two Companies". Leiden. 2009-01-07
ServiceXS. (1/7/09). "Press Release: ServiceXS Announces Illumina CSPro Certification". Leiden & San Diego, CA. 2009-01-07
Eppendorf AG. (1/7/09). "Press Release: Eppendorf BioNews No. 30 now Available!". 2009-01-07
Bayer. (1/7/09). "Press Release: Visanne® – New Long-term Treatment for Endometriosis Submitted for Registration in Europe". Berlin. 2009-01-07
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (1/7/09). "Press Release: Horizon Forms Commercial Alliance with GeneWorks in Australia and New Zealand". 2009-01-07
Leica Microsystems AG. (1/7/09). "Press Release: Leica Microsystems Has Acquired Surgipath Medical Industries, Inc.". Wetzlar & Richmond, IL. 2009-01-07
Ingenuity Systems, Inc.. (1/7/09). "Press Release: IPA 7 Introduces Unique Contextual Search and Analysis Capabilities". Redwood City, CA. 2009-01-07
NuGen Technologies, Inc.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Almac Selects NuGEN Ovation® Systems to Broaden Gene Expression Services and to Use for Diagnostic Test Development". San Carlos, CA & Craigavon. 2009-01-08
Millipore Corporation. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Millipore Welcomes new Bioscience Division President. Jon DiVicenzo Officially Assumes new Role". Billerica, MA. 2009-01-08
Eppendorf AG. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Visit our Virtual Lab". 2009-01-08
Mettler Toledo. (1/8/09). "Press Release: New Entry-level pH Equipment for Quick and Safe Food Analysis". 2009-01-08
Plexxikon Inc.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Plexxikon and Roche Enter second Partnership to Develop PLX5568 for Polycystic Kidney Disease". Berkeley, CA & Basel. 2009-01-08
Bayer. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Bayer Schering Pharma Enhances Research in Cancer Imaging. Licensing Agreement with Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Japan". Berlin. 2009-01-08
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Tecan Launches new Range of Disposable Tips for 96-MultiChannel Arm™". 2009-01-08
Rosetta Genomics Ltd.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Rosetta Genomics Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.". Rehovot & Jersey City, NJ. 2009-01-08
Xenome Ltd.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Xenome Grants MedImmune License to xdiscover™ Venom Peptide Library". Brisbane. 2009-01-08
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs). (1/8/09). "Press Release: Creating a Shorter Path to New Chemical Entities with Property Optimization Software. Hungarian Drug Manufacturer Deploys Suite of Software Tools that Assist with Structure-based 2009-01-08
Sirius Genomics. (1/9/09). "Press Release: Sirius Genomics Announces new Collaboration with UK Critical Care Genomics Group". Vancouver. 2009-01-09
Galapagos N.V.. (1/9/09). "Press Release: Galapagos Enters Strategic Alliance in Diabetes and Obesity with Merck & Co., Inc.". Mechelen. 2009-01-09
Wilex AG. (1/9/09). "Press Release: UCB and Wilex to Enter into Strategic Alliance to Develop UCB’s Preclinical Oncology Portfolio". Munich & Brussels. 2009-01-09
Biobase GmbH. (1/10/09). "Press Release: Launch of BKL Plant and ExPlain Plant". 2009-01-10
Illumina, Inc.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Illumina and Oxford Nanopore Enter into Broad Commercialization Agreement. Single-molecule DNA Sequencing System Promises Dramatic Improvement in Cost, Speed, Versatility, and Simplicity of Sequencing". San Dieg 2009-01-12
Pharming Group N.V.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Pharming Announces Debt Reduction of €5 Million". Leiden. 2009-01-12
Qiagen. (1/12/09). "Press Release: EU Launches Project to Improve In-vitro Diagnostics. Qiagen led-consortium to Develop Standards for Patient Sample Processing in Order to Facilitate the Discovery and Prediction of Diseases". Venlo. 2009-01-12
KeyGene N.V.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: KeyGene and Amplicon Express Announce Whole Genome Profiling, a Method that Enables Fast and Efficient Whole Genome Sequening of Plant and Animal Genomes". Wageningen. 2009-01-12
Scienion AG. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Scienion Launches Microfluidic sciSWIFTER – Joint Commercialization with Matrical Bioscience". Dortmund & Spokane, WA. 2009-01-12
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: PerkinElmer and IDBS to Collaborate". 2009-01-12
Oxford BioMedica. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Oxford Biomedica Announce Dismissal of Bavarian Nordic’s Patent Infringement Claims". Oxford. 2009-01-12
Micromet AG. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Micromet Enters into Agreement for Solid Tumor BiTE Antibody with Bayer Schering Pharma AG". Bethesda, MD. 2009-01-12
Bayer. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Exclusive Licensing Option for Solid Tumor Antibody". Berlin. 2009-01-12
Bavarian Nordic. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Bavarian Nordic’s Case against Oxford BioMedica". 2009-01-12
HS LifeSciences AG. (1/12/09). "Press Release: HS LifeSciences AG Announces the Establishment of QureInvest AG". Zürich. 2009-01-12
Millipore Corporation. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Millipore Corporation Supports President-elect Obama’s Plan to Review Stem Cell Research Policy". Billerica, MA. 2009-01-12
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Oxford Nanopore Raises £13.9 Million (£11.8 Million Illumina, £2.1 Million Private Investment)". 2009-01-12
Peqlab. (1/12/09). "Press Release: peqPOWER Power Supplies – Perfect Quality for Daily Use!". 2009-01-12
Micromet, Inc.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Data Published in Nature Cell Biology Reveal novel Function of Drug Target EpCAM in Cancer Cell Signalling". Bethesda, MD. 2009-01-13
InforSense Ltd.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Professor Yike Guo Becomes InforSense Chief Technology Officer". London & Cambridge, MA. 2009-01-13
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